• Soorenho posted an update 3 years ago

    @felipe-s okay so you’re South pole and just to be clear the dominant pole is the one where the needle points at, right??

    Since you’re from the South pole… Does my user name ring any bells??

    Is that a profile picture of you??
    My God! it looks a lot like Selena G!!

    • When I said the needle points to the dominant pole I meant a compass needle.
      It’s my on the spot and improvised logic that arises from/in the moment…
      So the male being the dominant hormone that’s the pole where the compass needle always points at.

      And to further clarify, a natural and perfect world is inhabited by only three types of people and no more.

      1. North pole people.
      2. South pole people.
      3. Equatorial people.

      I’ve made it clear what North and South Pole were so equatorials are obviously the ones at the equator.
      In different words they are the people that have equal proportion of hormones.
      They don’t know if to go North Pole or to go South Pole.
      And they want to go both ways but end up staying in between poles.

      Hope it waa clear!!!

      What about the other two questions…
      Can you sense the Brazilian touch I gave to my user name??