• Cry me a River and dry your salty tears in your ISIS-headchopper loving companion’s hipster beard.

    The forum page issue was asked and answered . Happy also put up a post on the billionaire whose children were fathered by others within days of mine.He obviously put it up by accident not knowing I already had or he believed he had a better newspaper article than myself or some non-malicious reason.what of it? Are you saying he did it to fuck me up!

    I only care if my woman’s tits or arse are flat. I don’t care if the Earth is a triangle. I am not religiously wed to it as you are. If it is your religion,say it, don’t dress it up in bullshit science.I don’t like you because you are a vicious ,backstabbing sneak not because of your views or beliefs. You can bleat till you are hoarse in the throat ,no-one will believe i dislike you because of your views.

    • You said you would publish my real name and emails,if you were to publish what you think is my real name is immaterial. If you were ,it only shows Everyone here even more what a sneaky ,vicious person you are and that they should not befriend or trust you at ALL.
      You do know I have details of yours and your real name as well , right?

    • I treat everyone with respect on this site as a default position unless they attack me first. You were treated no differently.

      To react from this point on to Dre would give him oxygen and a platform to further rant. Consequently,I will not be responding to his rants for the foreseeable future.

      Anyone apart from the obvious people ,who cares enough and wants info about anything is free to ask me for clarification. I will do my best to answer to clarify the situation.

      • I know @masterplan. I have only myself to blame for befriending him in the first place.

        • I miss our exchanges… you are way smarter than most. He is indeed a scary fuck… who push good people away from here. I wonder how does he knows my real name… regardless, he is clear as glass. Also… never trust a Brazilian bitch… and they all are.

          • Thanks mate. Nothing stopping us from putting up our own topics in forums just as before. Put them up and if people want ,they will comment like old times. When the mood takes you ,do so and so will the rest of the people including me.


            • I don’t know how he knows your name . Maybe you told him one day maybe you someone and they told him by accident . Maybe you registered with your real name ? Take marks advice ,use VPN and a safe browser from now on here as well.@masterplan

            • I was using Tor for a wile… but I read that as soon as I maximize the screen… all disguise goes to shit. I don’t know… but I’m in UK and there is a bunch of new draconian laws in place. Indeed I wished a easy and cheap way to be free and safe.

            • I made the mistake of using my real e-mail, apparently our friend has more rights than the rest of us. If that ain’t a breach of privacy/security… I don’t know what it is. Regardless… I’m a righteous man.. and I stand by what I say, except if the cops want to take my jokes to seriously… and sometimes they do :/

            • Indeed. Some of us have more rights than others.

            • Wait! Personal info that you used to register was mysteriously seen by Dre and published here in public! That is certainly newsworthy for other Bestgorians to know. Hmm.

              I suggest you get a diff email and change your account over to that. If it is your real name ,well it is known to him now but be very careful who you release info to in future. I know hindsight is 20/20 and many of us have made such mistakes here with who we trust.

            • @masterplan
              “I was using Tor for a wile… but I read that as soon as I maximize the screen… all disguise goes to shit”
              Hello pal, long time no speak.
              ALL that maximizing the TOR browser does as far as security is concerned, is possibly identify that you are using an old 1078×768 monitor or laptop[millions in the world], a 1366×768 monitor or laptop[millions in the world], or the newer HD monitors or laptops[millions in the world].
              It is a very, VERY small layer removed from the “onion”, and one that basically means nothing.
              “ooo look! [says the mossad,cia, etc] someone has logged onto TOR! and they have maximized the browser! and they are using a 1366×768 monitor! that narrows it down to 1 computer of 1.5 billion SOMEWHERE in the world…but we dont know where!”
              maximising tells NOTHING pal, trust me.
              Im not a bragger, by you can put money on what ive said.

        • @masterplan
          Use a VPN mate. they only cost a couple of quid a month. Or get a VPN add-on for your browser – @hopingfornemesis can pass you a link to the best one [in my experience]
          i can help regarding the using of the VPN [sometimes its better to switch off while using gmail, yahoo email accounts etc, to avoid “suspicious activity” notifications]. like i say, i can help.
          The person we are talking about insinuates a lot that “he and mark are identifying ID’s, and IP’s”, but we have never seen proof of this.
          I believe happy is able to identify IP’s, its not massively difficult.
          The other person – however – is no more likely to find someones IP, than he is likely to find his cock hard in the mornings.

          It would be helpful if you could find the comments where he uses your real name/details without your giving.
          Real helpful to you, and real helpful to me
          best regards pal

          • ….yet however and whoever, if you are using TOR, a vpn, or a vpn add-on…. the identifying of you IP address isnt possible.
            A person could trace “your” IP address… but it wouldnt actually be yours.
            Ive used my VPN to change my IP address to somewhere in singapore.
            but im sure that our 1000% MEGA-PROOF *TECH* “SAVVY” friend, (whos is a real nice bloke with a good heart, he keeps
            trying to tell us, and his wifes friends cousins brother says so also) will Quickly TELL you my IP is traced to singapore…

          • Thanks @karmen40, It’s great to hear from you again… and always helpful and on the spot. Indeed I know our guy ain’t very savvy… but as I said, scary as fuck. I will take your advise and go back to TOR. Who knows what kind of move our kind hearted friend my try to pull out on us, we all need privacy anyway… so we can express ourselves with heart without fear of the government big nose, but what we see here is clearly a lunatic who has no limits in his words and god only knows where his paranoia may take him. It is vary sad so little is done to prune his behavior… but as our Lord put not long ago… this ain’t Oz or Narnia, and every care must be taken to assure our safety in real life. Thanks once again for helping out 😉

          • Thanks for clarifying some stuff about Vpns to a techfool like me @karmen40 .
            It is much appreciated.Till next time.

      • @hopingfornemesis

        What’s all this about deleted comments? I was waiting for you to reply on Dre’s last forum page to see your side of it…

        • The deletions are quite late in the piece .There was a period when certain comments made by boasp ,Dre ,Alois and my responses back etc had disappeared from my screen while viewing live. I mentioned it and noone helped when they could have THEN.

          In fact they made all sorts of excuses contradicting each other and the mods and mocked Me and even said I deleted their comments. Boasp’s are still missing last time I checked. I mentioned some of them when I contacted Seraphim the mod. Noone said they didn’t exist or anything.
          If you go back to my comment to Seraph and Alois you will see I mentioned them to them and they said nothing.

          As soon as I am able to work imgur I may be able to put some up. I have never used an image-hosting service before. I am a newbie. I still may not as I have deescalated.

      • It seems a certain Cuntflap-moaning-in-the-wind thinks I have made a duplicate account to somehow continue conversing with him and his mate. Cuntflap-moanig-in-the-wind, I need to care to even entertain the notion of making a double account. Do you really think i still care about you or your weird notions?I know it suits you for me to care because it gives you relevance here. Sorry..I no longer give a fuck about your misanthropy or flat earth bullshit. I once found your misanthropic crude humour mildly amusing ,now I know better is just vile shit from a dumbfuck,unloved weakling.

    • ……because White Knights need loving too you know…**Wink. Wink** lol

    • Nemesis is the Goddess of Fairness and Retribution .She is the bane of malefactors and not to be feared by those that have done no wrong. She rights wrongs and takes away from those who have too much of a good thing.

      Like an Angel she is terrifying to behold but not because she is Evil but because she scares the fuck out of those who know they are bad or overly greedy. Unlike Justice she always gets you somewhere ,sometime or someone close to you. You always pay somewhere down the line.

      So Nemesis is not a bad thing .She is a good Entity. Why do you think superheroes were invented in the modern era? To model Nemesis’s traits of course! Punisher ,Green Arrow? Daredevil etc

      • ****YOU MAD BRO?!?!?!*****

        *flies away on cuntflaps*

      • Liar, liar,LIAR!!!!
        @hopingfornemesis , THE [KING] OF LIES “THAT” WALKS,,,,, THE **EARTH** STRIKES [email protected]#
        Nemesis is a multi-loop, inverted roller coaster at “Alton Towers” theme park in staffs, England.
        WHY,,,OH,,,WHY *** MUST “YOU” LIE!!!
        So stop stalking me! and give me my cunting dirty panties back!
        Anyway FUCK YOU! – Im off to poke a hole in my jugular artery, therefore completely draining my body of iron rich blood… cos when the PLASMA COMES!
        Yes, i’ll drain the full two gallons, purging myself of iron – so im confident i will survive the plasma attack, because all that iron and blood is gone fro….wait a minute?…… if i drain my bl….
        OH FORGET IT! Obviously, yet again, YOU have made me look a FOOL! and caused me to DRINK!

        On a serious note, I hope the weather is nice and sunny in Perth today mate

          • @illegalsmile55
            Yes, Ive seen all the repulsive shit that has been written to/about you
            You have totally and utterly SCHOOLED that fuckstick.
            How? by remaining cool, on point, and integral.

            much respect. truly

        • I just spewed coffee all over my tablet…but totally worth it. It only cost $50.00, so I’ll just buy another if this one shits the bed. Maybe my homeowners ins. will cover it if I say it was a plasma blast that made it DIE!! Yeah, same shit, different day. I’ve never seen anyone totally lose their mind before, its….interesting, to say the least. @karmen40 I used to feel sorry for him, now I’m just disgusted. Of course, it’s all my fault.
          Hey @lady-lexis, mind your own business! …as said above, the forums and activity pages are only for the annointed few. 😀
          Thanks lady, I needed a laugh before bedtime last night….