Hoping for Nemesis

  • Sorry Mike. I didn’t mean it ,I really was laughing with you re it ,not to top you off.

    Come on ,let’s hug and still be friends. **Hug ,hug,**

    See ,we are still friends.

  • Ok @hopingfornemesis @thedre aka @thecanadianOGdre-lian-thedreman-dude.
    It’s after midnight over here and the full moon is right above me while facing south. Where do you guys see it or do you?

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    Oh you guys are fun, I love reading y’all’s comments.

  • Haha…no, you’re behind the aviator.

  • Aviator was funnier, I already had a snarky reply….damn you! Sometimes the misspelled words are hilarious. πŸ˜€

  • @thedre 100% agree. very well said, brother. a lot of blind followers on this site and sadly, only a few brave leaders. god bless.

    • Now this video i did see in its entirety!
      Very scary. I have been doubting a lot of feed on the news and the guy took the words right out of my mouth. With this digital world with mo film cameras or newspapers we will nit be able to believe what is shown or broadcast to us on pcs or tv or radio.

      It breaks my heart but i think we will be goibg…[Read more]

      • @hopingfornemesis

        • AND THIS ONE TOO, My Good, Intelligent Brother. πŸ™‚

        • @thedre,

          OK I saw the fake space vacuum vid, 10.39.
          A good video.
          But the shimmering image of the planet seen through the telescope, may not be water.
          It’s similar to the ‘heat haze’ you see in the desert, which is not water. Light sometimes gets distorted when it passes through charged particles in the atmosphere. Also, Light…[Read more]

          • Actually, the water in your body would vapourise due to lack of external atmospheric pressure, so that experiment may be true.

            • I Can show you at least 20 + more fake space station, and fake space walk video,s, one you can see this flimsy supposedly high pressurized hatch, just flap open and move loosely like it was made of cardboard wrapped in tin foil, lol, i swear. Let me know cause i can load-up tons more of these, or answer any other questions that you might have.…[Read more]

      • Brother i was not joking before . I was serious. You know lots of connected and wealthy people that share your views. Get them to pool some money together and pay for investigations by you and me. We will go interview these astronauts and put them on the spot .did this happen? Why did you nit come clean? Were you coerced! Jobthreatened? Why did…[Read more]

        • Check this 8 minute video-out bud,,, as it will shock-you. We will then about your offer after. πŸ™‚

          • @hopingfornemesis
            JewMurica, (after Russia got Received Credible Info Sources/Informants) are planning to launch Yet Another Chemical-Attack in Syria,To blame it on Assad, and giving them the reason they need to retaliate with Tomahawk Cruise Missiles Launches from Their Warship The USS. Cook in The Baltic Sea. This is how Washington Justifies…[Read more]

          • Wow! Well there you go . Food for thought!
            1) all astronauts were armed forces and thus bound to follow us gov orders.
            2)everyone on the astro program had to be commie-hating .they were all vetted and any who thought independently or did not follow blindly would be weeded out.
            3) us gov is on record saying it was shit -scared about russians…[Read more]

            • @holingfornemesis
              If You, & I were in their shoes, and we had Witness/Seen for Ourselves
              All The Miracles of The Stars, and that they look like they have waves of water going thru them, and The Firmament Of GOD, and Me, & You, knew for sure that he existed, and that Our Earth Was In Fact Created exactly like stated in the Bible, I Would NEVER…[Read more]

      • Did you see the last 3 minutes of the 2nd. video Neme. Cause it shows the First Man to Ever go up Over “TEN MILES HIGH” in a Hot-Air Balloon, In 1931 Using a sealed Oxygen-Filled & Compressed Capsule Attached It! His Name Was Auguste Piccard. After going-up so high-up 10 Miles + He Stated (Get This Bro),,, That The Earth Was, & Looked Flat…[Read more]

        • Havent seen the picard yet. Yet please remember ten mikes is what half the height of a normal travelling aeroplane? Curvature still not necessarily visible. The man was excited and possibky oxygen-starved. Could bebmikd hallucination.also when people first see new things they do not necessarily know how to represent them. Have you seen the…[Read more]

          • No my brother,,, No Man. 35 Thousand Feet, Being The Standard 737 or 747 Cruising Height is *ONLY 6 MILES* which is a little over half that, and i can clearly See A Flat Horizon around me every single time that i fly My Man. Think of this,,, People say that you can see ships disappear behind the curve, yet they claim that being over ten miles up…[Read more]

            • Fair enough my man. I also see relatively flat earth from a plane but that could be my restricted view from abcurved bubble window as well. Also as before it the totality or balance of evidence that counts.

            • You know what the weird thing is Neme,, when i was younger, And way before waking-up to the F E,,, i honestly thought,,,(in my head),,, that i could see the curvature on a Plane, while my ex-Wife, & I heading down South. But we then quickly realized, that i was only just in my Head Man. Powerful our brains are brother, as far as how easily we…[Read more]

            • See, that it where you will start to see for yourself, and with your own eyes, more, and more each day, my Intelligent BG Brother. πŸ™‚

            • Dre . I have been thinking about this all day. The horizon is always further away the higher up you go. That is why sailing ships have a crow’s nest. So that they can see over the curve ie further. So of course tge hirizon is further andbearth looks flatter tge higher you go.

              It is only when you are truly really high and horizons dont count…[Read more]

          • @hopingfornemesis
            These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘theory.’

            – A widely accepted scientific theory
            – Her method is based on the theory that all children want to learn.
            – There are a number of different theories about the cause of the disease.
            – She proposed a…[Read more]

            • Please do not be upset with me bro, i am only trying to help you, as i was aso helped with this wronful use of this word by A Very Intelligent University Professor When In My 30’s. And I Always Loved Learning New Stuff As I Did Not Get To Stay In School, cause i had to leave a violent home bet 14, & 15 and quit. So For Me Learning Is Fun. πŸ™‚ I…[Read more]

            • Not upset brother. I just can not read everything and get back to you.i only come on in burst s every two to four or even six hours for a bit.

            • I Understand 100% my good man, so just take the time you need, no rush, man. But remember one thing bro,, and that is, that you will never, get shit-on, or Trolled-on here on B G Bro. πŸ™‚

            • i Am going to sleep for a couple hours, and after lunch i will contact you, on your E-Mail bu.
              Cheers Mon Frere,
              Andre. πŸ™‚

            • The Very Best 5 Minute Short Video Bud. I Would Love If You Could Please Take The Time To Watch-It, *But Only When* You Have Time To Do So, At Your Convenience bud . But If You Would Take 5 Minutes To Check-It Out Neme,,, It Would Truly, And Honestly (Mean So Much To Me) If You Did, Mon Frere. So Much Bro! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ *** 3Stars ***…[Read more]

          • Cock theories. No dre there is no use checking everyones cockhead for size and shape. It does not help us as we cant use it. We still can not kniw everywomans sexual history ,whether voluntary or rape all the way back to milliobs of years ago.

            If we do one day find the technology to do that ie via a new dna-type molecule then we can maybe do the…[Read more]

            • Ok, you just explained-it yourself my good brother by Stating that the lil Frenchman came-up with (a thought ie.. theory) that it could maybe be Bacteria. So they tested, and repeated his theory with experiments before they could prove that anti biotics works, and only then can it be considered a Scientific Fact, And a Proven One. But never a…[Read more]

            • When I Said that (The Cock,s Purple-Helmets) were, or must of been tested, repeated, and True, it was Because You Said That This Cock-Shaped, Sized Post was a (Real-Theory.) And I was simply trying to jokingly Point-Out, by showing you that (A Real-Theory) cannot be said, and simply because, (Theories Are Thoughts Only), and as a result,,…[Read more]

            • Now listen to the lies, lol, lol, from none other than Premier Bullshitter
              Neil De Grasse Tyson,lol, he is The Establishments Top Guy,,, Oh Boy, Neme,,, Are We In Trouble. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT GRAVITY IS,lol. We can predict with-it,,, whatttt, lol, We can measure-it whatttt. NASA, or anybody-else for that matter, has never, ever been able to…[Read more]