• The pictures were sent in by Best Gore member @asixxm with the following information:

    This happened to a guy named Herminio Jr. Padilla where I live in Española,NM, USA. An SUV involved in a hit & run […]

  • I don’t have a whole lot of backinfo on this, but it happened in Holly Hill, Florida. The bodycam footage shows a mob of cops extrajudicially executing a man suspected of third degree murder.

    At around the […]

    • I hope that piece of shit cop bled to death.

      • It would be pretty funny if you got robbed by two niggers lol because that’s what would happen if cops didn’t exist

        • Right, like when NYPD threw a tantrum and didn’t show up for work, but could not get back quickly enough because crime went down and the citizens felt safe again while the cops were absent.

          • It was a joke dude lol

          • The citizens felt safe again lol you’re right safe to Burn Loot and Murder. Shit Mark I know we will never agree on some issues but I have a better chance getting killed by a minority then a cop when I go into the city. And why do you care? You don’t even live in the United States, last I heard you were flown off of an island down in the Caribbean.

            • I live here ❤

            • Lol it makes sense now. He’s surrounded by beans/nigs 24/7.

            • I can understand not liking police. But there’s not liking police and then there’s not liking logic and not even making sense about it. Which is where Mark seems to fall in this. So seriously, what is your suggestion Mark? It’s clear that you hate cops so what should we do? Should we send them to arrest murdering scum like this unarmed? Or should we just let murderers like this murder at will? Or maybe we should just ban police altogether? If you were in control what would you do Mark?

            • Because he’s human…. that’s why he cares you dumbass

          • I dunno Mark. But let’s place ourselves in shoes of let’s say, Both relatives of the murder victim & cops in this scenario. We need justice to be served for the victim. And for that, police has to go take the suspect into custody. He had committed a crime or else police would have no reason to show up at his door. Even then if he surrendered the police would not have had a reason to shoot the guy buy instead, he opens fire @ the cops. If we’re the cops in this case, what are we supposed to do ? Just leave the scene cuz he opened fire ? That would serve no justice right ? And how else can they establish law and order without doing what they have to do given each situation ? If cops were powerless then the society would be lawless. & clearly the suspect put the cops’ lives in danger and they had to defend ‘emselves let alone bring him to justice. So the cops were left with no options but to blast the mofo. The suspect brought this on himself. In this case, we gotta agree that the cause for this tragedy was entirely the suspect’s actions & none else. I know some cops are just absolute trash but that doesn’t mean all of ‘em are trigger happy. It’s just my humble opinion in this case. If I were that cop I would do just the same to ensure that I won’t end up with my brains splattered all over the place. Peace !

        • No niggers don’t exist where I live 😀 that’s the difference.

        • You are some type of retard.
          You think cops stop niggers from robbing houses?
          Lets forget the fact that this is obviously and blatently untrue. Vincent already explained why, and lets focus on me, since you think ill be fucked without the police.
          NEWS FLASH: Ill be fine without them.

          Why? I have two LARGE dogs to ALERT me and my 9mm works just as well, even though im not wearing a uniform.

          Dont even @ me dude.
          Im not here to have a conversation with you, just point out your cognitive shortcomings.

          • Holy fuck dude it was a joke ahaha lighten up, but seriously a gun could cap ur little doggies pretty easily, don’t take comments so seriously fuckin inbred

            • Oh look at the bootlicking twat switching to the good old “I was kidding, bruh” when confronted. Bet you wear a feathered fedora to hide that gibbous moon on your head when you play dungeon master in your mum’s basement.

            • @swanksantan ok virgin calm down, it’s just a strangers comment on the internet no need to cry little baby ahahha

          • @AgentUkraine The cops sure as shit stopped that nigger from robbing anyone else’s house! I get it, cops can be total assholes. I’ve experienced it myself. But if they magically disappeared there would be a massive crime explosion like you’ve never seen. I wish we lived in a world where cops weren’t needed. Unfortunately that utopia doesn’t exist. There is a certain segment of the population that prey’s on others. No matter what we do criminals will always exist. I have no problem with people taking matters into their own hands but then we become no better than the assholes with badges. I’m genuinely interested in what would be your solution to combat a crime ridden society that doesn’t have police.

            • There wouldnt be…
              They already did disappear for days and crime was lower so they ran back to their jobs…
              But I wouldnt expect you to know things, or pay attention

          • I think crime was lower when they disappeared cuz all the criminals we out in the streets busy looting & setting shit on fire lol xD

      • hope that nigger bled to death….oh wait hahahahahhaha

      • How’s that murder if you got shot first? Fuck this idiots.

      • Hows that murder when you got shot first?

      • Why ?
        The cop got shot first, no ?

      • Was that stupid nigger shooting at cops with his kid in the room?? Same thing happened to that breonna Taylor bitch…. useless monkies have no regard for anyone’s lives. Thank God the police put that animal down. America will never change for the better when we have all the damn niggers praying to get shot by cops. Fucking spear chuckers.

      • Faggot nigger lovers.

    • You anti cop assholes can go fuck yourselves. Anyone robs your house or endangers you or your family have no business calling them for help. You’re on your own. Go call asshole Barack , asshole Sleepy Joe or asshole Colon Cancerdick to help you in your oppression. They started this fucking crap.

      • The bootlicking commie snowflakes can go fuck themselves. They will be the first to cry like fags when Cheka comes to kill their dog and brutalize them before taking them to a gulag. It’s only a question of time.

      • You’re not gonna get your one world government with Palestine level police oppression and China level communism. Deal with it fucking commie.

      • Robbing your house while you’re away is one thing…

        However, you have a much better chance of defending yourself and family, by properly owning and using a gun. Many responsible gun owners are far less fearful of their weapons, as opposed to a much younger murder marine.

        …Granted, there are exceptions!

        However many homeowners are older, and in a position of more responsibility, as opposed to a younger, less experienced civil right’s terrorist.

        I can also understand, why many citizens react to the carcass collectors the way they do. Unfortunately on occasions, it gets them killed. On many occasions, you can hear the fear and anger in their voices, before receiving their ticket to the abyss. I’m also curious, as to how many of these bullet bandits attempt to make a phone call, in an attempt to drive down the tensions between both parties?

        Personally, things can be replaced, if my house was robbed. However, I’d be more concerned about the evidence being planted against you, in the event the killer kids don’t want you around anymore.

        This I find troublesome…

      • Who’s going to protect you and your family? The cops? (Yeah fucking right) The federal government? (In your dreams). Have the means to protect yourself! The tyrant pigs and government don’t give a shit about you one bit. Cops kill you and make things worse when you call them for “help”. Use the resource you have left, yourself. ACAB!!!

        • I may add, that many officers of oppression don’t live in the areas they work in either. There’s no sense of connection for the community anymore.

          That is, unless you and I can become friends, when I have military grade weapons at my disposal.

          …you know, just in case we have a difference of opinion 🙁

      • When someone robs your house the cops do absolutely nothing. They don’t collect fingerprints or anything. They don’t look on craigslist or visit pawn shops to find your stolen items. They give zero fucks because there is no money to be made. Sure if they kill my wife then yes they will do something but not because they want to. They gotta keep the scam going somehow.

      • Biggerboat,
        Whatever happened to defending yourself?
        Learning how to use a gun, throw a punch, keep yourself in shape, have a couple dogs to alert you.
        Any of this ring a bell?
        Or are you just some retarded fuck that thinks the police are some type of guardian angels, sent here to protect us.
        I cannot wait until a nigger or a spic or a turbansandmonkey busts into your house, and you call 911.
        Those 5-25 minutes it takes them to show up, will be the longest of your life you soft ass bootlicking faggot.

        • While you make some good points regarding defending yourself, name calling, racist or negative multicultural remarks, are the negative attributes coming from the police as well.

          If you want to solve any social problems, stop becoming a victim of the problem itself.

          • I never said i wanted to solve a fucking thing. That can be your plight.
            Im OK, with thriving, in my own right, and being able to defend what is near and dear to me. Good luck with all that social justice nonsense. Let me know how that goes.

            • It’s quite obvious AU, in regards to not wanting to solve a thing…

              Your fear and anger towards another member, is a position of weakness and not strength.

              When you’re in a position of strength, you identify a problem, and find out how to solve it. Yes, that is my plight.

              …and I’m down right proud of it.

              It prevents me from becoming a victim of oppression and ignorance!

            • Im strong enough to not place my efforts where they are not fruitful.
              You sit behind your computer and comment about how strong or how weak i am. Ill continue to make money, buy guns, and will shoot you if you come into my home unannounced. There wont be any discussions about moral strength, and the police will only serve as a method for removing your corpse.

      • @smileusb75 The Snowflakes/Soys still call the cops for help hahahaha BLM and Antifa are a bunch of leftist faggots anyways.

        On another note, I don’t always agree with Mark but the fact that he let’s us speak our shit and whatnot I give respect for that. Not many platforms will allow this, and that’s why I lurk and occasionally add my 2 cents here and there.

      • We have the right to call them even if we hate them, cause we pay taxes so cops work for us so we have all the right to call them since we pay them

    • With all those parasites invading the place I can see why they call em flea bag hotels………

    • Nothing wrong with American police brutality. The more brutal they are, the better.

    • Nothing says fun like testing out your plate carrier

    • Let the bodies hit the floor let the bodies hit the floor… I LOVE those jivy ass dance moves as you get double/triple tapped and boogie your ass to the floor with those awesome “gasping” sounds. Once less blip on the radar…. 🙂

    • This is terrible and after reading the statement made by police where hey said they didnt want to kill the suspect but he never gave the cops a chance to de-escalate the situation so were forced to murder the suspect and knowing the man had family, the cop said they were being prayed for makes this ok.

      • ACAB

      • He literally shot them. What the fuck is wrong with you people? Not liking police, fine, I don’t particularly like police much myself ( I certainly don’t hate them though ). But you “ACAB” guys take it to staggering levels of retardation when a murderer literally shoots them and you guys cry super sad tears that they shot back at the murderer trying to kill them? What?

        No wonder most of the country won’t support you ( anti-cop ) guys. Common sense no longer has a place in your arguments. I mean, outside of the fact that you ( anti-cop ) “ACAB” guys are destroying people’s lives, burning their businesses down, assaulting them and even killing some. < Yeah, a totally winning strategy for sure. )

        • Well they couldve just slipped a note under the door telling him he needs to come down to the station when he was available instead of threatening those outside with their “lawful threats” of intimidation.
          I remember when we had officer friendly giving out baseball cards to kids but nowadays kids instead get 9 lead slugs just for playing cops and robbers in their yards.
          They really earn the hate now.
          I do understand your point though and agree with most of it.

          • “Well they couldve just slipped a note under the door telling him he needs to come down to the station”

            Hahaha what the fuck, you have a childs mind. God bless your innocent soul young man.

      • even after being shot, the cop still gave him a chance to surrender, it was more than fair in my opinion

    • Well I would have killed that nigger in prison if I has the chance. These cops deprived me that chance so fuck everyone

    • So wait. Im confused…
      Are these cops, or are these soldiers? Are these citizens, or are these rebels?
      This looks like it could be from america or the middle east.

    • “Ugh, awraugh, nughguhu, RaRwArRrRrR FUCKER”
      What a fucking pussy, one bullet, falls down, stars crying like a little girl. Fucking americunts, cant handle anything.

    • Fuck these Assholes make me sick Mark. They are becoming so much more aggressive the last few years With Donald Duck, Ooops “Trump” in power. And i cannot see it getting better anytime soon now that all the new recruits are getting a hard-on seeing all of their mostly Jewish superiors teach them how to spill blood with relative ease and with a huge smile on his face.

      So if you are a white Christian Straight “Male” all of the blood being spilled will continue to be encouraged with them having absolutely no chance of being charged with anything. So what we end-up having here is a Truly Sad United-States of affairs, that’s what we got going-on here.

      So please be vigilant, and remain strong my Good American Best-Gore Siblings. And may God-Bless You’s all. 🙁

    • the only thing this dipshit idiot of a suspect did wrong was kill people and also unsuccessfully try to dust these pigs. like he should absolutely be dead too but he couldnt even nail one of these power hungry fiends.

      honestly is should be a game at this point to see how many badged up swine you can take out before you go down lol. doesnt matter what colour you are, they’ll get anyone to sate their bloodlust.

    • Wonder whats the point screaming hands up while shooting lead all over the place.

    • It’s about time that police get eliminated! NO criminals should EVER be prevented from doing whatever they want – ESPECIALLY Negroes and Jews!

    • The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, left two dead birds at my door today. That’s 6 dead birds so far. Where are they getting all the fucking birds? They should open a chicken wing stand.

    • Looks like the perp hit the cop square in the chest but he was wearing body armor. Let that be a lesson for all, if you engage with law enforcement use a rifle or carbine in .223. The only exception for a handgun is a FN Five-SeveN (using appropriate rounds that can defeat body armor).

    • These niggers are threat to society we need to stop these savages, this cop is a hero honestly, he finished this savage that only kills people , steal and spread AIDS . Honestly these niggers scare me ,you never know when they’ll attack animals without education , they must be eliminated before it’s too late, phew a nigger less in this world

    • Keep the good job cops, if there’s less niggers there’s less crimes in this word

    • Hows that murder when you got shot first?

    • There’s a massive amount of retardation here. Common sense no longer applies, and reality will no longer be tolerated, that’s where we’re at with this shit.

    • In the way it goes , he is a murderer..
      If he was ready for them with a gun
      It prove that he were deserved to die..
      Less problems in futer out and in prison that he will cost money to be handled…

    • The mud shark is gonna have to find a new shit skin to hump. That won’t be to hard since they don’t work anyway

    • That officer angrily blind-blasting the fucker around the corner was so FUCKING satisfying!!! Then when I heard the retard moaning as he died and the woman surrendering … man, this was an epic video.

      Go ahead, call me a bootlicker. I don’t give a shit, faggot.

    • These cop video descriptions make no sense. Kinda funny though

    • Looks like his nigger privilege ran thin. Maybe all his nigger friends will go run around with Black Lives Matter signs and rob stores because his nigger life mattered so much.

    • What disgusting police work..
      What did that fucking cowboy pig expect running in like that. And then to get all cranky and use his weapon strap to block the camera…And fuck this guy he says after he kills him.
      Fuck the police. I’m a criminal and I have enough sense to know that pig should have gotten Intel first then phoned the guy or set up a perimeter and gas the guy out…but no just kill the guy and do it with such self righteous anger. I hope that pig gets a blood clot and dies and hopefully his children get cancer and die slowly.

    • Sad ending! WHY THE FUCK THE COP DIDN’T DIED!! Hope he get brutally killed some day. Bunch of serial killers, they are no different of a mob of serial killers protected by the state. They have better weapons than normal citizens.The guy defending himself should have used an assault rifle and blow the piece of crap pig head

  • A motorcyclist lost his life after crashing in the Hidalgo tunnel in downtown Guadalajara, Mexico.

    The accident occurred at the exit from an underground parking lot, where the biker who was riding with a […]

  • In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a Trump worshiping, bootlicking embarrassment to the human race got violently assaulted by power tripping cops despite being cooperative, unarmed, and non-threatening. But do you […]

    • Monkeys in outfits, episode 911.
      They’re really coward cunts, like seriously you can’t handle an unarmed peaceful individual alone ?
      What do they train you at that academy, how to hold donuts ?

      • No matter what race, nationally, ethnicity or gender you are, everyone must taste the boot and pain of the cop.

      • He wasn’t being cooperative. Get the facts straight here. He could have come out right away. But instead he let things escalate, and escalate, until they had to call backup reinforcements, and finally the SWAT team. This is why it went down like it did. By the time that police sergeant took him down they weren’t fucking around anymore. He had fucked public resources around long enough.

    • #TakeAKnee

      • Aww look everyone… leftY racists trolls are invading BG.
        Keep your woke BS off of BG! You cucks already ruined live leaks.
        MAGA 2020 you snowflake bitches. Haha

    • Oh, look at how aggressive they are. Send them to Mexico, let’s see how they handle any of the drug cartels in there

      • Those motherfuckers would be chainsaw beheaded within a few hours of arriving.

        • If you put our police force in Mexico tomorrow and said you have to get the country under control. You have all the money you need and all the weapons and vehicles you need…. we would wipe out the Mexican cartels in about two months. If we really wanted to. If you used our technology along with military, CIA, FBI, and our top law enforcement personnel we would wipe them out like the turds they are. It would be like an Major League Baseball team playing against the Highschool team in a local Mexican town

          But we don’t want to. We will never see this hypothetical play out but again. It’s a World Cup soccer team playing against the local school team

          • No. Even as militarized as the US police are, they wouldn’t handle it. The mexican military can’t handle the cartels. Now if you’d bring in the us military, maybe then, but then you’d have too level the entire country, and that would mean 120 million more mexicans for california too take in.

            • Like I said if we wanted to. That’s the point. We don’t want to. If it was necessary… same for Mexican police. Their is too much corruption. But let’s say we had to stop them at all costs. It could be done without leveling the country. Wouldn’t be super super easy but really not that hard if the world said go at them with everything you got. Any tactics. Take the gloves off. We would smoke those rats, The reason it doesn’t happen is because of money corruption and well…. the USA doesn’t just go into Mexico’s openly like that

      • That’s a dude with tits

    • the girl at first hid behind the towel all scared,few min later she has them out for the boys,using her feminine charms ..nice pair.

    • I was hoping she would show me her breasts, so she could give me a Few Pointers to where he was in the house.

    • Have these cops never heard of a fkn conversation? Dude wasn’t aggressive at all, just wanted to explain his side of the story.. instantly met with physical shit, do they even train cops anymore?ahaha

    • He was charged with refusal to shove a dildo up his arse at his wife’s request.

    • Cannot believe I was just staring at that chick’s rock hard nipples like that. What a pig.

      Now I just scroll through mohels link and read they are permanently like that, seems so. I did not read full article. I do not presently feel like deep reading . Selfish eh? I better do that instead of just stopping when I see tits

      Regardless, yet another unwarranted concrete slam by Florida’s finest. On what planet would that ever be acceptable? If he walked out carrying remote control for television set he would have been dead before ever hitting the porch

      Cops are way too jumpy. Granted I do not do their job nor would I ever want to blindly pull over random car on desolate road but that is their job. They are paid and trained to deal with the variables and the unknowns yet with alarming frequency their go-to is violence and thuggery. No reason to do what he just did. No reason either to kill some mentally challenged 80 year old who lunges cause their policy is shoot to kill. Bullet to the knee wouldn’t suffice?

      Something is gravely and fundamentally wrong within law enforcement of the entire United States of America. Seriously, it is like no department is exempt. Really needs overhaul but media stirs shit into ridiculous frenzy of indecipherable bullshit that only serves to incite and not solve

      Maybe it is who departments hire. I would be curious as to what sort of exam or evaluation cops go through and how often they are reassessed. You always too see the random weirdos that kick out taillights and shit. How much does the average US citizen pay out each year either directly or indirectly to fund millions upon millions of dollars each year in settlements?

      Going to read that link now in its entirety. I did watch few minutes of it and did notice her beams and did in fact notice they never waivered. did not even know permanent nipples like that were a thing, how horribly unsexy. I bet she never cums, just moans alot.

      Hmm if this story proves correct, hope that forever fella of other thread takes note. Shit woman. Shit cop. Tada!

      • That was a dude with boobs. Tell by the voice. And the hands oh my God they’re huge!

      • despy…

        Sometimes one is lucky enough, to get the results back from the exams, before their next victim does…

        On several occasions myself, I’ve heard less than stellar conversations from death enforcement, while sitting in a convenience store drinking coffee. I’ve heard the same conversations once again, after detaining a subject in their rigor mortis mobile.

        The media, the money = the transfer of power

        There’s no system of checks and balances anymore, as I’ve stated previously. (unless you’re into Wall Street) The executive branch of our government, is simply the judge and jury anymore.

        The chief of police usually keeps their job, simply because they have more political clout and sympathy from the media than the mayor. If the mayor wants to give the chief of police their walking papers, they may want to consider finding a new line of work.

        It’s obvious I have no sympathy for the police. However, getting rid of a few police pauns in chess, is far less politically destructive, as opposed to fucking with the chief of police.

        • I thought Detroit Police chief was doing ok. We have had minimal BLM bullshit and nothing burned down after Floyd. He has been here a few years now. 2020 should be interesting but any of those numbers just may be extra. Ironically you would have to be kinda crazy to be cop in Detroit. Savages and Subhumans and then you got the residents 😉

          • Glad to see things going okay for you…

            Chances are, if the media doesn’t interview a chief of police, selling a story as to why they need more military weapons from the taxpayers, then there’s a favorable chance, that you’ll remain alive after a traffic citation.

            …whew, I need to get in better shape!

    • Well this is my territory – Dade and Broward

      This is not the type of suspect I would beat the shit out of . I think some of these officers cannot help themselves when they see a white man .

      Remember that we live in the twighlight zone where we kiss the ass of 13 percent of the dumbest portion of society

      Case in point if the suspect was black officer probably would not have done the same thing .

    • Alright I just read it and my first impression is she had something or someone she wanted to do that day and wanted him out of the house. Why she did not just leave? I do not know. Perhaps because she needs his money and he finally caught on to her bullshit and threatened to throw her out or told her if she left never come back. In her mind she needed a spin to make it all his fault. He also is drunk as hell. Wonder why that is? I am rather half assing this as I do not even know how long they were married or if she ever presents herself in any other fashion aside from tits out.

      What I do not agree with is generalization that all women are shit and out to get you. I will say 75% are in fact like that and of those 80% get bored or seek out boy with “more stuff” or even something different , non monetary to offer. New experience maybe. Humiliating you even further by hooking up with an acquaintance or work colleague or whining for jewelry or some shit. I actually know of a boy that asked girl to marry him, she said no and then proceeded to not only keep ring he proposed with but slid it on a chain and wore it around her neck. Really? He was probably all happy thinking she is thinking on it. Nah . What a cuck and I almost blame him more than her for allowing that.

      Very unfair for the 15% of us out there that love deep, genuine and selflessly(and no I do not suck at math I just gave it more thought) Also too it is horribly unjust and sad for the man that lives life without ever sharing his innermost thoughts and desires and goals with a partner. Who can blame him? But doesn’t make it any less sad

      I also do not agree with the whole gun caressing and subsequent explanation/ justification . Just reads weird to me. I wouldnt want drunk handling gun anywhere near me period. But the way she so callously states he has 4 or 5 guns in the house is straight up cold. probably why her nipples are like that, ice queen. She was absolutely itching for escalation. I still cannot get over those boobs like that. Sick sick woman. What happened to her towel?

      • Dude. Not chick.

      • Agree with almost every consideration here.

      • Those 75% of women are so corrupted by material it’s disgusting. They’re anyways competing against each other and have to have the bragging rights.
        Showing off their nice or expensive things on social media just makes the next chick say “oooh I want that, what or who do I have to do to get that”.
        I thought it would be more like 90%, but 75%, probably still too high to even bother anymore.

        • That is what was so endearing about girls up north. You could tell they weren’t all into that shit , entirely different mentality up there. Sure some had some weight on them and some were a bit bulkier than others but they need that. Winter’s Coming

    • He was violently assaulted. Are you African American ? What part of the country do you live ?

      You love seeing white people fucked up probably as much as I love seeing and fucking up black people.

    • Nice trick, pretend like your going to have a civil conversation then BOOM takedown

    • Civil War II will not be kind to police.

    • just a bunch of idiots beating each other with the same metaphorical stick.

    • That’s a dude with tits

    • …..Florida

    • She/He is taking too much estrogen. Titty boners.

      • Is that true? I thought voice was odd but what struck me as really odd in looking at her pic again is her torso. Isn’t it kinda strange? Is it the belly button? The placement? Missing rib? Extra one?

        Could explain why pics are so hard to find and why no baby

    • Wait a minute mate I had to stop the video at two minutes approximately after I read the article …. so wait …..what’s wrong with this picture ? .. from the get go?….anyone ?.. okay so let me point out first of all that I think that that babe I’s so fine that even though she had fake boobs on top of her hot body I’d still let her whip me and I’d stick my tounge out for her delight and act all interested before I let her have it threw every hole available heck I might even explore a bit and get creative and fuck her ear while I’m at it hahahah xd ^_^/…. okay now that I got that out the way she’s clearly seducing the cops with “oops my towel slipped im so sorry mister officer I mean I could have just been a decent woman and got some clothes on real quick but I’m a whore I mean come on it’s 2020 fuck it all Mac “lulz hilarious never disappoints the nerve of most women these days oh but wait they still want respect even if they’d give it up to all the neighborhood lmao and then some ahhhh damsel in distress alert !!! “ sirens effects “ come of it Mac youre in no trouble the bitch just needs attention .. beware guys there are a lot of these women out there seeking to destroy us all just saying 😉 … okay continue thank you … off to the rest of the video . Oh and ps you know I love you women I will always will :* <3 😉

    • Okay … seen the entire video .. Woaw I was watching it in crazy sun light you all might be onto something… chick was hiding its shlong in other words was showing everything but the raging hard on … Woaw now I feel awkward about wanting to nail that thing … okay I pass … but in other perspective that guy got tackled crazy I was like whaa ? D: lulz ^_^

    • You can tell immediately he is a trump supporter: baseball cap not turned backwards.

    • I only can see her tits,they were right in my face too…

    • I live about 20 some odd minutes from Ft. Lauderdale; Florida does it again.

    • I guess none of you fucking faggots live in America so here is the facts. BLM/Antifa are the faggots going around as terrorists and burning down businesses. Supporting Trump isn’t bad considering if you’re a leftist you’re a total fucking faggot.

      • I live in Canada. Over here if a
        Person of color wishes to burn down a business we kindly offer him or her a match as it would be impolite and uncanadian to do otherwise. Take care my American friend and hopefully Lord Trump will soon overthrow Canada and I can finally get an AR 15 assault rifle.

    • Stupid pigs as usual..
      And all on the word of some fag tranny with fake tits who just got off the cock carousel long enough to Rat this guy out for not wanting to talk to her/him…
      Anyways to all the bootlickers here…quit defending the fucking cops you idiots. Who cares about the context who cares who did what just hate the fucking pigs or you are a common bootlicker cop dick lover homo. Thanks bye

  • Police brutality has been a problem back in 1930 as well. 90 years of reforms achieved nothing. It keeps getting worse. The only way is to completely abolish police and start over with a completely new idea.

    1930 Police Brutality

  • Ridiculous Canada

    Canada is getting more and more ridiculous…

  • Phil Schnieder worked on secret government blacksites. He was killed after spreading this type of information.

  • A video Ciudad Victoria prison in Tamaulipas, Mexico, shows inmates delivering beating to a guy on his first day behind bars.

    The inmates, who are said to be affiliated with the Gulf Cartel, allege that guy […]

  • On May 14, 2020 Alfredo Saldivar was pursued by police in Prescott Valley, Arizona for driving down the wrong way on the Arizona State Route 69 highway. According to police, who always tell the truth and never […]

    • Wow, another citizen about to get a fat payday for police misconduct.

      • Takes only 2 ft lbs of force to gouge an eye out. About 20 ft lbs to tear an ear off a dog. Human ear only 6 ft lbs.

        • You obviously never been bitten by police dog and its so painful you are not thinking im gonna gouge his eye out. THe dog not only bites down with a ton of force feeling like your being stabbed 50 times but it tears your flesh like you are being eaten. Its worse then being stabbed with a knife. Its like lighting someone on fire and when your in that kind of pain your not thinking im gonna gouge someones eye out. Your only thought is im gonna die someone help. YOur mind becomes traumatized from the pain. Watch all the vids of a dog clamping down on someones arm or leg its the same thing they just scream help me.

          • Urinedanger…

            I think you’re focusing on the dog too much, in relation to the pain being inflicted on the subject. The primary focus should be on these tyranny thugs, and how the subject was clearly mistreated…

            Whatever the incident, the guy was clearly under submission. And from the looks of it, he didn’t have a gun either. Clearly, there were enough bullies with a badge in the vicinity, to simply walk over to the subject and handcuff him. Yes, he should’ve obeyed these street tyrants. However, there’s the issue of not only protecting the community from him, but himself as well. Many times, we don’t know the mental condition of the people being arrested by the mayor’s murderers. However, releasing the military murderer’s dog on a subject, doesn’t bring the suspect under SAFE submission. It only bring mental trauma and unending pain to the VICTIM.

            Yes, he’s a victim now, because he was mistreated by the death squad. The SUSPECTS however, are now the bloodhounds in blue, experiencing a testosterone rush.

          • You MUST have been bitten in order to share this opinion as a fact. I have trouble believing people who don’t know how to spell you’re

      • The citizen foots the bill. Meanwhile, the thugs are off to brutalize another citizen and the vicious circle continues.

      • You mean illegal alien.

        • That guy just paid the price for cheating the system and not crossing the border at Customs. After all that dedication and training, to finally get the green light to let go of the leash has to be the most rewarding moment of a K-9 peace officer’s career.

    • From to “protect and serve” to “punish and enslave” !

      • Nice pfp, seig hail

        • Ok ya queer

          • Feasting maggots..? More like feasting faggots, I’d like to see you call me a queer irl, I’d shatter your faggot jaw lol

            • Coming from a wigger, all wigger countries are full of faggots because they support their rights. You’re most likely a faggot based on that alone.

            • @kenyanboy do you even know what a wigger is you fuckin inbred? I can’t fuckin stand people who think being “black” is cool, its even worse when a fellow white is brainwashed into thinking he’s a fuckin nigger, white counties shit all over nigger countries, I fuckin love where I live it’s nothing but white people, it’s pretty sad tho if you travel to London it’s just invested with dirty fucking niggers, funny thing is tho they keep stabbing each other in record numbers, see.. even niggers hate niggers phahaha faggots are on the same level as niggers imo.. ngl if I was born a black faggot I’d fucking kill myself without hesitation

      • Lambo replied 1 day ago

        Yes. The dog bites are usually very nasty. They take off chunks of flesh and more often than not they get infected which requires at least oral antibiotics and often intravenous antibiotics . I’ve seen many bites and all very serious.

    • Usually I’m on the cops side but wtf these particular cops are dumb as fuck lol, it’s like they were scared to approach, Simon says lay down.. Simon says get on knees.. Simon says hands up.. Simon says stand up with hands up.. DOGGY ATTACK.. Simon says lay back down.. the dude obviously wasn’t gonna do anything nor did he have a weapon from what I saw, dudes probably gonna get a nice little pay check tho

      • Normally I’m on the side of law enforcement as well but when I see shit like this it pisses me off. Not helping their image at all when this kind of bullshit keeps happening mfs should get fired

        • Ikr, better training would be a good idea, easier said then done tho

          • Right, a better more strict training about how to kill civilians faster. Those monkeys will never change…

            • When you’re right you’re right, niggers will never change, they need to raise the standards of police imo, give them sub machine guns and give them a KOS order on everyone who is a unemployed minority

            • Was rather blown away by someone blinding stating they are “normally on the side of cops” but to read two of you? Wtf. I would like to think I am normally on the side of a third grade teacher but do not recall ever publicly stating such, everyone fucks up.

              Am I making any sense? Bad analogy I suppose but still believing I have more sense than the two of you , combined. Never do I implicity side with anyone but myself and even that has potential to backfire. Rare but it could happen 😀

            • @despy I mean for a 21 year old with his own house, car and soul mate and plenty of coin I like to think I have “average” sense, just because you have a different opinion doesn’t mean you are better than the opposition

            • Never said I was better. But spouting off about your home, dreamgirl, job, car at 21. Proves you have more cents than sense 😉

              I would say wait 10 years till your chick fucks you over. But Igive it less than 5, and that is called wisdom . Something you cannot ever buy. Good luck to you

            • @despy yawn lol I didn’t get where I am today being stupid lol yeh all my “opinions” definitely are not politically correct but lol idc I just like chattin shit with people, fun way to kill boredom lol

            • Maybe try a book? Or read/watch more than beheadings around here. It isnt a matter of “political correctness” it is fact.

              Not my intent to merely badger, more like enlighten. Grave error to blindly side with cops. Many are seriously disturbed individuals disguised in polyester pants with shiny emblems pinned to chest, prone to more unhinged rage than your average roid raging beast. Unpleasant FACT

            • Lol blacks

        • You are the only one that supports that state mob. People like you are the reason why many people is getting killed and abused by cops every day, police cannot fix their image, they already damaged it too much

      • Fucking faggots on the police side of a story …what a sad day at bestgore .

        • Are you dense? Nobody in this thread is on the cops side you fuckin dumb cocksucker ahahah

          • Always all these clowns on this site talking about wait 5 years or 10 years until your girl fucks you over. So many Incel types on this website who can’t get laid. It’s really not that hard if you are not a fat disgusting slob. Can’t believe there are so many little cunt men in this world crying non stop about women

            • Lol who cheated on you? Just because others have good lives don’t mean you gotta cry and be jealous lol, you sound like such a little butt hurt bitch

            • Going off and getting laid is heck of alot different than declaring you found your soulmate at ripe old age of 21. At this point it is a toss up if the car or the chick lasts longer.

            • @royalflush2112 the clowns in these posts… might be you too are always talking about Chad and Tyrone always stealing their girl. I’m pointing out how pathetic that is. And then you try and spin it on me?? Hahaha good try. Doesn’t work that way when you know you have a gorgeous girl. Hope you do too. The point is though even if you don’t at this moment don’t fucking cry about and become an Involuntarily Celibate lost soul

            • @brutalreality yawn lol you lot sound like sad little virgins lol, just because others are doing good in life doesn’t mean you gotta cry about it ahaha fuckin losers

            • @royalflush2112 you are a true Faggot. No time needed to waste on your mindless retarded replies

            • @brutalreality Yet you keep replying lol.. you can’t resist the attention.. yep I’m definitely straight lol, If I was born a faggot I’d of killed myself years ago, just because you hate your life doesn’t mean everyone else does lol, life is what you make it, people are gonna be more successful than you, people are gonna be more successful than me, that’s just they way it is

          • So do you Have the Best Cocaine in Town?

            • Who said anything about cocaine? Lol used to get lovey sniff but I only smoke weed and do MD now aha

            • @royalflush2112 well when you say things like “I hate my life” which makes absolutely no sense I’m gonna chalk you up to a brain dead retard. Of course some people are better off then others. I’m completely fine with what I have. More then most. Count your blessings in this world. Try to smarten up guy

          • Some Molly Percocet.

      • RoyalFlush2112…

        I doubt it…

        He wasn’t beaten to death, so he’s not Part of the Club…

        For one, if you were part of the club, you’d never see it to begin with. As with lying, the rich never make any mistakes. Secondly, most victims never receive any compensation for police brutality. And if they do, compensation doesn’t solve the problem, as to why the police receive state of the art military grade weapons, against the people they were suppose to protect.

        But what disturbs me, is the fact that you usually side with the cops. If the cops are conditioned to be the judge and jury of any domestic dispute which they are, (by their obvious military grade weapons) then why do you support them?

        I’ll tell you why…

        Because you’re a victim of propaganda!

        Most domestic problems don’t require police action such as this. However, our corporate presstitutes give praise to these actions. They show video vomit such as “Cops,” or praise the police by having a, “Shop with a Cop” weekend for the kids.

        If I invited you over to my house, would you bring a bunch of people over that I don’t know? And if you did, would you make a good impression on me, by having your friends decorated with weapons?

        The point I’m trying to make, is that intimidation has replaced common sense, tact and good judgement. Our corporate media doesn’t give a rat’s ass, when it comes to justice for any victim, or for any reason. Simply, because they victimize the people themselves. They’ll place you in a category, so they can continue to marginalize you. And if you’re lucky, they won’t launch a smear campaign against you either. Then, when a catastrophe happens, they can continue to vomit out the lies, as to why we should place special sympathy towards them? How many times has this been re-hashed by our media? Perhaps eliminating our corporate media, and allowing a truly free press to accommodate our airwaves would help.

        Before the Telecommunication’s Act of 1996, I could actually find programs on the radio, designed to make me think. I didn’t have to agree with the subject matter entirely or at all. However and thankfully, it wasn’t designed to make big corporations rich, or why people who support their corporate values, are the only people who are truly FREE. If we’re such a free nation, then why are people such as Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning or Julian Assange criminals? I often hear the phrase “exposing the truth.” However, I look at this from a slightly different angle. I look at this as “exposing the unexposed.” If people are empowered enough to come together and solve challenges, they can come up with their own truth. I’m simply more concerned, about the results that stem from it. Kinda like the scale of justice we have, with that woman showing her breast.

        We are a people, just like our constitution says. We are not black, white, gay, straight, religious or otherwise. Yes, this is an attribute to who were are. But we shouldn’t be marginalized for it. People make the changes in their lives they want to see.

        This point I cannot stress enough…

      • What the cop do wrong? He hit a police cruiser with his car basically could of killed a cop. ANd when you try to kill a cop they are gonna release the dog on you. Its funny how people think the ycan get away with trying to kill a cop and some how getting a mangina pass. Not gonna happen. THe dog will be released every single time.

        So if your a cop and someone tries to shoot you and a bullet wizzes by your head and then he decides after he almost killed to comply and give up and you got a k 9 with you you are just gonna be the good guy and just arrest him? A guy that almost took your life? Or you gonna let that dog go? I know im letting the dog go and id tell the dog to go for his face. Its not even equal treatment. He tried to kil policeman with his car and only got bitten in return. Its mind boggling how people get some sort of pass on trying to kill cops because they changed their mind and realized its stupid and puts their hands up and say don’t shoot aftewards. Its to late those cops are pissed you tried to kil them.

    • I figured you could go either way on route 69.

    • Actually admin, there is no “backinfo.” What did this “helpless civilian” do BEFORE allegedly driving on the wrong side of 69? By the end of the video there is a dozen cop cars and firetruck around him. So what *really* happened that day?

      • Wrong question. It’s like you’ve been trained to lack common sense. Once you start asking the right questions, you may get the right answers. Until then, enjoy the view from down up.

      • he hit a police cruiser with a cop inside with his car trying to kill the cop from what I think i read above.

    • Bunch of monkeys, can’t even deal with the simplest situations.

    • “Why did you let the dog get me dawg”

    • These American cops are the most unprepared and lazy cops I’ve ever seen

    • 3? really? Hat trick of horror

      • 3 fukwits so far and I bet you’ve never been put in cuffs to say such stupid shit like “I’m usually on the side of law enforcement with my tiny todger in hand jerking it”

        • 100% of the police force is not evil. It just takes one interaction with that 85percent.

    • That was fucking sadistic. All the while knowing one of the 18 thugs has operable body cam or dashcam and he still released the hound.

      I hope Mr Wrongway gets his life sorted out before the settlement check. Be nice to see shred of decency out of this

    • to me it looks like they did everything to get a chance to kill him but it was not their day… he would even stand on his head if they asked him so .. fuckers

    • Not me…

      They have to earn my trust!

    • To Serve and Protect their Nazi leaders. FBI. CIA. And other government Nazis. They are ALL CORUPT as the ones in Mexico. Ignoring American Civil Rights they shoot and kill at least 5 civilian’s a day here. Now citizens are shooting back. Several Corrupt Nazi Police Depots have had Officers shot at. This is just proof of that corruption and the reason why officers are attracting violence towards them. Civilians are not going to take this shot any longer.

    • If that was done to me I would get revenge on those cock suckers. 100%.

    • It would be cool if this guy uses said Payout to sadistically get back at them in a smart and Kiniving way, where it looks like Suicide.

      • Doesn’t necessarily require death. Strategic placement of dead animals or disappearing keys or squirt of ketchup on patrol car seat. . random acts of fuckery for years could be wholly fulfilling 🙂

        • Oh like Amelié

          • Or me when I worked for that doctor that purposefully trimmed old helpless patients nails all wonky so next week they had to hobble in for expensive and painful treatments . He was sadistic asshole x100. Rather than anonymously report him to state I opted to randomly throw out his insurance payments delivered in the mail. Weeks upon weeks of requesting duplicate checks/payment was sure to draw some scrutiny. Took about 2 months before I was no longer allowed to take mail into his office. Fucker

    • We really want to visit America next year most likely either L.A, Vegas or New York wondering what part of states is best avoided. I wonder whether foreigners are less likely to be mistreated?

      Across Europe they are really welcoming despite different accent/dialect. US police attacks on foreigners are virtually unheard of

      • Depends. Every day you hear of something new, our cops are out of control. Ethnicity carries no weight to a cop that sat in ketchup previous night or or found his soulmate in bed with 2018 Cop of the Year

        Your initial choices indicate you seek hoopla and nothing remotely majestic. I would strike Vegas off the list and LA has great weather but very expensive and pretentious. New York may be ok, in the daylight with no overt signs of wealth or integrity

      • Ventura and the Central coast of California like Carmel By The Sea
        Or little quaint towns like The Mystery Spot in the Santa Cruz area. It’s more Receptive here and lots of country to escape to and be intimate with your partner in some secluded Hot Spring in Santa Barbara maybe. We’d love to have Ya’

    • dumbass pigs really need to get off the dick they’re riding and pull their pants back up. That guy probably got a good payout from this at least.

      • Cops also got weeks of paid time off while it gets sorted out and depending on years of service, zero risk to their pensions. It is like reward to them. Zero accountability

    • US is like a dystopia just like China. Surprised we don’t have US refugees also. Maybe after the next election rofl.

    • Total fucking bullshit. Each one of those asshole cops should be turned over to the cartels for a face peeling treatment.

    • Hes latino attack first ask question later lol

    • They cover the cameras so the public cannot see.

    • Now we all know NO ONE can trust a spic or a nigger.. I would have put the dogs in that thug too..

    • “Oooh, those police is bad men ‘cuz they made the bad doggy bite da man and made him cwy! Boo hoo!”

      Fuck that bollocks, who cares? Maybe the dog was in the mood for some Mexican that day?

      Personally, I found the mauling very enjoyable and he probably deserved it anyway.

      So, the cops were cunts, the human chew toy was a cunt and the only innocent there was the dog, who only did as he was told. Because he’s a good boy.

    • During the war when dogs were used on the battlefield to search out and usually kill enemy wounded soldiers this was done by both sides, in our training we were shown how to disable a dog. If you were unarmed there is no trick to it, you grab hold of one of the dog’s front paws and squeeze it hard in your hand, there is a nerve in each paw which runs up the dogs front legs and passers under its bottom jaw. When the paw is squeezed hard the dog cannot bite down and it really hurts as they stop biting real quick and start howling.

    • Wow! police brutality keeps incresing instead of lowering down, there will be more George Floyds in the near future, they are a mob protected by the state, they are serial killers out for blood. USA is becoming a very dangerous place to live, cops are the #1 danger

    • he tried to hit a cop with his car from what it says above. Im guesisng he went full speed into a police cruiser with a cop inside. Then decided oh this is dumb and decided to give up and no long want to kill a cop. Well to fucking late if you try to kill a cop the least thing they will do is release a dog.

    • #DogLivesMatter!

    • I met a guy in prison who stabbed and killed a police K9 after they let it lose on him.
      The fucking pigs daughter showed up in court crying about how much she missed the disgusting pig dog…
      Fuck the police. ..shitty cowards use an ignorant animal to do their dirty work.
      Btw….the guy got 4 fucking years for it.

    • Fucking pigs uses that dude as a real life scenario as training exercise for the dog.

    • To all racists her….Albino Whites are Devils in Human boddy. Its not the skin color who made you a good Men. Its the spirit in your chest.
      Fuck colors

    • A replied 1 day ago

      Get UP!
      *Tries to get up*
      *Dog Pig Eats his ass*
      GET DOWN!

      I’m Glad this website Doesn’t lack common sense and they can see these fucking pigs for who they are, a bunch of Fucking Disgusting Lard of shit that wear a badge that gives them the power to reign hell over you without consequences.

    • One says “dont move”. The other says “on ur knees”. “oh fuck can u fuckers decide what I have to do so u fuckers dont kill me by asphixiating me, motherfuckers?”

    • Grab the legs and open them out into a “splits” position, apparently it breaks their ribs and can puncture the heart or lungs… Yep tried this once on a woman didn’t work on her, got me head stuck between them spread legs so I would probably give it a miss using this method on a dog too

      • Just from the way you articulate yourself, I can confidently conclude that you have a neck beard and you watch German Shepherd porn.

    • American cops always giving conflicting commands and playing “Simon says”, just waiting for the person to get it wrong so they can shoot.

    • You are the stupidest fucking vegetarian faggot on bestgore. Go hold your transsexual lovers hand while it gets rammed by an AIDS infected nigger. Can’t hunt can’t fish what a little sissy my daughter has more testosterone then you.
      You are a failure in the eyes of all of the men who you are descended from.

    • Cops: “Haha, nice fun”
      Also Cops: “BuT i HaVe ToO mAkE sUrE IIIIIIIII mAkE iT hOmE”

    • I cba to give you my life story but I went to college for a while but then got a apprenticeship in car sales, just been doing that for the past 4 years, I play poker on the side and sell abit of sniff and my girl owns her own tattoo parlour and her parents are loaded so we live an extremely comfortable life, when I bought my house I instantly payed off the mortgage off so no the government doesn’t own my house lol

    • @brutalreality I don’t know where you got “I hate my life” from lol instead of makin shit up try to make a point if you’re gonna reply

    • Yeah this was definitely uncalled for shit. “He was hands up compliant pretty much” than why did you call the dog on him fucktard?

    • Now these are the cunt cops that u should call pigs ! Bad apples of the bunch !

  • On the afternoon of Saturday August 29, 2020, in the Medellín neighborhood of Girardot in Colombia, a man getting his face prepped by a barber for a presumed shave got assassinated by a hitman who stormed the […]

    • The barber and the guy in the white Tshirt outside were in on it. Notice the barber kept looking outside in the man’s direction and over his shoulder. The barber was giving a slow drawn out massage waiting for the hitman. As soon as the guy in the white tee walked off, that signaled the hitman to take dude out. The barber then walked away calmly. This was a setup.

      • Valid points. Thanks.

      • If the victim simply left a tip for the barber, he could’ve signaled to everyone, what was about to go down.

      • My thoughts exactly as soon as I watched it. The barber kept looking out warily and when the gunman appeared, just, shrank back before strolling off. Not the behaviour of a guy who’d been unwittingly caught up in a brutal hit.

      • I don’t think so. If that were the case, he would have disabled his cctv-camera.

        • @dutchy84 Disabling the CCTV would be way too convenient and, unless there were multiple documented failures on the tapes / HDD, would point the finger of suspicion toward anyone with access to the system.

      • Exactly… barber doesnt even look supprised

      • Yup; the slow and drawn-out massage with lots of covering of the eyes. I’ll bet a dollar that that was a complete set-up as described by @absalom The only thing that was missing was the hot towel over the guy’s face.

      • A clever point but it’s hard to say. The barber is just gazing around looking at someone that’s loitering. Most dudes don’t ‘make an appt’ to see their barber, they just turn up. The barber walked off after the shooting because the place is a shithole overrun with crime. It ceases to phase him.

        • That and the shock of what just happened can do that to people as well. Make them not even know how to react. “I was just washing someone’s hair and now their brains are all over the floor, wtf I’m walking out of here to sort this out in my head.”

      • true true

    • Barber- what can I do for you?
      Guy- just a little off the top

    • Ghost prepping Chris Partlow in a barber shop, what could go wrong?

    • Definitely an ambush, the hitman would’ve killed the barber too for being a witness, and the way he walks out simply like that is another reason too.

      • I agree but the witness thing is kinda off, I don’t think he cares about witnesses since he did it in public and in broad day light, either way all these spicks look the same anyway lol

    • Odd scene. After you point it out, does appear the barber was in the know

      But what I wonder most in this is how many of you here get a shave from a barber. Is that really still a thing? Odd too, to see him pat the cream on, no stubby brush? Had he not been slaughtered in chair , would next stop been for a shoeshine in busy thoroughfare? Is *that* still a thing?

      ok back to video. If it was a setup, how did they know he was gonna be there?

    • LIFE PART 10 by bad jonny

      Life, There is no point
      Look at how many died today

      And if those cunts could come back
      Would they live a different way?

      They were born back in time
      But not the same as yours and mine

      Once you’re gone, you can’t come back
      What were they thinking
      In that final attack?

      What qualities
      Did those cunts lack?

      Were they ‘on the ball’
      Or getting slack?

      Like lesbo Whitney
      ”O crack be whack”

      Were they scared?
      Or did they want to ‘go’?
      I don’t think
      We will ever know

      How can life be ‘here’
      Then gone the next?

      You could be an Arnold
      Working on your pecs

      You could be a curry-muncher
      Sending a new text

      We are all born to die
      Yet none of us know why

      And in that final casket
      Stiff as boards we’ll lye

      Seems to be no meaning
      To a lot of all of this

      Take a seat down at your bar
      Drinking cups of piss

      Now you know the secret:
      Death’s the final act of bliss

      We’re all gonna die
      Like maggots in a fry pan

    • real clean in and out lmao could have used some hijinx though just for a laugh.

    • Nah, i don’t believe that shit. There’s no such thing as your time to go.
      It’s all random or very probable. No such thing as karma, destiny or any other bollux.

    • Clean cut to the point

    • Oh,,, The Medellin Drug Cartel from Medellin. Have not seen, or heard of them for quite some time now.

    • Wham, straight in the occipital lobe! Literally lights out for that guy, that’s where the brain processes vision. Not that he had time to wonder why it had suddenly got dark. If there’s any upside for this shmuck, it’s that he doesn’t have to pay the barber now, that leaves plenty of change to pay the ferryman on his way to Hell.

      Adiós amigo.

    • Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin….Who knew these weirdos could even need a shave??
      Did he ask for a dirty Sanchez hahalol

    • But seriously. ….Does my new profile picture not totally look like that guy from Big Trouble In Little China….When he’s about to explode??

    • Here today gone today

    • Gunpowder instead of alcohol was used to disinfect that man’s trimmed hairs that day.

    • At the start of the video, the Barber keeps looking outside while he’s attending to the victim. It almost looks like he was waiting for something. Then the gunman runs in and out in a few seconds. The Barber then just calmly walks away. The gunman completely ignored the barber. How did they know where he was?

      Those guys outside could have been spotters too. Especially the guy in the white shirt who walks away right before the shooting. He was on a cellphone.

      The Barber could have set him up.

  • Thats No Glitch

    It figures that all mainstream press and multinational corporations would keep promoting police oppression as their utmost priority. They need globalist shills and other Kyle worshipers to assist in Agenda 21 and the ultimate descend to global communism.

  • Groundbreaking study by British scientists finds aluminum, which is present in vaccines, is implicated in seizure development and extensive cognitive impairment including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

    Study: https://content.iospress.com/articles/journal-of-alzheimers-disease/jad200838

  • Ads in Canada Promoting Depopulation and Chine Style One Child Policy

    China is the beta test run for whats coming to the rest of the world.

  • According to the backinfo I got, the video shows members of the Yeico Masacre gang from Venezuela beheading a rival from the Willy Melean gang. The beheader uses a meat cleaver of questionable sharpness, so […]

  • In São Paulo, Brazil, members of a street gang with badges chased and extrajudicially executed a member of competition in drug trafficking.

    Cops are the worst and most cowardly kind of gangsters – they use […]

    • Nice… So do not become a Cop, or Join Any Gang Boys & Girls, as it will Fuck-You Up and your whole life too man. Cause once you join,,, there is no way out but death. So think about what i said before you think that you will look cool if ya join one, as it is nothing but an Evil,, Very-Evil way of life. 🙁

      • Morale of the story.. live in a civilised white country.. not a disgusting depraved 3rd world nigger country

        • @RoyalFlush2112
          You got a valid point, although there are very good people in every Country.

          • No doubt, every country has its good people and bad

            • @RoyalFlush2112
              Cool brother but at the same time i hear where you are coming from when you wrote your comment, as i sometimes feel the same way. I Love to visit many of those Country’s in January, February, or March for their beautiful beaches, Palm Trees and Camel-Toes, lol.

              Cause when it is -35 Celsius in Ottawa, it’s nice to get away from the cold Canadian Winters. But, it’s always nice to come back home to Canada after a couple of weeks away, and back to the safety, and the comforts of home. 🙂

              I Have a couple of questions for you brother,,,Are you a fairly new member here on Best-Gore, and are you living in Canada, the States, or Overseas in Europe?? I Am Just Curious My Best-Gore Brother, cause i do not believe that i have seen you here until very lately.
              Cheers for now,,,
              Andre. 🙂

            • @thedre nah I’ve been visiting this site for years, I just never made an account until a while ago, UK btw

            • @RoyalFlush2112
              Aw,,, cool, another good British Brother.
              I Am happy to hear that after years of lurking you decided to join-up, and make an account with us. Welcome Aboard my Good-Man & Best-Gore Bro! 🙂

            • @thedre how you can be so kind and friendly on a site full of racist and prejudiced?

            • @skulled
              I Like to treat people kindly cause without love,,, what else do we have? So by spreading love, instead of hate, i truly believe that it is the only way that we can/will one day achieve world peace, and a chance at real, and long lasting change.
              Love Ya B G Brother. 🙂

            • @thedre @royalflush2112

              Get a room, boys, and spare me the PDA

            • @princesahel nobody forced you to read anything you filthy nigger lover ahaha

            • @PrinceSahel
              Ha, ha, ha dude, lol, as you must be fairly new here. OI Say this cause i used to always say after i told one of my B G Bro’s that I Love them, and that was (No Gayness) lol. 😉

      • Don’t worry Dre the old cap has the dash cam video, enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9-voINFkCg

      • Hey, i’m somewhat new as well. I’ve seen your comments and they always lift my mood after watching these videos. I hope you and your sons are doing well during this pandemic. 🙂

        – D3aDC00ki3s

        • @D3aDC00ki3s
          Much thanks for the kind words as My Boys and I could not ask for any better. I’m glad that i am able to give you a chuckle, or two while on here with us brother, as this makes my day.
          Welcome my friend, and let’s hope that we speak again. 🙂

    • 6 star wanted level

    • Nuklear weapons should’ve been tested on shithole countries like this..

      • Couldn’t agree more, dunno why they only nuked the japs 2 times.. should of just kept going.. now we have faggy anime weebs.. thanks USA ugh smh

      • As expected low IQ nigger saying something that’s impossible to achieve

    • Some comments here are just disgusting. Made by idiots who judge without wanting to know the true story.

      Fuck you imbecile gringos, fuck the first world countries, I don’t trade my Brazil for any of you, shit dictators.

      Funny how they criticize certain crimes but defend those who shoot you in the head over a phone.

      This happened next to my house, so applaud the performance of the best police in the world, a medal for these men. Able to put a lot of strength from various countries to suck.

      Fuck the first world

      • You sound like such a fucking retard haha

        • Who are you? the prince of england?
          It is just a fat fucked cookie eater who depends on his dad and mom to survive and pays macho cock on the internet.

          • Lol who stuck a cock in your ass? And yes I’m the prince of England, but sadly I haven’t lived with my mommy and daddy for years

            • Lmao! First thing I thought of when reading your rant was someone stole your kite, or you lost it in kite battle

              But I do respect your attempt at defending your nation @faveladasilva Someone send this boy a kite! or return it 😆

      • Damn, poor kid I felt your pain.
        The last time someone call my country a shithole I cried for weeks, you’ll get over it fagg

        • This idiot would kill his entire family for a damn pair of slippers.

          • Pigs.
            What else has in your parents are males fated to give the ass to other males.

            Tell me what’s there that doesn’t have here? A beautiful cock in the ass of every first world country.

            You dirty

          • Shut up, face pussy, Have you eaten your cookies? you useless fat.

          • you are a fat inutio hamburger eater, it’s just a football made in Chernobyl

            • I don’t know if they have these in your shit hole country but there’s things called schools, you should really think about going, not sure if you can read this big word but getting an education is pretty useful

            • I hope you die with a piece of wood stuck in the tail in a Brazilian bathroom.

          • haha, you said right there that you didn’t know there was Internet in Brazil. This just shows how bad the education in US is. Specially geography, once you guys call yourselves ‘America’… lol America is a continent, not a country hahaha, I bet you don’t even know Brazil’s capital and location in the map. Cheers

      • This happened near your house? Beautiful area, do you know of any houses for sale because I’m interested.
        You have everything a person could ask for; gorgeous view of run down boarded up shacks, unpaved roads, filth everywhere, drug dealers milling about on every corner, a murder rate higher than Detroit’s, and the occasional police shootout next door.
        Jeez, what more could you want, my bags are packed.

        • I’m sorry to inform you, but I don’t live in this shitty place, you just have to buy the bricks and make the house yourself no one will bother you.

      • The true story as of late, is the insurmountable revenue lost from your tourism, due to this corona virus Scamdemic. Secondly and I’ll stay on subject, is the fact that profits need to be taken out of the drug cartel business. Yes, the United States has a black belt, when it comes to drug trafficking. This is true. However as an ex addict I must admit, that drug abuse has become a major issue among many nations over the years. But I’ll be honest with you, when it comes to legalization of ALL drugs…

        First and foremost, education regarding drug use and abuse, should be taught at every level in our educational system. Legalization is an option, ONLY when education regarding drugs is it’s first priority. The reason why I believe this, is the fact that legalization ONLY, solves the money/profits issue of drug trafficking. It does not focus on the dangers of drug abuse, in relation to destroying the integrity of a society. By slightly expanding this educational view, I can see how it totally lacks critical thought as well. Fear and anger are usually the result of a society, totally incapable of solving problems. We are conditioned in school simply what to think, and not how to think. The media obviously, promotes this train of thought, simply because they want to sell you the products that your local schools are promoting. With no effort from our educators nor the public to push for critical thought, we’ll always attend our schools under the pretense, that life will dictate on how we live it. (and not the other way around)

        This is NOT to be confused with “thinking outside the box.”

        “Thinking outside the box” most always, comes from a group or individual that doesn’t have, nor bring up any ideas to solve any problems. Their statement is a reactionary comment, and not a proactive one. However critical thought, put’s one inside the box and brings others together, in solving problems that created the symptoms to begin with. However with our educational and media situation as it is, it’s virtually impossibly to bring anyone together, when fear and anger are the driving tool for change. Any kind of attempt to bring a positive change, usually comes from a media that wants to separate a society to begin with. In doing so, the media can promote a certain group, as being the victims of some kind of injustice. When in fact it was the disinformation given to a society, that created the problems to begin with.

        In closing, I understand your obvious anger. We here in the states, are also good at it. Fear and anger are almost but not quite, inseparable. However, fear can keep us alive when danger is present. Anger can drive one to motivate themselves and others, to solve many problems that I find quite frankly, easy to solve.

        The negative attributes of your statement, simply is the result of a set of priorities, given to you by your educational, telecommunication and governmental system. (or lack thereof)

        Glorifying citizen killers who very well may be, the victims of a society promoting this kind of behavior, makes you a victim yourself. However your statement regarding the United States being a first world country, only shows how easily the media and a government, can brainwash a society into non existence.

        The United States has been a shithole for years!

        Due to my generation and others…

        • So the United States sucks? Take a damn ticket to Brazil, you idiot.

          • This is the number one response I always get Zeboool…

            Before answering your question first, please tell me what you like about this country? What makes this country great?

            I’m doing this w/o name calling. Impressed?

            • He has a good point. Brazil sucks way harder than USA, whether you are rich or poor.
              Hitler only moved to someplace that may or may not have been Argentina because he HAD too. Needed a place to lay low after that Allied clusterfuck of USA doing Soviets work for them. Now he lives in an undisclosed location in the countryside. He writes me emails.

            • @coffindodger

              Your comment supports what I’ve already mentioned in my previous post…

              When a nation has become victimized, it can easily find fault towards other nations who in fact, have been victimized themselves. In this case, the United States. What I find quite perplexing, is how the United State’s media, hardly mentions the positive attributes towards any country, we pretty much destroyed. To do this, requires a challenge from others which we should all know, never gets the time of day on our privatized airwaves.

              …problem solving

              So, in order to do this, the United States in this case, would already have the economic, environmental and social support functions already in place to benefit everyone. We can get into the lazy asses on welfare if you like. However, and at least in this country, our whole system is designed to fail. Either through the privatization of our healthcare system, banks or our media, the whole system is designed only for the rich and powerful.

              Brazil is a beautiful county rich in natural resources and tourism. It’s climate, allows them to produce a quality of crops, that few countries can equate to.

              What makes Brazil, as well as other countries substandard, is the fact that first, the United State’s monetary system has destroyed many nation’s economies. Devaluing a nation’s currency by replacing it with our own, only brings economic oligarchy. The Federal Reserve, the World Bank, IMF etc, are all controlled by the interests of the United States.

              He has a good point. Brazil sucks way harder than USA, whether you are rich or poor.


              Of course it does…

              But it’s usually the rich CD, who end up being the beneficiaries of such economic and political chaos. Only the poor are it’s victims. Show me a rich victim, and I’ll show them being prepped for the lethal injection table.

              …or his brains getting blown out in a limousine

              We have no middle class CD. If it wasn’t for the credit card and careless banking, many more would be out on the streets today. Many, are just one paycheck away from being homeless. (or sleeping on their parent’s couch)

              So simply stating that one country is worse than another only tells me, that such said country wants it to continue on it’s demise. Granted, a nation’s demise can be the result of their own careless government. However, there’s a domino effect, when it comes to a monetary, as well as an overbloated military system, designed to keep the masses at bay.

              A good example of this, is our election process here in the states…

              Both parties are equally hated. However many, are convinced that a positive economic, environmental and social changes will be solved, by simply voting “for the lesser of two evils.” (which usually ends up with one party being at fault over the other, making them more evil)

              How’s that working out for ya! Not too well for me!

              If we have to look at other countries worse than our own, then why aren’t we helping them?

              …I have the answer

              Because our country’s system of checks and balances are now, in the keystrokes of the rich, answering to the call of their stock buy backs.

              In other words, they can’t look to the United States or others for that matter, as a barometer for a better life for everyone. Simply, because we don’t have one for ourselves I’m afraid.

              Usually if it’s something we want, we simply destroy it.

              Empires require this type of democracy!

              If we had a nation that was geared to think in the “cause and effect,” instead of the “problem, reaction solution” mode, Tyranny would be a thing of the past.

            • Two things have impressed me about Brazil. First was that cutie pic @undergroundweller shared of christmas scene/town and secondly , when shopping for sneakers I traced super cute pic back to company based in Brazil

              Other than that ,total shithole. Sorry dasilva kiteflying kid

      • Esses viados são um bando de bosta, são arrombados na internet pagando de machão mais na vida real são só putinhas brancas do peitinho mole e gordo.

      • Whatever, you talk your country up all you want as long as you stay there

      • You people are rats. Disgusting rats. Enjoy your shithole Brazil

        • you’re getting confused, Brazil isn’t an Asiatic country, you’d better read a little bit more… anyways, enjoy your fat country, lol you guys are -living balls-.

          • Do they even have books in Brazil? Why are you defending such a disgusting rat infested country like Brazil? Oh wait.. you were unlucky and were born there I’m guessing? I feel sorry for you, you must have brain dead parents if they thought bringing another rat child into Brazil was a good idea lol

            • I’m pretty good here, but thank you anyways. Your commotion isn’t needed here, even because I bet I live a much happier life than yours; but it’s not a competition, right? Hope you find something useful to do rather than saying bad stuff about people’s countries. Be safe.

            • Lol I’d bet money I have a better life, car sales man, have a nice house, phat bank account and a beautiful partner and all the drug dealers I need, what do you do? Kick a football around in a filthy favela? And yes I love chattin shit with people it’s funny af

            • So you mean you have drug dealers at your disposal?
              Haha … Cocaine?
              Apparently like to be impotent not fag

            • Here in Brazil there is a tradition.
              We only do business with the car salesman if he gives a deep throat blowjob with a full load in the esophagus.
              Haha ha…
              We give him a box if he has a hole with a smooth ass and no shit to break into.
              That’s how here they usually have a home and a good life.

            • Yeah, you sit on your ass all day long typing shit about other countries on a gore website. Dont even need to think much to know you are a delusional fat american. LOL.

              Talking about having books while your citizens are proven to be one of the dumbest. No wonder half the world hates your fat asses.

              I’d bet my undervalued money that you don’t have a phat bank account, lives in a average house, owns an average fat american car, and is very (and I mean VERY) far away from having a good looking wife.

              Congratulations on living on a wealthy country, now you need to work 3x more to have the average salary, dumb piece of shit hahahaha.

            • that’s what I said, you guys think there are only favelas here, this is the biggest fun… reading this bullshit when I’m at my fancy and big apartment in Sao Paulo. But no problem, I like to chat shit with people too

            • Lol people take shit talkin/jokes so seriously lol, I’m just havin abit it fun lol

          • I fuck a smoking hot Colombian every night. I don’t really care if other people around me are fat. I don’t live in fucking Ohio where most of those wildebeests roam. But yea like I said enjoy your clown language and terrible people

        • Fodase arrombado

          • Lol couldn’t be further from the truth, I’m not even American btw, you lot are so angry ahaha just because your life sucks doesn’t mean others are in the same boat

            • That’s it royalfhush, I really have to surrender.
              Deep down, all Brazilians know that we live in a latrine, it is no use arguing with all of you.
              As long as the world exists, Brazil will be scum due to its political system, while we are fooling ourselves with our call girls, drugs and shemales …
              Until you find death on some corner.

      • Yikes…..10 pesos says you are wearing white flip flops and using free WiFi on your iPhone 4 to type that shit attempt to smear us 1st world entitled white assholes…..
        That town looks like something outta a post apocalyptic movie…Dirt streets wtf lol…..
        DIRT FUCKING STREETS and you dare to comment….you disgusting peasant…..You deserve a face peeling followed by a beheading with a cheap Mexican hatchet….
        What a disgusting shit hole and you….defending the police….or what do you cholo beaners call them over there…policia lol….Dirt Streets ROTFL lol ….
        You bootlicker faggot Dasilva do everyone a favour and hurry up and die…..And make it a good one.

    • #BackTheBlue

    • So are you white? You must have a nice pink ass.
      Fodase what you think.

      • Have you “been there, done that?”

        You know, it’s none of my business anyway… 🙂

        • Finally a decent comment, however it is not at all exact, and this is what made me manifest this way.

          What else is seen in comments on posts related to my country, in BG are discriminatory, since I know they are unfair.

          Brazil is not even a country that is dependent on tourism since 70% of our tourism is consumed by domestic and not foreigners … much less colluding with drug trafficking, policies to combat trafficking here, they are as intense as in “first world” countries, a heavy crime here is drug trafficking, which took over the monopoly of the pcc in almost all of our territory. Because it is a multimillion dollar segment, making the ghetto a parallel power in the poorest regions. Far from being an ingrained problem in the public machine.

          As you well said, my country does have many qualities as well as defects like any other country …

          But you agree that I have the right to be a patriot, I love my country and I would give my life for him, it is not only the Americans who have the right to be lovers of their country. On the other hand, a car-selling pig drug user must be receiving adulterated drugs and vomiting shit on my country, since the media, also useless, of his country told him what he should think about me and my people ?

          I have nothing against any other country in this sphere, I even consider the struggles and history of everyone else, including because they are countries much older than mine.
          However, it is not a simple car salesman who will step on my fish.

          • Are you smokin crack? Nobody tells me to think anything, I have my own opinions, just because Brazil is a dog shit rat invested place doesn’t mean you gotta be mad at everyone from wayyyyy better countries

          • Dasilva…

            Insightful comment…

            I might add, that I’m aware of your tourism business being mostly domestic. I should’ve clarified this I guess. I’m also aware, that it’s not your main source of economic growth as well. I never stated it was. However my point, was that tourism as well as others, keeps a country’s currency and economy strong. There’s also other benefits of tourism, as it keeps people connected to one another. It creates a condition, where people can exchange thoughts and perhaps , give a little history about the country or place they are visiting. The United States as well, HAD a robust tourism industry in the past. Major tax cuts, along with the Covid Scamdemic, has put a damper on this once was, American past time.

            Yes I agree with your drug problem, as I’ve already clarified this. I might also add, that drug trafficking doesn’t have to originate from the Unites States exclusively. Drug trafficking in my opinion, is an economic breakdown, leading to a social one. Many of your country’s challenges, are similar to the United States. Perhaps the difference, is that the United States has a team of economic hitmen, designed to influence other country’s leaders to accept bribes. If they do, they receive economic and media blessings from our corporate leaders. If not, then they are simply removed from the planet. Regardless, drug trafficking sucks the economic life out of any country. It steers valuable economic and social benefits away from a country’s bloodline, and redirects it to a symptom that a society is forced to bear. The only solution I see, is to connect ANY problem either economic, social, environmental etc, to what caused the problem to begin with? As opposed to throwing money and needless media propaganda behind it. Anyone can generate a feeling towards any problem. Your opinion regarding drug traffickers is well understood. However, it’s almost associated with some kind of breakdown along the way. I also agree with your patriotism for your country, as I’m sure it breaks your heart, seeing problems like this and others, manifest beyond control. However patriotism to me, is caring enough about your country, to find out what caused the breakdown to begin with. Therefore if I may, I’ll fine tune your comment as “You have a DUTY to be a patriot.” Duty involves responsibility. Here in the states, I have a right to own a gun, but I don’t have a right to kill an innocent human being. Therefore, I have a duty (a responsibility) to makes sure this kind of catastrophe never occurs. I hope you can see the difference.

            What else is seen in comments on posts related to my country, in BG are discriminatory, since I know they are unfair.


            Of course they are…

            And believe me, it doesn’t stop with your country either.

            At the risk of becoming repetitive, I’ll stop right here. I’ve already posted the link between fear, anger and other negative attributes, in relation to overcoming any obstacles that a country may bear. I guess the keyword here is “link.”

            In playing card terms…

            One “cause and effect,” will be a full house of “problem, reaction solutions” anytime.

            Thanks for the post 🙂

    • Is that they only explode in close to ignorant person 🙂

    • glad the cops killed that violent criminal thug anyway

      • I am a violent criminal thug myself and happen to take offense to your callous remarks.

        • Nah you sound like you have an IQ higher than 70.

        • You are dangerous behind your shitty iphone that serves to put in the hole of your flabby and obese ass.
          Eating too much burger there?
          Before I am murdered here it is possible that you have a hemorrhoid and some type of heart attack due to your obesity.
          Have a nice dick in your anus.

          • Weird you chose to comment on my physical prowess….I happen to be an amateur all natural bodybuilder and if I may say so I’m pretty fucken jacked after 20 straight years of lifting weights. ..
            Just saying.

            Ps I use a Samsung Galaxy …I’ll send it yer way when i upgrade.

            • Wow Jonny …
              We have at least something in common.
              See, not all Brazilians are so shit … We could take some estrogen together … Maybe that’s why I reacted indecently to so many acid comments to my shitty country. High testosterone can boost anger you should know.
              Anyway I accept your Samsung Galaxy. Once they stole my old cell phone with a gun. You are lovely even bro

    • Anyways. ….Fuck all you cop lover fags for one….And secondly….Anyone trying to defend their shit nest 3rd world countries on here are just idiots….You have no right. Homeland pride is only for us 1st world whites….I live in Canada and the poorest slum here is paradise compared to your finest villas. So just stop. ….Stop trying to take pride in your disgusting rat holes and just do what you do best….
      FUCKING DIE FOR OUR ENTERTAINMENT…..on Best Gore….that’s it….just hurry up and die you bloody refried flipflop wearing gibberish talking fourth hand clothing wearing old as fuck cell phone using smelly food eating covid carrying disease bags….Die for us…die for our entertainment on video so we can mock you and your disgusting country that has nothing ….nothing no resources except exporting your death on video….for me and the rest of the entitled 1st world to laugh at….you silly Beaner how dare you even comment just shut up and Die.
      Thanks take care.

      • Bla.

      • Have you taken your shower today? smelly Europeans!
        enjoy and take the fat out of your mouth!

        • I happen to be a smelly Canadian …asshole.

          • Jonny here rolls some advertisements to encourage immigration to canada. What do you say to that?

            • Hello it’s Jonny from Canada. You still alive over there in Brazil..
              You are welcome over here in Canada….Bring your flip flops and some Yeyo and it’s party time.

            • Shit forgot to say…
              Your country is actually quite nice and I’ve no doubt is home to much tougher people’s. Maybe the estrogen wouldn’t be a bad idea lol…Anways take care.

            • that’s it, i want to live brother. That’s why I came to portray myself, you see how hard it is to live in survival mode, I think that is why we wear slippers, we quickly become relaxed and then we run better. Yes, I’ll take care of myself, strong hug

    • SHITHOLE! The guy filming wasn’t the smartest of the bunch, just standing there risking his life to any loose bullet

    • WASTED

    • Rezende som está a procura de uma empresa que divulgue seu nome ou sua marca. Bestgore pode ser essa empresa.

  • Another one from the homeland of Kyle the Spic, specifically from Caborca in the state of Sonora, Mexico, sicarios from La Barredora set a member of Grupo Delta on fire after an interrogation.

    Allegedly […]

    • Fuck all globalist shills worshiping Kyle Rittenhouse. You’re not gonna get your one world government with the Palestine level police state and China level communism. Deal with it, you rotten fags.

    • Looks like their cop may have been behind the line of fire when he was killed.

    • What A Shitty Way ta go. 🙁

      • When you die from being burned, you don’t expire from the heat directly. Suffocation is what kills the body. When the guy lets out his gasp, that is his lungs being burned like flames to hair. The bronchi was scorched and closed from the super heated air. He’s no longer able to transfer oxygen in his lungs. So the writhing you see is his body gasping for air, when there is no way it will get it. He could be at the bottom of the sea. He’s not in direct pain, the flames killed all his nerve endings. So as crazy as it sounds, he’s now experiencing cold. But his body is fighting for air. His brain will die from lack of oxygen. Perhaps boil in the skull. This has been your science lesson.

        • The excruciating pain from being engulfed in fire would cause the body to go into shock. The blood pressure drops which in most cases the internal organs to shut down…then the latter would fallow.
          Either way….the pain and suffering would be unimaginable in any given length of time…The worst way to die in any situation….

        • @The Captain
          You are so right dude as your lungs are very fragile organs my man. What a sick fucking way ta go dude, no? 🙁

      • I ate a whole family size bag of flaming hot Cheetos in one sitting one time. I didn’t die, but I felt just like these guys!

    • If anyone asks, this is how mexico wildfire started…

    • Somebody call the fire department hahah

    • That guy’s stop, drop and roll technique was shit but, the amount of petrol they used to light him up, I think a fire truck would’ve had trouble putting him out.

    • I can’t believe they can last that long with that much fire and still call out like he did at 0.30 sec. The lungs and vocal cords had to be charcoal by the time he let out that noise. I thought he was finished at 0.50 seconds but he came back for some more rolling before going into the arms up posture.

    • I’m sure he was screaming for a Slush Puppie, but I may have been mistaken.

      • Can’t blame him. It looks like he was gesturing for a tall one.

        • Does your Google engine ever auto-fill your searches to Midget Porn? … asking for a friend.

          • What’s a Midget?

          • That’s Little Person….you ignorant bastard….Now back to watching Burning Beaner of the day 🙂

            • That would be a Dwarf, you illiterate retard. Go away, please. You scare me.

            • Dear Casual Observer…..that’s it pal you just made my list…..As soon as I find a way to track your ip address ….raise some traveling money….recruit a few Mexican helpers…..
              I’m coming to see you and it won’t be pretty. …Your gonna get a full face peel follewed by a good old Haitian castration with balls in own mouth and then its a deluxe chest peel and isopropyl alcohol enema….and finally I’m gonna saw off your rectum and make a key chain with it…..

            • He lives in northern Oakland County. not that I wish to see any harm come to him, just wanted to dazzle with my epic retention skill. Note I omitted the specific city, which showcases my above stated care. But is killing me not to share but the risk of isopropyl alcohol enema is just too severe. I got you, Clark 😉

    • Don’t wanna sound ungrateful or anything like that but it would’ve been good to see them actually get set on fire, nothing can quite beat the screams of somebody becoming a human barbeque, the best to date is the 2 Turkish soldiers ISIS set on fire, that was almost wanking material it was that good.

      • This is the most intelligent post on this lousy thread…..
        Like no kidding how about some fucking effort with a little slow burn…pun intended….I want some more intimate connection with this refried cholo so it feels better to see him burning.
        And perhaps a follow up of sorts.
        Like where are they now…..I mean literally….after a good day of roasting fellow citizens what do these guys do in their spare time…

        • Think they should attach them to a pole like a spit roast and cook them that way, cook them through, every so often keep on proding them with a knife to see how tender the meat is….
          Have some salad prepared, sit there in your chair and just enjoy watching them cook.
          Some of these guys could be chess champions or maybe even good poker players.

    • as i recite
      take this light
      bake in the sun
      can you wait till im done
      dont like life
      why try
      cause its fun
      dont cry
      lifes what you make of it cunt ;)))))

    • There is a longer video but I won’t be a shill and promote their site.

      Video translation is as follows:
      Interrogator: Why are you here?
      Captive: I’m here because I was selling crystal meth.
      Interrogator: Who do you work for?
      Captive: I work for El Durango’s mob.
      Interrogator: How long have you been here and why are you here?
      Captive: I’m here because I was selling crystal meth.
      Interrogator: What else can you tell me?
      Captive: My brothers name is El Nono. And between my brother and I we killed
      Gahel (Gahel Gastelum Álvarez). We also killed La Rosa.
      Interrogator: Who is Gahel?
      Captive: Excuse me?
      Interrogator: Who did you kill?
      Captive: We killed Gahel.
      Interrogator: Where did you kill him?
      Captive: At the Hotel Toxa (Heroica Caborca, Sonora). We were given a ride by Abel in a taxi. The vehicles number is 62. From there we proceeded to Altar (Altar, Sonora). We were under orders from El Chubeto and Durango.
      Interrogator: And why?
      Captive: Because we belong to Grupo Delta.
      Interrogator: So, you belong to Grupo Delta?
      Captive: Yes.
      Interrogator: So, you belong to Grupo Delta?
      Captive: Yes sir.
      Interrogator: Why did you kill Gahel?
      Captive: It was done so on the orders of El Durango because of a car that was sold to him and afterwards exploded.
      Interrogator: Who gives you guys the orders, who gives the orders?
      Captive: Who gives us the orders? The orders were given to us by El Durango and Chubeta.
      Interrogator: Hmm. What other operators do you guys have there in Caborca?
      Captive: We currently have El Nono, La Rosa, El J, El Samantha, El Jera, El…

      • lmfao he was following orders to kill Gahel cause Gahel sold a car to El Durango that soon after exploded? Holy shit that makes me chuckle, but I bet El Nono isn’t laughing 🙁

      • “We also killed La Rosa”… then he forget that later on when naming other operators. Here one day, gone the next. Hope El Samantha makes an appearance soon, either side of the camera will do, as long as it “entertains.”

    • Welp…..I have a funny feeling we are gonna be meeting Mr…Durango on Best Gore quite soon.
      I wish we could vote for type of death…..I’d go for a face peel followed by cock and balls into mouth on fire…..Ghost Rider style…
      Then a nice chest peeling followed up with some heart meats snacking.
      And finish with the pointing of sub par Chinese knock off weapons at corpse whilst laughing….albeit nervously…because you never know when Flip Flop Sanchez is gonna punch Your ticket to the big desert Siesta.

      • My vote would be to stab a small round hole, and glue/seal truck tyre valve stems all over his body, calf’s, thighs, buttocks, under the armpits, non vital areas and use a compressor to inflate slowly, expanding and popping the underlying tissue off , for a finale, one could inflate using acetylene gas and make Michelin man go boom booms. A garbage bag inflated with gas makes one hell of a bang. Or, one could go to work with a high pressure washer, that shit can strip flesh off like paint, clean as you go, is a good work ethic to have !!

    • Putos mexicanos indigenas narcotraficantes

    • You just need to section off places like this from the rest of the world really and just wait a few centuries until they’ve become civilized.

    • Come on baby light my fire… come on baby light my fire…
      The doors song

    • Wow – there’s no quit in this guy…

    • To roll on is not 100% effective to put the fire off.

    • Listen to them laugh in the background, like the evil pieces of shit that they are. They are enjoying the suffering. As long as it is not them or their family or friends doing the suffering, they don’t care.

  • British Copaganda - Counting Police Deaths Since 1680 to Get Some Number

    They need to add up four centuries of police deaths to get to the 1,xxx level, as that’s the only way to fool readers who may otherwise realize cops have one of the safest jobs there is – fact that is consistently proven over and over. This is Jewrnalism at its finest.

  • All Major UK Propaganda Papers Promote Government Tracing App on Front Page

    Be a good, obedient goy, sheeple, and “Protect Your Loved Ones“. Get the trace-and-track app for your own good. Think of the children. Lick some boots and worship the police. Thata goy…

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