• illegalsmile55 posted an update 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    Hi! *waves frantically*

    • Hey Illegal… your waves took a long time to reach me. How are you babe? Since this year I don’t have much time for my friends over here… I’m glad you remember me. 🙂 *waving frantically with both hands*

      • You are unforgettable! I saw you comment a few weeks back, so I knew you were OK. I’m glad you can still pop in occasionally, don’t forget us! I hate when the ‘good ones’ disappear. 😉 take care buddy. <3

        • I’m not ok… I Had to move a few times and now I’m in a hostel been teased by underage girls. I need to find a place soon 🙁

          • Oh you poor angel! Sounds positively frightening! Try not to make eye contact with them, and don’t sleep nekkid.
            Seriously, that sounds awful. I wouldn’t do good there. I hope you get straightened out soon, you’re missed! Meanwhile, enjoy the view. 😛