• This year is the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide, which lasted 100 days (April – July 1994). The man in the photo above (taken by James Nachtwey) is one of the lucky survivors of the Rwandan G […]

    • One major thing is missing from the description here. The reason for tensions root cause is the Dutch colonizers who pitted each group against each other, and chose people to lead the government based on skin color. Lighter skin colored Africans were favored, while darker skinned were subjugated. The Dutch are the ones who had the responsibility of stopping the slaughter before it began. As colonizers, they were very cruel to the indigenous population, they created the foundation for the unrest, and stole what they wanted from the people and land. Then pulled out as if they had never been there and had no responsibility. Almost the same as what happened with South Africa. Many pleaded with the Dutch to help diffuse this situation, but as we can see they flat out refused and the result was carnage.