Juan M179

  • Juan M179 posted an update 5 months ago

    @happy hey man, been part of this site for years and have now been wanting to voice my opinions about some events. However, I notice a good 20 or so users instinctively go out of their way to try insult other for no reason. Not asking you to sensor them, but is there an option where I could just “ignore” them so I don’t see their comments?

    • I am afraid we don’t have such more advanced options at the moment. Best Gore is just a blog with an option for those who read the posts to leave comments on them. It is not a social networking site, although as the memberbase grew, some features that resemble a social network were added. However they are not as advanced as you find on actual…[Read more]

  • I thought about it as well, but they would have shot at that crowd. You can see the minute this man died too. Literally cried out for his mom, it’s a damn shame.

  • I honestly agree. I literally don’t sign in because it’s kinda pointless. If people don’t wanna read the comment section then don’t. I can confidently say i have been here for years. However, I have never participated in discussion….until now =]