• ewestomper posted a new activity comment 3 years, 5 months ago

    Hey @karmen40
    Thanks pal, not doing so bad, batting on.
    Yeah mate, rayf is a sound bloke and I’ve missed him on here along with a fair few others to be fair, @judged springs to mind.
    Nice to hear from you pal, hope all is well your way.

    • yeah, the judge. noticed his disappearance a while back – sent him a message..but no reply as of yet.
      WHAT? you dont miss fightingIrish?

      • I do miss certain characters, the list being fairly long unfortunately. He’s one of ’em that’s done a bunk over the last year or so. And then there’s the set of, predominantly minge, who buggered off to proclaim themselves BG Exiles !!, after spitting their dummies out over a storm in a tea cup. That lot I don’t miss one iota.
        Swings and…[Read more]

        • yeah, still here. Life is tedious and devoid of all hope to be honest. But ive never been the suicide type, so what can ya do? 😉

          • It can get that way mate, especially if your a deep thinker.
            Not sure what the answer is because nothing said is any consolation. Just hang in there bro.

  • karmen40 posted an update 4 years, 7 months ago

    @judged missin you guy!