• karmen40 posted an update 1 week, 1 day ago

    I wrote this as a comment to a couple of guys – but have decided to make it an open message.
    Although it would be a more,..say, “lighthearted” approach to a forum page… A Eurofag like me would be very interested in visiting a forum page that was dedicated to introducing people who dont know much [like myself] to true, everyday, traditional cuisines. Pictures and preferences included would add even more to that forum page.
    IN FACT, forum pages about the traditional foods of the many, MANY different countries that our BG members are from. Would be of great interest to me -and i believe many other BG members.
    Again, common, traditional dishes from members countries – not “jazzed-up” versions of these dishes… just the delicious, traditional, and daily meals that your countries families produce and consume. And again, pictures would be great on such forum pages.
    This forum -in theory- could be “global” with members from different countries, adding recipes/description/pictures to one forum?
    OR, a [each] member could create a forum page dedicated ONLY to the food of their country/nation/culture.
    I mean – come on? who tf doesnt get interested, excited, and passionate over food?