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    I’m not sure if I’m amused. I did feel something reading about André sitting on a bus with a stinger but it wasn’t amusement.

    Anyway, I’m off to fud myself stupid thinking about cocks…. because that’s what us girls do. Am I right, my good veteran BG sister??

    • Oh C’Mon Girl,,, everybody knows me by now, and knows that I Am Simply just fucking around with you’s. Why do you always have to make a big deal out any stupid joke that i say Lady? What i said about you’s 3 was obviously a joke as I Love my wife dearly, and she knows my oftentimes sick humor, cause that’s all it is man. 🙁

    • Are you in the new abode yet?

      Someone needs to learn the definition of a joke. I was thinking of asking him to post a pic of his wife’s cunt here. WTF? @lady-lexis

      • Soon! We completed on 18th September, we’re doing a bit of re-decorating before we move in, we’re not in a hurry since we don’t need to move from our current house. Probably the end of October/start of November!
        Oh yes, we should definitely ask about his wife’s cunt, ask him about his step-daughter’s flaps while we’re at it and if we can get a nice, juicy shot of her spread-eagled. I don’t have the time or inclination to explain to him why he’s fucking disgusting or why the ‘it’s a joke’ excuse doesn’t wash. There’s a difference between joking with someone and making them the butt of the joke. But he’s not joking, he’s never joking. He’s just looking for a reaction, we know this. xx

        • YAY! Are you painting? I’m currently painting the interior of my own house. We built it ten years ago and it’s time. It’s not that fun…the last thing I want to do after painting all day is come home and paint my place…but it is grubby. I had three dogs here for most of those ten years and one of them really enjoyed scratching at the door to go out. Thank god for bondo. I’m finishing up the living room/kitchen today. We also put a new floor down everywhere…it looks so awesome and I’m thrilled with the results, even more thrilled we did it ourselves and saved the money we would’ve had to pay someone else to do it. Best of all, we did such an awesome job, it looks like a real professional did it! If you need any painting pointers…let me know.

          Some people should wean themselves of heavy narcotics, it makes them stupid and forgetful. It’s not the drugs…

          • Yup, painting, new carpets, new blinds and curtains, some wallpapering, brand new furniture, the whole hog! It’s a great house, they kept it in great condition, it didn’t need a lot of work, just personalisation! I’m lucky to have labourers who will work for dinner and a few beers (ie. hubby, mum, dad and my brother, lol). We’re making solid progress on the painting, many hands make light work. It’s about all we can do ourselves though, dad could have a go at the wallpapering but I decided to go with a tradesman for that, ha! We might well need some pointers before we’re done!
            What kinda floor did you put down? Are you going with one colour throughout?

          • You’d think someone who is married would know that wedding rings go on the left hand. Maybe he doesn’t wear a wedding ring and neither does his fictional wife, lol.

            • LOL
              It must be the rubbing alcohol.
              I put down a laminate floor, it was all I could afford…but it’s not inexpensive either. I did but the top brand to try and eliminate issues from cheap products. The materials cost $3000.00 for slightly under 1000 sq ft. (sorry for US measurements). To put to have it put down and look good, it would have been another $1500.00. Just finished painting living room area and now have to hang everything back on the walls. The best part was EVERYTHING got washed. I washed all the switch plates while they were off, window hardware when it was off during painting. I even washed the windows and blinds. It’s almost like new again. Now I have the hallway and one bathroom to do and can call it quits for a while. I’ll post a pic when I’m done! My little hovel. 😀

            • @illegalsmile55 I’m a big fan of laminate flooring! It’s so much easier to maintain than real wood. The former owner of our new house left us instructions of how to care for her “real Canadian Redwood floor” and just reading the damn thing made me wanna replace it or cover it with carpet! That’s a real significant saving you made doing it yourself then, good for you!
              I should have taken photos before we started in our house, I’ll look forward to yours!

            • @illegalsmile55
              Thank GOD that you are using 95% rubbing alcohol for your work.
              Did you know, that using a LOWER 75% alcohol can actually cause a BIGGER explosion? In fact, enough to blow a man through a wall, and his clothes and skin off??
              Higher 99.999% alc. LESS likely to cause explosion or injury. Learn, girl.
              Isopropyl Alcohol -should it be accidentally ingested- is actually better for you internally, because your liver just breaks down food grade ethanol into useless, degraded “nothing”…. While you Liver CANNOT breakdown that super, top quality rubbing Isopropyl Alcohol! and can *ONLY* go as far as breaking it down it Acetone, which then courses round our veins and protects us from ANY plasma attack, which can be [*”THE PLASMA”*] summond from, at any time, any lakes all across the world.
              “Everclear” is kosher too. they dont tell us. BASTARDS.
              Hows that for a random appearance? xxx

        • Illegal ,your laminate flooring narrative read like “Home Improvement”porn. I’m all hot and bothered… @illegalsmile55
          @karmen40 ,you win best cameo appearance for BAFTA Awards of the year. Very true , those using butane,toluene and rubbing alcohol must be very careful to remove all TRACES of those solventsfrom any oils as they are toxic. They can give you brain damage . That is why alcoholics were called ” blind drunks” in the old days. They would drink shit alcohol that had traces of wood alcohol in it which is toxic; makes you blind and brain-damaged.

          I know nothing of cooking up marijuana oils but know a lot about solvents.

          • @karmen40 and @hopingfornemesis

            I just peeled my panties off… PMSL Fucking Karmen…you never know where he’s gonna pop up. NAILED IT!!! Nem and Karm, you are on target with your comments…I know people use rubbing alcohol to make hash oil, but I have issues with it and know that if I didn’t cook off all the everclear. at least it wont kill me. Simple. One issue people have with using everclear is the price compared to rubbing alcohol, but luckily I always have it here. I make a QT of homemade vanilla extract with it every year….then at harvest time I use it for oil.
            I am amazed at someone who spends every waking hour on the internet doesn’t have the skills to, at the very least, check on his comments to make sure they check out. I guess it’s more fun to look like a complete idiot; AND then he couldn’t say loudly to everyone that “Lisa is WRONG!” 😛 I was sure he was going to tell me that David Bowie made hash oil with rubbing alcohol….hahhahahahaha
            To my buddies…