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    @karmen40 I can’t complain, love. Everyone is healthy and happy and we’re making good progress on our new house! Hope you’re good! x

    • @boasp Hello love! We’re really close now, just waiting for some furniture to be delivered so that we can move in, that’s probably coming the first week of November. I haven’t taken any photos yet but when I was there on Friday, I took a minute to just stand at the kitchen window and watch the sheep and cows in the field behind us. It was wonderful! Miles better than the view of the back of other houses that I have now! I’ll get that shot for you when I’m back there on Monday.
      The previous owners left us a wee book with notes about the house and mentioned who the neighbours were, they all seem nice but haven’t gotten a chat with anyone yet. One of them is a mechanic who serviced their car and ride-on lawnmower so he’ll be a good chap to know!
      Getting nippy here fast as well, keep warm!

    • @boasp Was out at the house today and yesterday and it was raining in sheets both days so couldn’t even get a photo! We had a debacle yesterday with a bed that was delivered and was the wrong size and then they brought the wrong colour one today! First world problems!