• livingDeadGirlSuperStar posted an update 2 months, 4 weeks ago

    Merry Christmas hope you have a very wicked one & Happy New Year hope this new year brings you happeness, health & wealth hugs

    • Wow, very sweet. Thanks 🙂 Hope all is well. You was talking about moving… I hope you have family nearby. All that trouble should not prevent you from having a great time. Marry Christmas 🙂

      • STay k you hun my Xmas was very I’ve got what I wanted 🙂 hope you had a wicked Xmas & the new year brings you happiness health & wealth this one evil place to be in. Yes I would love to move out of Cali but I’m afraid I’m stuck here all my family that I had died this year been one awful year glad to see it go! I’m hoping that there is no way for this new year to be as bad can’t get worse the people I loved most gone what else is there? Hope I don’t find out guess I could have my legs cut off and could be best with them they nothing but bone I’m sure it would hurt lol. Thanks for being so kind!. Not used to it been treated badly my whole life for being different I’m gothic was when it wasn’t cool now days posers all over and it’s cool lol

        • Omg dose that need an edit damn spell check is killing me here never mind my leg ugh sorry :'(

          • That is really sad to hear. 🙁
            I should say half the planet wants to move to Cali and you’re lucky to be there 🙂 I don’t really believe in fate but I sure hope things improve for you. I’m not very familiar with Goths, does principles and beliefs change as well? I assume is kind like Emo, but I also know little about.

            • I call emo wanna be goth . Myself I see beauty in all dark things we could not have stars without the darkness I’m anti social go figure after being treated badly by most humans are mean nasty uncaring creatures I would rather not be around most.I don’t always wear black nor do I wear crazy make up I have a lot of tattoo’s do wear a lot of Black and dark purple i try to spread kindness as world is hard enough not much kindness that I see world is colder i think I would like to think I’ve made someone’s day better maybe put smile on their face. All the good people are crazy .Mad Hatter by Melanie Martinez that’s my song given to me by a good friend

          • There are certainly worse songs…

            There are certainly nice humans out there… Indeed is not easy to grow anywhere and times are dark, Cali has many perils but is a;so a great place too. I wonder if you had the chance to see around… but fires are indeed deadly, and common around you.