• I don’t understand bringing children into the world in the middle of a war zone. That any children have been born in Syria in the last three years is a reflection of the poor decision making of their parents […]

    • Why were they wasting their time and energy if it was a girl?


    • She was probably raped in the first place

    • “I hate to point out the obvious, but if each of those 9 Million refugees picked up a rock or stick they could despatch with the 50,000 strong scourge currently raping their country.”

      Exactly right, fuck them and their spreading around the world. All they’re doing is bringing this shit to all corners of the Earth, and we have to accept it, or we are not politically correct.

  • In an Edmonton library a man sits at a table with numerous books about him. He is well groomed, well dressed, And completely inconspicuous. Unknown to other patrons this man represents the juxtaposition […]

    • Two years in Purgatory? He is probably going to be in Hell Forever, for encouraging Tortures and Murders etcetera. by creating this BestGore site, this site is partly to be Blamed!

  • I remember fondly the days of arm wrestling my friends at high school while waiting for slow, fat and emotionally drained teachers to arrive at our classrooms from their lunch room. Our macho tussles of […]

    • I know right…literally watched a man get his head blown off no problem but see this man make a POP sound oooo weee thats gnarly

  • The Quokka is a small marsupial found in small pockets of bushland in Western Australia, the most significant population occurring on Rottnest Island a short distance off the Western Australia coast near(ish) […]

  • Violence begets violence.

    So too does ignorance beget ignorance.

    And of course, apathy begets apathy.

    You are a prisoner within a societal construct specifically designed to limit your natural […]

    • 35 years of fighting a duality designed to make me choose and concentrate on what i think is the truth, Just to realise there is no left and right,, Good or bad,, There is no tangeable reality,, No earth , No universe, Only my inner conciousness holds any degree of reality and value for my human exerience. I now only follow my heart and know that the external world is nothing more than a holographic stage show attempting to distract me away from my own divinity..

    • So true, Tired of the same shit in my my Home-Land and think that it is time to go sailing to the Pacific into the dark blue.

  • Normally I would do some kind of background sourcing to try to work out the who, what, when and where before posting an article, but quite frankly the last thing you are going to care about after watching this […]

  • A man is a complex creature. He has opinions, concepts, and ideals. He is a provider, protector and peacemaker. He is contradictory but always predictable and is an eternal slave to his urge to sow his demon […]

  • Many of us have at some point in our lives considered the situation we are in and wondered what the point of living was. Many of us may have formulated a plan of action, and some of us may have made some […]

  • Much is made of the gender bias of the modern world. We see many examples of a shift in the pendulum from a male dominated western society to one where men are encouraged to de-masculinate. Well, I for one […]

  • One day people will look back on the time when open heart surgery was performed in all but the most extreme of cases and marvel at the crudeness of our current surgical techniques. Many procedures have become […]

    • I wish him a long lasting life beyond existing..
      He just forgot to say how far the territory of damage in hart, what and how much medicine he will have to use for trying to maintain close to proper function which is allmost impossible to regain..
      Cigarettes , fat meat, and generally industrial food that contains lot of preserving and artificial materials
      Are just a legal drugs that approved
      By corrupted FDA to support the group of cooperations that belong
      To the power we all need to fight against..

  • Everyone knows that North Korea is home to some crazy people. Fairly high on the honour list of crazies sits Kim Jong-un. If the stories coming out of this secrets paradise are true, Kim may well be the […]

  • As an undergrad I was privileged enough to study human anatomy with the benefit of real specimens. I say privileged quite deliberately because bodies used by universities come from donors who knowingly gift […]

  • Have you ever considered or wondered where the term Siamese Twins came from? I can’t say I had ever given it a thought. It was just one of those terms that I took to be descriptive but with no inherent […]

  • Tragedies happen every day. But the death of a child must surely rank among the worst events a person could ever endure. It is a loss both personal in the emotional heartbreak, but also offensive to the […]

  • New propaganda gore provided to the world’s media by Great Britain via the honourable state a Qatar has hit the newsstands. The pictures purport to show several men tortured and killed by the Assad government […]

  • The down side of going out and having a good time is that some people will take it too far. There is always some dumb drunk prick who acts like a jerk and ruins it for everyone.

    This unfortunate Dutch girl […]

    • No one cares if you kill yourself.

    • This are stories or experiences i lik to see the most…
      In which country itdid happen to you???
      And what did happen at the end???

    • That’s what happens when European leaders trying to be nice to evills that ren away from their countries , aloud to get in to Europe and fucking children at streets, because the trying to fine employees for low level jobs for low payment, they “forgot”
      That cheap in one way can cost fortune in other ways but not to their children and women…
      Only trying to be nice outside,and busterds inside their country…
      By supporting busterds that saved from being thrown to trash caused by being useless, and now the go rise up on streets in Europe feel as kings…

  • Managing a situation with a mentally ill person is an extremely difficult task. No one could deny this. Especially a schizophrenic where part of the condition means they have an increased fight or flight […]

    • gayguy replied 1 year ago

      biggest load of bullshit i wached the video on youtube all 37 minutes of it and they didnt beat him at all they restrained him , the way ideots went on about it i thought theyd kicked punched etc but i didnt see any of that what obv happened was he got beaten up by others NOT cops

  • If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise…

    Bears don’t mind eating people. Previous encounters have been documented here and here, and one at a zoo, and a story was widely reported […]

  • The Iraqi city of Fallujah is already famous for some iconic, if not grisly images. We all remember the pictures of US contractors, aka Blackwater mercenaries, hanging from the Fallujah bridge after being […]

    • My ultimate hope and goal is accomplished and fulfilled on the day every single USA’s army and mercenaries whom invading , occupying , terrorising, ‘stabilising’ others and any country to be exterminate and ceased to exist outside of it’s own glorious , most democratic country .
      Stop policing and destabilizing the earth or one day God bless and grant prayer of the oppressed and suffering soul by an event every nuclear warheads and weapon for mass destruction Uncle Sam go malfunction and earthlings will become witnesses of the biggest mega nuke mushroom ever and at least one country , the USA is gone to oblivion.

  • Remember the tough guy with the partially severed foot?

    Here is another to add to the family of folk who break skin instead of bone.

    The story with this guy is that apparently he was mountain biking and […]

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