Charles Darwin (aka natural-selection-2)

  • They found the body! Keep us abreast despy.

  • 😆

  • That might explain the lack of chem spraying these days.
    It’s nice to have a bunch of clear days again.

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    Yikes! Ok now 🙂

  • thanks for that. I now understand 🙂

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    Covid-19 Is A Fake Pandemic created to scare us into doing anything/Everything that they want us to do in order to advance their main goal of having a cashless society one Word Government & that’a all.
    Here Below Are Some Real (Death-Toll Numbers) If You Want The Truth, and nothing but.

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  • Hi. @1purple8 . Long time ,friend . Where have you been holed up?

  • Stupid bitch needed a good slapping. My take? She was a washed- up ,one- show actress whose career was going nowhere and she knew she had no others skills apart from call- girl whoredom. Too proud and lazy to do other work and wasn’t willing to be a call- girl. Yes you were right ,Lifejacket was on little boy.

  • I don’t really know what exactly goes on in this video. The star is a woman who looks like she goes around town giving $1 blowjob to whoever. She’s dressed up to match, and her saggy tits are out.

    She’s got […]

    • She’s feeling no pain today. But tomorrow oh lord pass the aspirin

    • Its amazing isn’t it. We in the white west get told over and over again that “diversity is our strength” and yet Brazil, one of the most diverse places on the planet if not the most where blacks and whites have merged into a coffee coloured people, is an absolute shit hole. A lawless violent mess. A Chicago black neighbourhood on steroids.

      Libtards need to be declared legally deaf, blind and dumb for believing that diversity is a strength in the face of such glaring evidence to the contrary and by diversity I mean nigger admixture of course. The only kind of racial diversity these libtard fuckers push.

      • the blame came from Portugal, after the politicians and after the population. I would say that Brazil is a project of a person who did not understand what he wanted to govern. exploitation colony, the abolition of slaves they stayed here and eventually created the slums. the mistake would be the beginning of everything

      • all 3rd world countries are shit holes regardless of the diversity and race.

    • why do you have this prejudice with slippers? hahahaha

      • This frying eater thinks he’s better than us, not only him but all of you who think you own the world. A country of obese and racists. kkk gets to be funny.
        I always wanted to know if you wear sneakers all the time. When I watch videos, they are always in sneakers. In fact you who should be mocked.
        From: Google translator

        • Mesmo assim não devemos nos preocupar, violência gera violência, seria mais um ciclo infinito
          Even so, don’t worry, violence breeds violence, it would be an infinite cycle

    • Dat Whore,,,, She’s Either On Da-Crack, or She Got In To Mamma’s Bath Salts Yet Again I Swear 😉

    • Do you think she went inside to clean up and make him a sandwich?

    • Okay take notes…

      But let’s proceed to the next vaccine.

    • This is how to control woman when they are out of control mouthing off. THis is what it takes. THe caveman werent so stupid after all. You see in america the woman now have more control then the men do with all the laws and regulations. They turned 95% of men into their slaves, simps and white knights as their bank accounts gets drained. Then they monkey branch to another after his wallet is dry. If she was in america all them would be in prison and she would get a settlement for 20 million dollars. Unless your in 3rd world country stay away from woman. They are a mans downfall. THe devil is a hoax for woman to use to deflect their evil onto a fake source. THe real devil is the woman.

    • Never mind the sagging tits, check out those equine teeth. That explains the $1 blowjob OUCH!!

    • She didn’t make enough money for the pimp so she has to get slapped Brazilian style

    • Slapping one of your whores about like that’s surely bad for business, isn’t it? I mean, she isn’t exactly an oil painting to begin with but having a swollen, purple, scab covered face isn’t going to help anyone to make any money.

  • Stupid bitch needed a good slapping. My take? She was a washed- up ,one- show actress whose career was going nowhere and she knew she had no others skills apart from call- girl whoredom. Too proud and lazy to do other work and wasn’t willing to be a call- girl.

  • this is so cute to me! Looks like good people and love look of town is that Dublin?

  • I looked up craic and beneath definition was cute lil video of someone asking people on the street what it means. Cute girls there! No one knew, I don’t feel silly 😛
    Obviously Ireland expression as video sat right below it

    I do not recall Mortal Kombat skit 🙁

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    Come back and address me when you make sense punk

  • Even though only a fool would think bootlickers will get it, I had to start the post with the above image because it really hits the nail on the head.

    In Portland, Oregon, the tyrants shot an unarmed, […]

    • If all protesters were armed this wouldn’t happen, WE HAVE THE 2ND AMENDMENT FOR A REASON TO PROTECT US FROM TYRANNY end of story

    • Where is everyone? Scary aint it
      Just went to look this up and it should have been top of newsfeed in Oregon. Nope! I only see it in The Sun and DailyBeast . Oregonlive however features this headline

      “Black photographers  capture history at Portland protests” with this moving opening paragraph ..They were all lying on the ground. Thousands of protesters were spread out across the Burnside Bridge, stomachs to the pavement in memory of George Floyd and his final moments. Mariah Harris, 29, moved through the crowd, aware she was witnessing history and that she had to capture it.

      We are headed into racewar. It is in the air now. Something massive is going to go down. You feel it in the streets. Between the covid, the cops, the blacks and the election.

      It is horrid thought but I find myself fearing Trump will lose. For as fucked as we all are now could you imagine Democrat in there? I don’t know what the answer is. Nor do I really want to see what goes down if Biden loses. To say I am concerned is understatement

      Post is disgraceful.

    • Angela Merkel is now running as Bidens replacement my god …

    • “As documented thoroughly at Best Gore, being male and being white makes one a prime target for police brutality.” and being a rioting protester doesn’t help…? (you neglected that part!)

      • Standing motionless is rioting in a bootlicker’s eyes these days? As is ignoring that it’s agent provocateurs on police payroll who loot and riot?

        • maybe next time a hug and kiss on the cheek will suffice…?

          • Ever wondered why nobody ever made a song titled “Fuck the Fire Department”? Or is that too much for a bootlicker to understand?

            • I guess since someone made/titled a song means that I must believe it because it MUST be true….. Or is that too much for a hate monger to understand??

          • when I see “agent provocateurs on police payroll’ aiming their weapons at me and choose to remain, chances that they are not going to place a blue rose on my person is rather scarce… There are trigger happy “agent provocateurs on police payroll” just as there are rioters in a peaceful crowd…. at least that’s what most of your videos prove…? Just say’n…

        • Vincit Omnia Veritas…

          Especially during this Cv-19 Scamdemic…

          The protestors will be the last in line, to receive this untested vaccine from an unverified virus. The rest? Well…

    • I have no pity for an injured Antifa terrorist

    • Wasn’t that a scene from a cheesy movie from 80’s? Shouldn’t expect anything less than a blast to the face in an age where everyone is a critic.

    • Let the bodies hit the floor let the bodies hit the floor!! WAY MORE FUN to shoot and watch them suffer in pain then cap their snowflake ass!!

    • Antifa (just the irony of the name makes my blood boil) of any color can FUCKING SUCK IT

    • @happy

      Mark. Police brutality aside for the moment I would be happy to have a discussion with you at some point, perhaps in the forum section, as to where you stand on the ideological fight going on at the moment.

      I arrive at the above due to the nature of the protests in question, of which this footage belongs. We can however both agree that police brutality is wrong and to give it permission one-way to spite the opposition is to see it returned back at us and ergo tie ones own noose.

      Still. These current BLM protests have been merged, willingly or otherwise, with Antifa and the far-left modern day version of Marxism with the emphasis removed from the white working class struggle and replaced by the new fighting class, the “minorities”, and their desire to destroy whiteness white people and white culture in general. I.e. The “oppressors“.

      Add to the above the LGBT groups with their 545 plus genders and their denouncement of biological science in general and other subversive shit we whites are under attack from daily it is quite clear that we are in a cultural/racial/cultist war of sorts in which these protests(riots and looting, once blacks get involved) take form and are expressed.

      It is not just a simple matter of police brutality then to most people but a case of ideological purpose and reasoning juxtaposed in separate argument to that abstract.

      • As soon as you talk about antifa which isn’t a group, there is no membership. Then say Marxists are trying to something to the white working class, in no understanding of Marx is there a white working class. There’s just the working class. You cannot defeat the ruling class with your little sect. It’s delusional to think you could. Absolutely the BLM movement is intertwined with Marxist thought. Which is why BLM protested for Daniel Shaver. There is no understanding of marxist thought where you pit working people against each other. Your boss likes that. Very simple question from the Marxist perspective. Do you work for a living, or do you profit off the labor of those that do.

        You may here people mention upper middle class, professional managerial class, but to be clear, those are the mindsets of those people, they seperate themselves from the working class. I mean it’s pretty clear you’ve never interacted with any of this, and the only thing you’ve ever heard about is not what Marxists say, but what people say Marxists said.
        Id suggest for an actual clue on these topics “Richard Wolff” or like just do the audio book version of the communist manifesto by Karl Marx. People will way read capital and maybe this is just me, but unless you like, know economics and shit, and are really into dialectics, it’s a fucking chore. I had read it when I was like 22, sort of thought I understood, but it wasn’t untill 33 and I read it again that I realized I hadn’t even almost grasped most of what was being put out.

        White working class is the language of the republican and democratic parties. Not the Marxist.

        • “As soon as you talk about antifa which isn’t a group, there is no membership. Then say Marxists are trying to something to the white working class, in no understanding of Marx is there a white working class. There’s just the working class“.

          Sorry boy, you are not fooling anyone. I’ve been alive too long to not see through your shit. Nice try though kid.

          You are targeting whites and you are neo-Marxists. Why lie when you are so utterly transparent?. You just end up looking stupid to everyone with half a brain.

          Forget Richard Wolff, try Douglas Murray for a modern day look at how things work kid and yes Antifa is a group ideology and identity boy. Grow up for fucks sake. Your take on things is embarrassing for a man of your supposed age. You sound like you are 12.

          • Also, the fact that Marx was openly racist to everyone but whites and often stated his preference for his own race makes me think that you have never actually read the man, you are just regurgitating him like every other libtard.

    • Que loco, del otro lado del charco sufren la brutalidad policial mientras que en Latinoamérica los malditos delincuentes nos matan y la policía no puede hacer nada. Podríamos negociar un cambio, les damos a nuestros delincuentes asesinos y ustedes nos mandan a su policía salvaje y represora . ¿Qué opinan?

      • Si tuviéramos policías como ellos no estaríamos sumidos en la delincuencia. Lamentablemente los gringos no son agradecidos del país que tienen. Hay gente que está dispuesta a morir por llegar a USA… aún así los gringos se quejan… nada que hacer..

    • I don’t often find myself agreeing with much of the screeds that come with the posts, but I will say, at least I can fucking make a through line out of the different things you say. Your not constantly contradicting yourself one opinion to the next.

    • It doesn’t matter if you believe in the protesters cause, or outright oppose it. If we allow the storm troopers to harm nonviolent protesters, then when it’s your turn to stand up for what YOU believe, you are going to be harmed. These bastards have sonic weapons that can stop actual rioters and looters, but they rarely use them. They want violence and destruction, so they can justify tighter restrictions, and erosion of the people’s liberties. They have agents on both sides flaming the fire, so they can eventually step up, and provide the solution to extinguish it.

    • This isnt going to get much attention because he is white. Majority of protestors are lead to believe this is an issue of racism and not police brutality. This belief will be held as long as social media platforms and MSM news outlets keep throwing these deaths under the rug unless it happens to someone with brown skin.

      • ya if it was a black guy then it would be kill whitey blm. Its all part of democratic agenda. They don’t care if white person gets hurt or talks about it cause then it makes it look like police aren’t racist and that they also hurt white people. THey just want to paint that picture that whitey is racist and they are racist to black people so they can get funding for blm and george soros makes money. THat kid got a wake up call his protest means nothing if it doesn’t follow the white cops are racist to black people agenda. And he got a wake up call how brutal things can be when you want to be protestor.

    • This gave me a happy warm feeling. And some afternoon wood.

    • man, john cusack got fucked! poor guy.

      tbh, i kinda hope they would blast all those “peaceful” protestors in the dome. buncha morons.

    • I would love to fill a super soaker with pepper spray and urine and make the sky rain red on those dumb honkeys and queers

    • THere is nothing peaceful about protesting. Its just an asshole who hasn’t been knocked on his ass yet trying to act like a tough guy to fit in with his friends. Then reality sinks in hes not as tough as he thought he was when hes coughing up blood.

      • “Nothing peaceful about protesting”. Ewe are a sheep on a whole nother level. Personally, I don’t have a problem with violent protest. It’s about time.

    • “PEACEFUL protesters” hahaha

    • Mark must be a saint, because a lot of you are fucking hopeless. I just don’t have the patience. I would have packed my bags a while ago.

    • One piece of shit shot another piece of shit. The piece of shit victim shouldn’t be fucking around in a protest because it’s going to mark you out to the filth, especially if you’re directly goading them, play stupid games etc. The piece of shit copper should be chucked off of the force and charged with attempted murder, firing a baton round directly at someone could very well kill them and they fucking know it. No good guys in this scenario.

      And the medics? Don’t make me laugh. That just a couple of kids with red crosses made out of electrical tape stuck to their clothes playing doctor. Those two fucking tossers were probably sporting a semi every time they got to stick a plaster on some antifa wanker and had their little fantasy validated. Filth have got enough to deal with without two Larpers getting under their feet and supplying aid and succour to their enemies, no matter how ineffectual they are. Still, it’s a win for the role players, not only are they seen to be “healing” the injured but they’re also the victims of police brutality. JACKPOT!!! They no doubt skipped home together like happy little bunnies and engaged in vigorous bum sex to celebrate. Take that Nazis!

  • On the Asunción-Itauguá highway in Paraguay, a car reportedly invaded the oncoming lane, causing a headon collision with a motorcycle. The biker died embedded in the car’s front windscreen.

    The incident h […]

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