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    Vincit Omnia Veritas - "@theprotocolsofzion can you try now if you see any strange behavior? Email me: bestgore [at]"View
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    African Angel - "Covid19 a hoax"View
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    PseudoSubduedDude - "@thedre Hi… I think we crossed in the mail… LOL!!! Just dropped by to see if you were home!!! Will keep trying the next coupla nights!! Miss you!!! ~~Donna"View
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    luckyaa - "@amstoki I don’t know if I’ve said it before,but I like those elf ears."View
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    IP Config - "@thedre Hey bro, I was thinking about your fund raising post. Can I send Mark a pc like a laptop? Won’t be top notch but it will work. I work in IT as I think you know. And I build lots of pc’s for clients and […]"View
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