• In Bucharest, Romania, a naked man jumped from a balcony of what looks like a third storey apartment. He landed on a parked vehicle on the street, and somehow survived the impact.

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    • The paramedics are pussies; if I was a paramedic, I would be sedating any mental ill patient instantly. They had their chance after he fell.

      • Oxycodone makes for a really good sedative, hehe.

      • That’s a great idea. Sedate someone immediately. And if he already has other drugs in his system, you can save a bundle in medical costs because you’ve just killed your patient.

    • ACAB Indeed Mark,,,, as this mentally ill guy should have been aproached with white gloves sort of speak and get him the medical help he needed, instead of just finishing him off like an Animal,,, FUCKERS!.

      THEY WERE PROBABLY PLANNING IT ON THE WAY DOWN FROM THE ELEVATOR, & SAYING LETS *JUST PUNCH HIM OUT GOOD AND QUICK, AND PROBLEMS OVER, LOL.* Bastards! Sorry for the all-caps forgot to switch over after Bastards as it (the story),,, well,,it just had me fuming. 🙁

      • Unfortunately in this world if you are a male and suffering from mental health issues, no one will give a fuck about you. It’s the reason men have the highest suicide rate in the world, yet women want to still go on about how they’re oppressed and shit. Meanwhile, all they have to do to ensure they have money is a good plastic surgeon, makeup, onlyfans and of course the spread of their cunt. The devil wears a thong and has breasts, people.

        • @Chaos
          Well said, and so darn Sad,,, But true! 🙁

        • That’s 100% true, nobody cares about us just because we are males, all the fucking attention and health care money goes for women, pathetic and unfair world we live in

          • If God exists, he definitely created Earth for us to suffer and maybe for his own amusement. What a joke.

      • I’ve had a few neighbors who I wished had done the same thing.

    • He had a tiny dick, and he was gay, that’s why he jumped, the retard never figured out that he was gonna land on the vehicle, my only concern is… is the vehicle ok?
      Idk why always a fucking skank has to scream, she probably never met the fucker on his life, I would laugh at that stupid loser instead.

    • He couldnt stand the stinking gipsy neighbours anymore.

      He threw away all his clothes and took a shower.

      But still the stench was unbearable so he solved the problem.

      New tenants moved in who are stinkers themselves.

      The End

    • Did anyone else get a sudden shiver up their spine once they zoomed in on his legs? My God that’s some gnarly shit right there…

    • I’m drunk as fuck at the moment but I didn’t see any beating of him by the police. All I saw was medical men setting up aid for him and the police holding him down as he kicked and struggled. Had the beating took place why wasn’t it recorded by the observer like the rest of the footage was up until that point?. Why stop there? Why not record the beating and thus evidence it?.

      Anyhow. Sorry to say this Romanians but Western Europe doesn’t have the best impression of you. Not the average Romanian person’s fault I know but the vast majority of Romanians that come over here and make the news are thieving cunts and criminals in general.

      These types may be gypsies and the like but they still fly the Romanian banner and represent you via their birth place and nationality.

      I remember when Romania used to be well known for hard work, discipline and sporting excellence. The Romanian gymnastic team for example was always both admired and feared at the exact same time.

      I personally blame the EU Freedom of Movement Act because it came with no qualification for admission whatsoever thus we received all of your scum along with the rest of you and guess who makes the news most?.

      If immigration was controlled then like any other sensible sane non-European country Romania would be seen in a far better light as per their invited contributors.

      As it stands now though you are what we invited and this will continue to be so until we put in place standards for admission. In other words, Romanians will always be seen to be thieving cunts and criminals until such people are excluded from the EU Freedom of Movement Act.

      • Now that I am sober, for the next few hours anyway, the goings on in this footage does look a bit odd. I can understand the police being at the scene of a jumper but he was so badly injured and his legs broken that it should have been a simple process to get him on that stretcher and away to the hospital without so many police officers getting involved. The paramedics there were also completely useless.

        Romania. Bless. At least they don’t have any niggers or coalburners over there and for that they get my respect.

        • They have Gypsies. A lot of them. That’s no win at all. Trust me on that.

          • Slightly off topic but.
            Mark would you not think it is about time that I could be privileged enough to utilise the rest of your sites functions..?
            I’m seriously pissed off with only the comments section Playground.
            Also as a few other members have asked me, NO I wasn’t here before. Tho, I’ve been in the background from the get go.
            I’ve truths and information to share that are not yet exposed here.
            I’ve taken this opportunity to reach you as what I have tried before doesn’t seem to.
            Also it saves me writing an email you probably wouldn’t read. Or becomes lost somewhere…

      • If it counts for anything, I still consider Romanians as hard working individuals.

        I don’t see them in such a hard light but I have been out of touch with society for the last nine years. I was caring for my mom so she could die at my focus has been totally on other things…but I still have faith in them…

        probably naive and stupid but hey that’s me anymore

        But if they are starting to be problematic in this world than yeah, stay in Romania.

        As far as Gypsies go, the only thing I think of when I think of Gypsies is horse drawn caravans, tarot cards, jewels, circus venues and men with big….

        I’ve been watching too many old horror flicks lately…

        And I’m basically a bonehead who is rambling on….
        Thanks for your time

    • You can certainly write an error- free essay there Empty Soul whilst off your fucking skull with alcohol. All credit to you. I cannot even SEE the ROOM the PC is in when in a drunken coma, let alone write anything!

      • Well, I am a seasoned drunk after all with years of experience behind me. I have therefore perfected the art of drunken discourse in my time, although it does tend to cause me to ramble and antagonize at times. Good old booze.

        • Well, you did omit the obligatory summary of nigger technology and other such accomplishments. Those are my favorite.

        • Being drunk is the only way to enjoy this shitshow. From Violent Latin America, Jihadi Muslims, Savage niggers, Savage Eastern Scum, it’s a complete mess. But you just have to sit back and laugh

          • No kidding chaos

            This world is a pile of shit as far as I’m concerned.

            I’ve had enough of it as well

      • You should perhaps try some weed my friend…I always find one can write essays whilst being on weed…
        plus you can see the pc..

        Plus you really can come up with some wacky ideas…that perhaps make some kind of sense…

        And you can say ‘plus’ a lot as well

        • I wish weed made me bliss. Instead, it just gives me weird hallucinations and sometimes depression.

    • Camera guy finally started watching the correct ass with 30 seconds left

    • If you’re going to jump, go head first. Some people are just too stupid to die right away.

    • Alan replied 2 months ago

      What accuracy or was he aiming for the concrete?

      • Penisescu was wearing his tennis shoes for a proper launch, so I’m guessing he was going for the soft landing.

        • He wanted to go wearing his best shoes. How does the car owner explain that to the insurance company???

    • He still had a lot of fire in him for someone who just fell three stories. That was some fight he put up with fractured legs and probably other bones fractured. How he could kick with those legs broken like that I don’t know, unless he was on something like PCP.

    • If some suicider landed on my car and damaged it, I’d be really mad. The owner won’t be able to drive that car for a few days until fixed.

      • Imagine having full coverage insurance on your vehicle only to find out when you file your claim that the coverage is not extended to cover damage caused by people falling on top of your car from a height of more than 2 stories high.

    • Looks like the windshield may have been enough to lessen the impact. Any higher, and I think he would’ve been out of luck.

    • That dude just broke his ass, can’t believe that one cop still got right up on it.

    • I was waiting for him to carry out helicopter fidget spinner like moves with his penis before jumping. At first the shadow or sunglasses on his face made it look like he was wearing a superhero eye mask…Haha

      • That’s like a common response when a woman is asked, “what is the first thing you would do if you were a man for the day?” Jump on a trampoline and watch my dick spin.
        I don’t have access to a trampoline but I would probably try it.

    • Wasn’t high up enough. He should’ve gone at 30 story up. Stupid rookie. He has ruined my moment.

    • “Feeling suicidal sir? No need to beat yourself up about it, that’s our job.”

    • 2:02 Bela BUNDA

    • This is Gheorghe Dinca Who Raped and Murdered at least 2 Teenage Girls: 15 yrs old Alexandra Macesanu, & 17 yrs old Luiza Melencu ! But he’s Suspected in the Disappearances and Murders of 11 more young Girls between the Ages of 9-19 yrs old!

      • No it’s not, I feel like you just made that up. A quick search shows this guy looks nothing like Gheorghe Dinca who is an old, grey, fat dude.

    • 7.3/10 for the jump

    • It was fascinating to watch the paramedics here. They could not have been involved in the agenda of the police to encourage this mental case to jump, but as you watch them at work, it’s clear their total focus was on getting their equipment out, but not in any particularly Super urgent fashion either. They kept away from that guy as if he was highly radio active or infected with Ebola disease. It was crystal clear that they had zero concern for him. Sedating him was his best chance of survival or at the very least reducing his stress and suffering.

      Is this Just another example of the seemingly vast spectrum of human empathy that spans different cultures? We all see how accident cases are treated in Africa/ India etc and now even Europe, Romania!

      Not a country I know well, but I suppose the Romanian gypsies thing colours our view of Romanians. I was struck whilst watching the body language of everyone in this scene, that if you subtract all the Different kinds of Technology, fabricated metals, Safety glass, plastics, the integrated circuits and Lithium power source etc etc, you could definitely see the hairless apes at work here. I suppose that’s what we are fundamentally, hairless apes that have “evolved“ but certainly not in any kind of Precise and uniform way when it comes to empathy and compassion.

      If an ape with mental issues jumped out of a fairly high tree on a hot African day to get away from the others who went up there to fuck him off, and he hit the ground and survived, I bet we would see a Generally similar level of ground movements, with hunched disinterested individuals circling around, combined with distant staring and all capped off nicely with a final violent group hunched over, pulling and tugging on the body to get it moved, eaten or whatever. (Minus the stretcher and police pain inflicting equipment of course! )

      Maybe I’m doing our Primate ancestors a disservice here. Maybe the ape of the distant past would have faired much better than his hairless counterpart of today, with much empathy and gentle concern shown?

    • I feel so sorry for the car…

    • Breaking bad gone wrong

    • I wonder if there’s a bestgore server on discord..can anyone send link if there’s one..

    • I don’t mind him smashing my windscreen
      I do mind the brown skid mark down the middle, though
      Mop n bucket to isle eleven, please

    • 2.0 – Difficulty

      1.0 – Mid Jump

      6.5 – Landing

      10.0 – Having much smaller dick than mine

    • Human are ment to be stupid… They help those they should not..
      And hurting those they should not
      He bring no use to any one ..
      Even his parents suffering..
      Hitler was partly right …
      Otistic child will take all power and resources away from all around without any use…
      That’s why nature turn them to kill them selves…

    • hahaha idiot..
      i belive he can fly… he belive he can touch the sky…. la la laaa

    • Now that’s a windscreen wiper.

    • ive heared someone yell “allahu akhbar”

      btw… that woman from another building the same floor is hot

    • It blows my mind that dude even survived the jump

      Buddy has some kind of krypton shoved up his ass or sumpin..

    • Get the Mo-Glasses out cha asses

    • I hear he only got the wind knocked out of him.

    • Good to know if i fail a suicide attempt the cops will finish the job for me. Love how they block the view best they can, while making it look like he could be getting medical attention.

    • I would commit suicide if my dick was that small. For fucks sake, its like the size of a baby carrot!

    • nice dick B)

    • HM replied 2 months ago


    • Yeah my friend sent this video to me cus he knows I like naked guys…I mean gore

    • At FARMERS we know a thing or two cause we seen a thing or two.

      Yea hi I have a guy laying on top of my fuckin car and shattered the whole window. Have you guys ever seen that?

    • Man with hole in pocket wakes up feeling cocky.

    • if it was a normal dude just that type suffering some delusional shit or depression, he’d die instantly, but in this case is a crazy dude doing his craziness and survives, with broken leg but survives. It’s like even death isn’t up for shit heads.

    • He survived that jump but at what cost? Gets beat up by a bunch of cops lmao

    • RIP to the man

    • waste of a good car

    • That was badass. Not gonna lie, that was badass.

    • Oh the irony. Jump off building to kill yourself, get beaten to death by cops trying to arrest you for the suicide attempt.