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    Hi… I think we crossed in the mail… LOL!!! Just dropped by to see if you were home!!! Will keep trying the next coupla nights!! Miss you!!! ~~Donna

    • Hi sweetheart how have you been?? It’s so nice to speak to a genuinely kind, and sincere person right now you have no idea. I Am so sad, and down lately i wish you were nearby so i could get a nice warm hug from you. 🙁
      But i will talk to you tomorrow if it’s ok cause i have to get some sleep. I Just took a couple of Ativan in order to get some sleep, something that i have been doing every night lately, just to shut my mind off, and get some much needed sleep , and rest for this old, and tired heart of mine. And I’ve been asking, or more like punishing myself lately, as i constantly continue asking myself Where I Went Wrong,,, You Know??
      I Love You Girl, as you truly are a good friend, and confidant that’s “Always” been there for me. You are the only one that’s been able to put a real smile on my face lately. 🙂 I Will talk to you soon my little Angel, as i am now seeing a blurred screen, and will crash hard, as a result in a matter of minutes 🙂 Man i wish you were here with me, and right now. 🙁

      • Ahhhh… sweetest Andre… So very sorry that you’ve been down… I would give you a big, warm hug and a squeeze and ask you what has been going on in your heart and in your life…to make you so tired. Trust me, we’ve all felt that “Jesus, I feel older than a dinosaur and twice as tired as a T-Rex. I think just the absolute gone to shit state of the world right at this exact moment and and so many of these deaths that the morgues and funeral homes can’t keep up make us sit down some mornings with our hot cuppa joe and go honestly… What in the holy poop is going on here?? So sad and depressing… Can’t reach out to anyone but your immediate family… And not even them if they have Covid-19 or have tested positive. It’s all a bit heart wrenching at times and feels like a burden we can and should help our fellow humans carry. Just when I think I love my Chihuahua more than most humans I meet… I see examples of all of these beautiful, brave, selfless doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, janitors… From the highest positions… To the very least… Coming together to help each other and complete strangers out.. Holding the hand of someone breathing their last few breaths because no family is there and NO ONE wants to cross over completely alone. So, although I don’t know exactly what that heavy burden is on your shoulders, as a good friend and fellow human, it is my direct and imperative responsibility to find a handle on that weight and help you to carry it… Or at least lighten it up a bit for you… Ease your mind… Calm that sweet heart of yours….as I close this, please know I am just a message away and I will be looking high and low for you…. I am here, Andre… Worry not… You are never, EVER alone, my precious, precious friend and confidant!! Until later ~~

    • Good Morning,, i just woke-up still drowsy, needed a glass of O.J. while quickly checking my messages Before heading back to bed, lol. Man i’m tired Girl. I Will message you as soon as i am fully awake (after a few more hours) of much needed Zzzz’s. Have A Nice Morning, as it looks nice, and sunny outside. 🙂