• monster eye and Profile picture of hydehyde are now friends 1 year, 11 months ago

    • Nice fucking steel bro, what kind is it, and what cal. does it shoot???

      • AR-10 7.62×51 and .308

        • Cool brother,,, gotta love it, my man. In Canada we are not allowed to have these. I have a 30-06 & a 7.62×39 Russian SKS. That is about as bad-ass as we can get.

          • I love those weapons. I grew up with a 30.06.

          • My friend has the SKS, nice piece.

            • Right on my man. I did not know how popular the 30-06 was in the States. But yea, mine is a Remington Bolt Action, and man-oman she is so incredibly accurate. As for my SKS, I purchased it from my local Le Baron Sporting goods store right before they closed their doors, after being around for 35 yrs. I was saddened when they closed, as i grew-up shopping at this store for all my fishing, hunting & camping supplies, and they had incredible service, and quality goods. But shortly after the massive & new Sail Superstore opened, they could no longer compete with this retail Giant. I paid $220.00 for my Russian, (not Chinese made) SKS and in mint shape. I am extremely pleased with this semi-auto, 7.6mm beauty. But it still is no match whatsoever to your kick-Ass AR bro.