• monster eye posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    @thedre got back on top. You da man!

    • Hey Man,,, long time no speak, my B G Brother. Hope that Life’s been treating you good?? Every Time that i look at the standings i think about you bro, wondering when you’ll pick-up the pace a little, lol. Cause you’ve been up there with Me For So Many Years, That Things Just Wouldn’t Be The Same Without Seeing My @monster eye buddy up there with Me. So, as weird as this may sound, i Would Hate To Lose Ya,,, You know what i mean eh? 🙁
      Yea,,, I Just Got Real Bored On One Of Those Very Rare, But Slow B G Posting Nights, And *Bingo* I Could Not Help Myself But Get Back In The Race For Top Spot. You know,,, After Ten + Years Of Doing-So, It Became Habit-Forming, and For Myself,,, it’s like This Kinda Mindless Click Game That You Just Do Without Even Thinking About It, lol. I Know it sounds Stupid but it is the honest truth bro!

      And What About You, My Good Man, You’ve Been Stalled For Awhile, Come-on Buddy,,, Giddy-Up, lol, like they say, and get back on the Saddle, and get back into it, as i want “You” to stay up there and keep moving-up bud., Cause We Have Lots Of History In This Department, So Don’t You Go, And Leave Me Now! 🙂