• PIGgray posted an update 3 days, 20 hours ago

    In the last month, I lost both of my Beagles. The first one was put down because she was 15 and I was expecting her to pass. Exactly 10 days later, my other dog who was 8 became very sick so I took her to the vet. The vet came out and asked us if we wanted to put her down or if we would like to pay approximately $7000 to give her a 50% chance to live by giving her fluids and meds in the hospital because she was “shutting down” from her blood platelets being attacked. How, why? I had no choice, I couldn’t afford the money being on disability and I didn’t want her to suffer so I made the most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make, I had her put down.
    My 2 best friends are gone in an instant. There’s no God and my life proves so. Sure, Job had it tough but that was a story, this is my shitty life.
    I’m heart broken and devistated.

    • I am sorry you have lost your two best friends Mr Pigray. I hope time helps you heal and maybe one day you will make two new best friends to ease your day.

      • Thank you friend. One day maybe I’ll find another dog that God can kill early in it’s life to continue fucking me over.

    • @sanbeagle – PIGgray
      Please accept my condolences on your loss.
      For many people – the loss of a dog is underestimated in regards to how devastating it is for the owner. Losing two dogs in such a short amount of time must have destroyed you.
      I speak from experience. When my beloved dog died in 2012, my world literally fell apart for a long time. For the first three weeks, i couldnt and didnt speak to anyone.. the odd nod of acknowledgement when being served in a shop was the nearest i got to human interaction. Do not get me wrong – i had people around me who tried their best, but i just couldnt bring myself to WANT to feel better…. if that makes any sense to you?
      I felt totally guilty, and because of this i felt that i deserved to feel bad [of course it wasnt my fault at all – but at the time i just could not be told]
      Every street corner, local grassed area, every “bark”, EVERYTHING was a reminder. To say i was devasted was actually an understatement. The shock of it happening… plus the really unexpected shock at how bad it actually made me feel, well, it really knocked me for six.
      You are in my thoughts pal… for what that is worth.

      I know you havent asked for my advice – but please do me the favour of letting me offer it?
      Get over the grief first pal, get over it before you make any decisions about getting a new dog. I realize that you will get another dog at some time…that is a moot point. But knowing that you are an animal lover, means that you know what a huge commitment getting a dog is. I am by NO means suggesting that you are not capable of stepping up to this – but i really think that such a huge decision like this should be made when your mind is clearer.
      I hope you take this in the sincere manner in which it is offered

      And please take a breath when reacting to any “…it was ONLY a dog..” type people and comments. These comments are made usually by folk who have never owned and loved a pet for so long, and therefore cannot comprehend the immense pain you are going through.

      My best regards to you mate, truly.