• PIGgray posted an update 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Summer is almost here!!!!! Two months sober and got a new beagle. Life isn’t bad all the time I guess.

    • despy replied 1 month ago

      it is really good to see you @sanbeagle

      • Thank you for this!! Life gets tough at times and when you think no one cares someone posts a message from out of the blue to let you know the opposite of what you were thinking (on BestGore no less lol).
        Seriously, it really made my day and I wish I could give you a hug.
        You made my day something special.
        All my love and respect to you old friend.

        • despy replied 1 month ago

          who are you calling old? 😛

          I am sorry I didnt reach out sooner as I’ve seen you bopping around for days. glad I could bring smile to you

          you are a really special fellow. not to be all weird but there is something inherently and quietly special about you. you have a true purpose, I hope you figure it out one day soon. I would not say it if I didnt believe it to be true. you are one of the special ones, hang tight @sanbeagle

          • Thank you for that.
            I just try to go through life believing that everyone deserves a chance and that I’m no better than my fellow human no matter who they are. I’ve met some fantastic people through this site and you fall into that catagory. Love you sister.