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  • In Latin America, two females, one in a ditch and on the side of a road, are dead spread eagle. What better way to land a man than dying with perfect split position.

    Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong […]

  • Cartel group in Mexico behead a man duct taped around face til dead. Unlike, this beheading with no air holes, this man has plenty of holes to inhale and exhale as need be.

    Props to Best Gore member […]

  • Eminem called, he’s calling all Shady’s again

  • In what seems to be Vietnam, a scooter rider drives directly in front of car with dashcam. Inertia takes hold, bounces bike and rider back a foot before falling over.

    The good samaritan law still does its […]

  • In unverified location, presumably somewhere in United State of America, ruff riders slide on asphalt after dog runs in front of one.

    Man’s best friend is at it again, this time running across a two lane […]

    • Stupid dog

    • Man .. I’ve been crapping on about this for year .. Bikes can’t just speed their tits off on a country road, you gotta be ready for dogs, cats, kids, turkeys, any animal to cross your path.
      Serves these dickheads right.
      Lookout next time, assholes..

      • And the string wire. My biggest fear as a biker has always been that someone can pull up a wire which can cut my head clean off, and I won’t be able to see it.

        But in this case, the bikers weren’t THAT much in the wrong. The fucking dog is.

        • I remember I was driving a mini moke (convertible thingy) and next thing this huge bush turkey just came out of nowhere and slammed into the windshield, just where my head would be. If I was on a bike it would have knocked me clean off. And it just appeared from nowhere.
          So when biking, hope for the best, but be ready for the worst!!

          • These riders were riding a bit too fast. The 2 second gap rule also applies to bikers – be ready for any random shit happening.

            That 2nd biker to fall was extremely lucky – he could have got splattered by the truck coming the other way, had he had an uncontrollable skid. Luckily he managed to dive outta the way.

            The biker at 0:18 seems to have slow reflexes. S/he’s just seen the accident and one of the fallen bikers stray into their path, but still knocks into him, lol.

    • So she couldn’t avoid hitting that guy huh? SMDH…

      • I know what the fuck lol, then she acted all surprised when she actually did hit him.

        • How do we know it’s a she? Its a female voice, but that could be the pillion rider not the actual rider of the bike.

          • Because only a she would be dumb enough to drive into the fallen rider in that situation

    • “i never tought that my breakdancing-classes could save my life”

    • Fuck it. That motherfucker is luck. Can’t understand how he skipped the fast moving track.

    • Okay, being the brainless animal doesn’t takes the responsibility away from you. Animal cruelty or not, this dog got what it deserved. Piece of shit dog, must have come from Brazil or Mexico.

      • Dogs will be dogs. It just wants to cross the road to get to the other side. When is the safest time to do it? There’s always fast cars and trucks either way.

        That dog must have got quite hurt, putting out a fast motorbike like that, but it managed to get to the other side. It will probably have serious internal injuries and will be peeing blood, but given that it’s a stray, it may not have its injuries seen to.

    • Knobhead bikers. Well done that dog.


    • I just wanted the dog to be ok ✌☮

    • “No animals were harmed during the making of the accident.” Are you sure? The poor dog looked badly hit.

    • Poor dog, damn American motorcyclists. Motherfucker

    • Hard to tell if the dog was ok, it got squashed pretty hard and skidded off to the side. Hope he was ok!!

      As for the riders…FUCK EM!! Hahahahahaa! I don’t know how many times I’ve had assholes like these on their rice rockets taking up a four lane highway weaving in and out of traffic over a hundred mph. This crash was pretty epic, bodies sliding everywhere!! Too bad the truck tractor didn’t run that one over!! From a rider’s perspective it does suck but fuck em. I can’t stand those assholes. Take them to a race track shit bags!

    • Haha it was funny seeing the dog come sliding back in reverse as though he too was a skate board competitor
      one up against those bikers. Dogs by the highways prefer running and crossing straight over but this one took away the cake .
      The dude managing to hoodwink the truck ; seemed fully alert as he was able to hop away from harm’s way and miss its tyres in the nick of time . Had it been any later he would’ve ended up mangled and splattered as a dead meat.
      Fuck it ! Thank ya so much for biking on the highways like lunatics.

    • Did he just dodge that truck o_0??

    • I Hope that the Dog Was Not Too Seriously Harmed By Those Assholes.

      And I Say This Because,,, Dogs,,, Cats,,, Deer,,, Moose,,, Bears,, Cows/Bulls,,, Frogs,,, Turtles,,, & so on, Should Always Have The Right Of Way On All Roads Especially When they are in Residential Roadways cause they are not lined with Farmers field fencing like you see in the Country.

      And i say that they take precedence on all roads simply because,,, We Took part of their land away & fucked-it up, by putting asphalt on it. All cause This Skidman Crotchman Dude/ess, & his Skidrow-Fagot Friends can fly at 500 miles an hour, Instantly koshering any living 4 legged Meat that crosses their paths. CUNTS!

      And then, If that Alone Is Not Bad Enough,,, These Fucken Super-Loud, And Extremely Noise Polluting *Cow-asaki* killing-machines, (that should be called *Cow-a-suchi* Killing Machines) Fly Down *Stolen Animal-Land* By These Rich Little Gumby-Jew-Fagots that Give Zero-Fucks for any Wildlife, And Therefore Injuring/Killing a Poor Poochie-Pooch in The Process! 🙁

    • Poor doggie…I hope those bikers suffer.

    • I hope the first responders tend to the dog first

    • This jump was unnecessary.

    • the first guy who struck the dog should be glad he wore a helmet

    • I give him an 8.5. He just didn’t stick the landing.

  • In what seems to be Mexico, but not certain, a man is trapped in his car and is burning alive.

    A bad male driver crashes into curb at high speed, causing him and his vehicle to go up in flames. […]

    • slightly seared just the way I like my meat

      • I would like to see you posting these funny-wannabe comments if you were on this guy place, suffering torment from another dimension in smoldering flames. I would rejoice this, throwing concrete bricks with little force to not kill you instantly but to crush your skull a bit so your brain would slowly cook siphoning steam throgh skull cracks.

        • The shrieks were chilling. Anyone translate please? That frame grab thumb nail is a work of art, face presses to glass while burning alive. Hail Satan!
          It looked like his legs were trapped.
          I think he called for mami at the end. Fuck that whore for bringing you into this hell, to burn, motherfucker

    • Man, that’s what I call ‘Reverse Air Conditioning’.
      He shoulda flicked it back onto ‘cool’..

    • Shortly after, he busted out of that wreckage riding a street chopper of vengeance engulfed in flames with a screaming skull of fire as he became JOSE BLAZE: PUTA MADRE GHOST RIDER!!!

    • That was disturbing to watch

    • White vest guy wasted a perfectly good Corona trying to douse the fire.

    • That’s why I like to keep a pistol tucked between the seat and console.
      If there’s ever a good time to put a bullet in your head that ranks right up there with Mrs. Doe cleaning her snatch and getting that ‘Devil may care’ look in her eyes.

    • Fuck dying this way and drowning. I sure hope i die peacefully in my sleep or from a heartattack after a female nurse has given me my daily special wash. Wink, wink.

    • I don’t think the fools spraying AquaNet helped put out the flames. Seemed like they help enrage the flames more…but yea a good blade to cut seat belt would of been best move.
      Maybe his kin can use this vid in lawsuit.

      • Yeah, looks like one dude intended to add fuel. Whatever he sprayed immediately caused a fireball.

    • Was the guy with the fire extinguisher spraying the frozen chips on the back seat to stop them from thawing, keep em cool until he got em in the freezer back home?

    • Wearing seat belt saves lifes my ass. Well, if he weren’t wearing a seat belt, he probably would die during the collision and avoid the horrible, horrible suffering.

      Thanks BG, I’m going to buy a strap cutter and always have it in my glove case.

    • We all like being nice & toasty but he’s just showing off. Idiot.

    • Sounds more like Peru. Smelly, dirty roasted Peruvian.

    • Jeez. A lesson to us all, always carry sharp knives within easy reach in a car, in case.

    • I feel like way more could have been done in situations like this, but ‘stupid’ is amplified when under pressure. React and grab a fucking steel bar, and not spray what looks like flammable hair spray on the occupant in agony.

    • WOW!! A for effort my niggas but Jesus, pull him thru the window for fuck’s sake you’re not gonna get the door open. Sure, maybe he was trapped at the legs but you’re not getting that door open.

      This just happened days ago near where I live and four other motorists pulled a guy through the driver side window. It was pretty much the same thing, the back of the car was going and they had just a little time and they got him out before the rest of the car got going. It was pretty impressive on the news.

      One time a guy committed suicide by torching himself in a mall parking lot in a car. I didn’t go but guys I work with had to scrape the charred carcass from the metal frame of the car seat because everything inside the car was gutted to nothing. He doused the entire inside with gasoline and set it off while people tried to talk to him through the locked windows and doors.

      Any people trained knowledgeable about suicide and the psychology of suicide on here know what makes a person take the most heinous, painful way out of this world??? Is it just what’s available at the moment they decide to do it and get the courage up? Is the method an indication of the level of self hatred they have? There are far less painful and slow ways to go than fire, hanging or even a gunshot.

    • I just thought that why not invent something that is permanently attached to the seat belt that would allow you to cut the seat belt easily if you needed to. I Googled the idea and it’s already been invented:

      The Cut N Go Seat Belt Cutter

      I don’t drive myself but if I did I’d want this on my seat belt.

    • What the fuck is that idiot spraying on him at the end?
      It will probably turn out to be alcohol-based.

    • The piss poor excuse for a fire extinguisher looks like it’s making the flames bigger & more intense.

      Also I get so PISSED OFF when the person filming only films a little bit and doesn’t record to the ending. I want to see WTF the end result of the fiery accident was!! Yes, yes I know death, crispy, burnt alive.

    • That has got to be one of the worst ways of dying, right up there with
      A Da-Silva Style, Dull Butter-Knife Beheading. 🙁


    • That Cameraman,,The Bastard Should have been thrown in there with him, to get better footage. 🙁

    • spraying lighter fluid on him must be fun…

    • What a waste of a perfectly good fire extinguisher.

    • Comparisons are headious.

    • Goodness Gracious, great balls of fire!

    • The only one who didn’t screamed was the burning dude.

  • In unknown country, woman is severely mangled after road accident. Whatever ran her body over, obliterated her to un-walking condition. Middle part of body is mushed in half. Arm is severed, looking like a […]

  • Me too my man. That’s what I got looking up electric slide

  • Allegedly in Pakistan, two workers in an unsanitary work place, presumably a meat shop, experience electric slide.

    Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the electrifying […]

    • The overwhelming stench of curry made them all faint.

      • Similar to how I felt after buying two (fresh) pieces of cod from Aldi not long ago. Fucking things stank like an octogenarians jock strap.
        I deserved it mind you, for purchasing them from there in the first place.

      • To be honest, curry tastes quite good in a decent restaurant (outside of india)

        • I have to agree. Here in Metro Detroit, we have several good examples – only because the county and state boards will fry their ass (just like the video) if there are any discrepancies.

      • Hahaha this shit was funny. Not the guy being electrocuted just the whole build up to it with its own soundtrack. Very solid video. I work with electricity on a daily basis and I am trying to figure out how the heck the stainless tables got energized. Can’t see it, smell it, taste it, but when you’re bit… you sure as heck feel it! It’s electric!! And eff the Falklands.

    • the way he was pulled out and dragged …that was confusing to me….

    • Thats what he gets for having his dirty feet up there.
      Almost snapped his leg dragging him out.

      • Those people are filthy, disgusting rotten stinky pakis. How anyone can eat from their “restaurants” is beyond me. if people actually knew what they are like they would never go near the filth. Actually your average african nigger is cleaner than paki filth.
        i’m glad he got fried. Just a few million more to go and we’re making progress. We do need to make up for the do gooders who vaccinated them against their filthy deseases in the first place.

        • A few million ? That’s how many of the horrible smelly fuckers have been born in the time you’ve wrote that message ! They multiply like fucking gremlins

          • the populations of Bangladesh plus Pakistan equal THREE HUNDRED SIXTY SEVEN MILLION, and this is from areas that have a carrying capacity of perhaps 45 million TOPS. if you truly want to combat “global warming” here is the way to do it: EUGENICS NOW

        • Look at the guy in the bottom right wearing the Yarmulke, he must be the jew that owns the business. Bet he charged shoeless extra for the energy boost.

        • Most of them Indian and Bangladeshi have horrible body odour and they never practice hygiene in food preparation and handling .
          They swindle alot and coward and selfish, and best in backstabbing at work.

        • That was terrible !
          Why kill one Muzza or Curry dead when you can kill all 5?
          And what were they doing all hanging round like flies round a turd watching that discusting Muzza pour shit in that tray.
          Was it drugs?
          And how discusting the Muzza standing on the bench with his smelly foot near the meat/food bowl.
          Discusting coffee coloured pigs!
          I just wish they all got buzzed.
          Where is Buzz LIghtyear when you need him?

      • Those feets would be cleaner than your burger chain restaurants meat

    • They were fans of Duane Allman.

    • The accompanying music was by Erectric Right Orchestra !

    • We’re gonna rock down to Electric Avenue

    • That’s the funniest shit I have ever seen!

    • Ha! Awesome SS! The music had me cracking up.

    • Oh, those funny little hindus and their feeble attempts at running a civilization. They’re like lemmings.

      On the other side of that wall, some guy probably grounded a high-voltage wire on that pipe, and without giving two fucks about it, continued on his business.

    • Put this music is rude at this situation don´t be angry when fucking american cops shot through the fucking head and I´ll put better music tan this fucking gringos

    • Yea it was a meat market @Seraphimserenata & @honkeykong
      And on this particular day they had a shipment then subsequent sale on for Electric-Eel Meat.

      • I love a good fish fry.

        • @honkeykong
          Yea me too brother, as i love good fresh fish also, yummy!
          If I Say that You live in England would i be right brother???
          Cause you know with my memory, that you can tell me
          Something today, and i will ask you the same question
          A couple days Later being completely lost! But yea,,,
          all this cause i was going to say that They are known
          For Making The Worlds Best Fish, & Chips are they not?

          • Close, but no cigar. Actually it’s North Carolina. However there are a lot of people around here with messed up teeth, so sometimes the two can get confused with one another.

            • @Honkeykong
              Ha,ha,ha dude, messed-up Teeth, and England do Sometimes/Oftentimes go hand, in hand Along With Bleach-White Skin, lol. Fack, That Was Funny Man, lol. 😉

              North Carolina eh??? God I’m Jealous as the weather there as opposed to here in Ottawa, is So Beautiful this time of years, as it’s like the weather we get on a Warm Day in May. You Guys will Have a beautiful week averaging between 15 & 16 sunny degrees from Monday to Friday! And Sunday,,, 21 degrees man, with light rain possible, but 21 bud! 🙂

              You’s are lucky.

          • @honkeykong
            Are you a fisherman, or, and like Hunting??
            Do You do any Salmon Fishing in North Carolina Rivers, or The Atlantic Ocean??
            And brother are there any sharks that you can catch offshore in North Carolina??

            • The weather here is all over the place. A couple weeks ago it was sunny and eighty degrees. This week it has been cold and rainy. There aren’t any salmon around here. The closest thing we have is rainbow trout. I haven’t been fishing in years, but I would like to get back into it, if I can catch them for food. Apparently there are a lot of sharks off the coast. Some years there are multiple attacks. Fucking Great Whites have started showing up now too.

            • @Honkeykong
              Wow,,, *Great Whites*??? They Creep Me A Da-Fuck Out Man, and are Things Of Terrible Nightmares for me. And i would never, Ever Swim Out past Knee deep there bro. Rainbow trout are real tasty fish right up there with brook Trout, or Speckle Trout as we call them in Canada.

              And Yea brother you should get back to fishing as it is so calming, and serene to be out there enjoying peace quiet tranquility. It’s actually one of the very best stress relievers, and it’s truly good for your very soul my man. 🙂

            • This happened in South Carolina. Close to our border.

            • @honkeykong

              That was “INSANE” Brother Fucking Insane Man!!!! 🙂 🙁 🙂
              Please promise me brother tat You Will NEVER Go Swimming In That Little Canal With 8 Ft. Bull Sharks, like Holy-Shit Man that will rip you apart in two-Bites Man, Whoa!!!

              Actually, i just paused-it just when his huge mouth opened, and it’s a fucking smaller/younger Great White Brother Holy-Shit Man Creepy Murky-Waters. 🙁

              Well Smaller, lol it was like 7 to 8 fucking feet long dude!

            • You don’t have to worry about me Dre. You won’t catch me swimming in the ocean, unless it’s St John, in the virgin islands. Crystal clear, and no shark attacks. Plus, there are searching turtles you can pet, and reef squid that change colors right in front of you.

            • @honkeykong

              Now you got me looking at scary shark stuff dude, lol.
              Check this kayak-er brother as he fights-off an aggressive hammerhead for ten minutes before making it to the beach shaking like a leaf. I Would Have A Heart-Attack 100% For Sure!

            • Wow,,, St-Johns sounds like a beautiful place brother. And thanks for getting my mind off of deep murky waters that you cannot see the bottom. I Feel better, lol, funny eh? I Love going to what seams like a similar environment, that’s in Cuba. It’s called Cayo-Coco. A Small beautiful tropical Island with Chrystal clear white sandy beaches, and shallow warm turquoise colored waters. At low tide you can walk-out for at least 1/2 to 3/4 miles out with the warm/hot water only being at your knees.

              It sounds a lot like St-Johns in the virgin Islands. I Am happy to hear that you stay out of the Atlantic Ocean where many of the worlds shark attacks happen. Man,,, i would love to swim with sea turtles brother. Do you travel there often, or just once every 2 or 3 years? Cause it sounds so truly beautiful, and like paradise bud. 🙂

    • Grab that Pakie,,, Packy,,, Paky,,, *Waky-Paky* by the big toe, smash his melon on the pavement, and Spill Dat-Curry All Over hat Fucking Place, lol. 😉

    • They over seasoned the meat too. A Ground Salt Interrupter, would of taken them out for good.

    • What the fuck was he doing up there??!?!!


    • I’m sure OSHA will get right on that!

    • If they Refused to let go, none of this would of happened in the first place.

    • Lol what’s up with the song .. funny s*** dang

    • That was somewhere in Pakistan taking note of their clothing and the way they are handling the meat and not wearing shoes. At least the hindus wear sandals and make the women work. They were all bare footed and the one that got the big jolt wasn’t doing a damn thing until show time. What a sad way to live and even a sadder way to die.

    • Eddie Grant could have worked too.

    • I laughed at the video with just hearing the song! Perfect! Lol I’m shocked at how they were standing on the table with bare feet! Serves them right for not wearing rubbers.

      • Complacency got the better of ’em because of booming
        business in turn ya have people disregarding all aspects of safety because the cash registers never stop
        Lucky for them as they both walked away unscathed
        except for a jolt as a reminder for them to be cautious
        the next time over . A pair of flips -flops worn by each would have warded of the danger .

    • This happened quite a few months ago maybe longer. Anyway never get bored of seeing the repeats. Anyone dig out as to why he was up there? Probably ready to piss in the food as they’d run out of water.

    • If the bad electrics don’t kill you the dysentery will.

    • Wow this site is slacking…this is weeks old

    • Hell’s kitchen!

    • This is off topic a bit, but I’ve been traveling lately and noticed every god damned independently owned motel in the USA is owned by a paki or Hindu.
      They’re rude, unkept, unintelligible, and the office stinks of god knows what. But the main thing is how they look at you. Like you’re an untouchable, a thief, trash.
      I could wring their scrawny necks, and envision stuffing beef down their throats while bludgeoning them to death.
      Anyone else notice how these fuckers have taken over the motel industry in the US.?

      • That is what happens when you allow unrestricted amounts of caste- believers into the country.
        No doubt they bought their residency with big bucks and the gov says nothing, eager to fill their now -empty coffers since they gave big business freekicks in taxation.
        New migrants need stringent checking to ensure compatible values and morals. If i had my way there would be mass shootings of current and past politicians of both major parties. A disgrace!

      • Oh yeah. I had a job in south Florida a few weeks ago, and every hotel we stoped in to check on pricing was owned by them. It was all the shitty one’s too.

      • Not only the U.S its the whole of Europe , ya ask me where these paki virus has not taken a hold of and its just the tip of the iceberg and spreading fast through out the globe .
        They are in all sorts of businesses and reigning supreme because the immigration laws are bendable in
        most of the first world nations allowing them to make hey. This reality is an eye opener but the politicians hardly do care as long as they have their way & keep making merry . Plight of the real citizens is unfathomable …….their jobs are not theirs any more cause its them who are there for grabs. I wonder what their presence is serving as except turning the clock to medieval times . Tell me of an educational field they have a contribution to or for that matter is there a figure you can identify who has excelled and done something worthwhile for the sake of mankind .Its some sundry businesses they are with but the nations where they reside now are bearing the brunt and crying wolf but its all too late as the graph is only soaring alarmingly .

      • Have not noticed anything even close to what you proclaim. Am sorry you feel everyone is a Paki or Hindu and that they all are looking at you. Perhaps professional help?

    • The gayest gore video on BestGore

    • I come out of the bathroom and my kids are doing the electric slide

      Nosey Fuckers

      I guess it’s better than that click bait moaning

    • Is this 2077 retro raghead music? And the ragheads themselves made this shit funny

    • This has been used on vermin before

    • Should of worn some clogs.. consequences he got fried or fired ..either way next time he should be advice that if he wants to work on a stage with a pole make sure it’s vertically!

    • Barefoot next to food and flip flops in sight, yeah they all deserved to get zapped. After they broke contact they grabbed him like he was still energized lmao

    • Ifn this don’t kill tourism to Pakistan, what will? Then again, any tourist who goes there deserves what they get. (Yucky-poo!)

    • What they were doing there is a whole mystery.

    • start video..

      hear fucking music…

      stop video and walk away…

      fucking shit.

  • HA

    The way I saw it is, whoever is last is first… I heard that somewheres before

  • Forgot guns can have clips lol thanks my brother 🙂

  • Nah.. tongue video would be under this one for sure

  • Captured on CCTV, a group of players at a game table located somewhere in China, watch a fellow player get stabbed in neck, then stabbed in chest with pair of scissors. Allegedly, the person standing up is […]

  • Run druggy, run! Man gets a 3 second head start and still manages to lose the race.

    In Brazil, an alleged drug dealer sprints down a dark scary street. There is a man gunning for his death. The man with a […]

    • i would have shot that mother fucker a few more times.

      • Terrible memory this guy , head like a sieve

        • @seraphimserenata
          In Some Countries You can purchase some long ass clips like for an uzi type machine gun, that can have like 20, or so rounds. But in this case he must’ve had to clips with like 14 rounds each in them seeing that it looks or sounded, lol, like he emptied both on his squashed, and fucked-up Peter Pumpkin Head. *CAUSE HE MADE TOO MANY ENEMY’S LISTEN BELOW*

      • Just to make sure he was completely dead.

      • Mad props from not jamming the gun lol. Prolly they learn that vaseline can be used to oil gun instead off using it on their Flilfop ass!

      • Drug dealer , pffft he was a good boi

    • He must have slipped and fell cuz he had plenty of head start.

      • Yes, he wasted an extra 5 seconds babbling shit that probably pissed off his killer.
        That’s 5 seconds his big slow gangly ass couldn’t afford.

      • @Brokeback
        I hope that you are doing well in your recovery. All The Best, and godspeed to ya Brother 🙂

        • @Dre,
          Thanks bro… I’m good and hope you are too.

          • I’m glad to hear that you are doing well brother, cause my thoughts are with you often my good T.O. Neighbor, and friend. As for myself in pain as Always/Usual but as you know Yourself, & well you learn to roll with the punches, sort of speak. thanks for asking bro.
            Take care my man. 🙂

            • @Dre,
              I know that living with pain sucks but compared to what we see here we have it good. Any day above ground is a good day.

            • @Brokeback

              Sorry for the long write-up brother, but i miss talking to you, so i’m making it count, lol.

              You’re right brother, we do have-it incredibly good as opposed to yea,,, 🙁 But my quality of life since my Heart-Attack,,, and then my Accident is just to much to bare sometimes, especially on cold, and high humidity/Dampness days like we’ve had since November.

              And unfortunately that’s all that we seam to be having this winter,,, tons of snow, and bitter cold that keeps-on breaking records for lengths and duration’s of uncut cold spells. 🙁 And brother,,, it seams that as soon as we are done, cleaning-up the walkway, front, back porch & shoveling the darn driveway,,, BOOM!!! Another damn storm hits Again. And it’s playing catch-up time from one snow storm to the next and has been this way all winter so far.

              I Have to take more meds. because i wake-up in the middle of the night after shoveling (All-Day) on what should take a normal healthy individual a couple of hours, cause i have to go slow with my left hand/wrist/forearm being disabled, and my right elbow awaiting my third Surgery, and of course my heart, cause i sometimes forget when i take more meds because for a few hours i feel no pain in my arms, or the angina pain in my chest/heart.

              So i wake-up like at 1:30 or 2:00 am and i can’t feel my right wrist cause the nerve damage in my right elbow shoots thins pain right down to my hand, and throbs relentlessly. And my left wrist/forearm Broke swollen almost twice it’s size, and it hurts so bad brother just to even bend over (my lower back shoveling too) put my pajama pants on, and button-up my shirt, and all cause of shoveling. Then i go and take a couple pain pills than my pain is gone 1/2 hour later, but then i can’t get back to sleep, until like 9 or 10 am. so then i end-up sleeping all day, and staying-up all night.

              Damn vicious circle that i can’t seam to escape shoveling all day waking-up in pain, and so on, and so on. I,m sure that you’ve also gone through that shit eh bro?? 🙁 And I’m positive , ans sure that you don’t miss that part at all.

              And it looks like we are going to get another blast of Snow/Rain/Freezing Rain they Meaning (The Weather Network) were not even sure what was going to come down as the temps will hover around the freezing mark., starting Tomorrow along with winds that can go up to 100 km. an hour brother. 🙁

              See what happened, and why we are shoveling this year is because when we ended-up selling our other house for full Asking Price Broke (We Could Not Refuse-it) cause we asked about 75 thousand more that what we would have taken leaving room for negotiation, so when 2 offers came-in and quickly said full pop after seeing it with zero conditions, & not one dime under, (we were full of shit on that one),,, We Had No Choice Bud *even though they wanted a very tight closing*, we could not turn it down.

              So with our Newly, & Quickly acquired home in Kanata, We had so much to do Broke that it was truly crazy. So before i Had time to go up to the Camper/Property to pick-up & Reinstall the plow on one of our A.T.V,s For the winter which i usually do every middle to end of November every year in the garage at home, we got our first dumping of snow then, in late November.

              But figuring that it would melt in less than a week, or so,,, (which usually always happens with the first snow fall) of the year,,, we got a second even larger dumping of 25 cm. instead, so that was that, as on the lake at the cottage, it is that much colder, with more snow. So there was go digging-out the four wheeler, and secondly unpacking all the remaining boxes in the garage to park it there.

              So Next Year, (if i survive), lol, we’ll be ok. 🙂

    • The way that little brown bitch screamed at the beginning…he shoulda been plugged 10 more times.

    • South Americans are just meanies. So many butt plugs are needed for the road kill.

    • Congrats on the Math. 17 + 11 is indeed 28.
      Rachel Riley doesn’t need to be worried about someone taking her job just yet though.

    • Another case of: Live by the sword, die by the sword..

    • gun can have lots of bullets… extended magazine can help 😛

      i m still surprised by the sound… the guy scream like crazy at beginning in that little corner (no idea wtf he say)… but most of the shot that happen in an opened street sound like some pellets gun.. wtf. shots should reverb way more than the guy voice at the beginning, even more in an open area like this. (maybe he use a silencer, wich can explain the low sound coming out of the gun)

    • Don’t wanna be a dick but I heard reloading sound at @ 0:24 hahahaha

    • What Caliber do you guys think that he was shooting???
      I Say That it was either A 222 Cal.,,, A 25 Cal.,,, Or A 32 Cal.,,, But Not Much Larger than that with that minimal kick that it had. But it was bigger Than A 22 Cal.,,, And Smaller Than A .38 Cal.,,, that i am Positive about. What Do You Guys Think 9mm. perhaps? ?

      • Thanks for nothing.

        • Thanks for noting bro?? or thanks for nothing, lol?? and if so what do you mean, as my brain is not as quick as it use to be. It (my wit) what little i had before my heart-attack is a little slower at picking up shit, lol. 😉

          And if it’s really thanks for nothing then what did you want brother,, A Kiss Perhaps? lol, ?
          Bwa, ha, ha! 😉

        • I Even cancelled my friendship request brother after seeing on your Profile page that you are not into that, so sorry for being a pain. Oh Yea,,,and as for the Kiss,,, well you can kiss my Ass Instead, and Forget about that for sure now, as i only Kiss someone after becoming their friends first, so there, lol. 😉

          • Oh man, your comment on the various possibilities of lead perforating his puny brain case was hilarious. Your harsh reply took away from the enjoyment, though.

            • @CasualObserver,
              That harsh reply of mine was my way of trying to be funny brother, and as you can tell Now,,, i suck at it. 😉 I Was just trying to make conversation,,, and again because like I Said (I Really Suck At It) it backfired on me Yet again.

              Maybe that’s why people don’t talk to me much anymore? I’m Trying To Keep-Up With All Of You Witty, Quick, & Funny Guys/Gals,,, But I’m Just and Old Man Trying to fit in with all of you Younger Smarter People.

              Oh no,,, not my room again??? ok,,, i’ll go as long as
              I Can i bring either the Chihuahua, or the cute little
              toothless dogie with me For company, or so i can
              play Catch with Him/Her Whatever?

      • My guess is 22 lr semi auto

    • da Silva just won the lead medal in track.

    • How can he run so fast with his pants down to his thighs?

    • Uga Booga in the hood

    • Dark skinned Brazilians are 1000% prone to be victims of this kind of violence… Furthermore he was wearing the thugs kit: soccer shirt, earrings, neck chain…

    • I was hoping it would have been a few rifle shots not a favela gun.

    • He deserved it. You live in a brutal country and is doing illegal activities without your own weapon.

    • fuck off

    • It’s not personal Sonny, it’s strictly business.

    • Yea, but just The Semi-Automatics The Old Style Guns Called “Revolvers” that i prefer over any semi’s because they are much heavier for the most part which makes them more stable when aiming far, and therefore much more accurate, especially if it’s Not A Snubbed-Nose. I Had A Colt 45,,, a 38 Special both with long barrels, and brother man were they ever accurate. I Could easily hit a tin can at 300 + feet with my 38 Special. It was an R.C.M.P. Service Revolver, and it was mint. My Father who was A Vanier Police Officer also had the Long nosed 38 Special Service Revolver which i truly believe was one of the best, and most accurate revolvers Smith & Wesson Ever made during that Era. Millions, and Millions of them were sold worldwide.

      Here is small historical write-up
      About The Legendary Smith & wesson 38 Special
      from RANGE 365

      Back in 1899, Smith & Wesson introduced the .38 Military & Police revolver, commonly called the .38 M&P. The revolver and cartridge were both new innovations of Smith & Wesson and immediately became one of the most-popular revolvers of the 20th century. Over six million have been manufactured, and they are still in production to this day.
      The .38 M&P was not only the most popular revolver of the last century, it was also the foundation for what would later become the .357 Magnum revolver in 1935. In 1940 the revolver in its Victory Model configuration saved Smith & Wesson from bankruptcy.

      The revolver and its cartridge, the venerable .38 Special, were designed to answer a need by the U.S. military for greater stopping power than the then-used .38 Long Colt. S&W set about designing a cartridge with a bullet that weighed 158 grains and had enough power to be 300 fps faster and deliver 100 foot pounds of energy more than the .38 Long Colt. The resulting cartridge, the .38 Special, is one of the most-popular revolver cartridges of all time.

      And here is the link to view this 38, the most accurate handgun that i ever shot, and i shot many for A Canadian Boy, cause i spent lots of time when younger in The N-Y State Area Purchasing lots of em at pawnshops. The very first time that i purchased one i was nervous cause he could tell from my accent that i was canadian. So i asked him what do i need to purchase this handgun, as i pulled my wallet out expecting him to ask for my F.A.C. (Firearms Acquisition Certification) which i had but it did not allow us Canadians to purchase handguns with it just Long Guns. So i ask him what do i need to purchase he says cash my friend, just cold, hard cash, lol. Well boy-O-Boy let me tell ya’s,,, lol, that was the start of a beautiful relationship that started in the Mid-Eighties right-up to 9/11 where everything changed and many pawn shops making the bulk of their cash selling over the counter handguns to many thousands of Canadians on a monthly basis mostly to bikers, & the like, that were easily brought-in back then through Indian/Native Reserves that were half on the Canadian Side, and half on the American side like in Cornwall for example.

      But i was never stupid enough, or Smart enough, i guess you can say, lol, cause of the amount of money that these Biker Types were making by smuggling them into Canada. But for one handgun it was a mandatory 10 years in the Pen, so Fuck That Noise, when i wanted to go have some good clean fun, i’d head-up stateside and shoot 2000 sometimes 3000 rounds of varying types of guns in a friends Uncles 350 Acre Farmland. Fuck those were the good old days, nobody shooting wjen drinking, always good safe times. 🙂 to bring any back to Canada. Fuck That as the penalties were too severe, they stayed at a friends house just outside Watertown N-Y and another buddy who lived 20 minutes outside Syracuse N-Y.

      • @thedre
        Fuck New York!
        (No disrespect)

        • thedre replied 2 days ago

          @Westlos,,, I Here You My Good Brother, and loud, and clear my good B G Brother.
          As i would have spent all of My time in L.A. If I Lived on the West Coast like B.C. Instead of Boring Ottawa on the East Coast.

      • 38. Special is my favorite gun too, although I prefer the Ruger

        • Hey @Dildoe
          It’s funny you mention the Ruger , Because they are a beautiful pieces For-Sure my man, and very well built indeed. That’s why they were a little pricier than the Smith & Wesson i believe. And i say it’s funny because it sounds A lot like Luger/Ruger, lol, so it always remind of The WW#2 German Luger That i once Had/Owned. It was actually The 2nd. handgun that i ever owned, and my one and only Semi-Auto.

          Do you still own Revolvers/Handguns today brother??

          • You know guns Dre. Yeah still own, here in Texas no permit needed to buy, or carry, except if concealed. Makes life a lot easier. I’ve heard in Canada it’s near impossible to own a handgun.

            • @dildoe
              You guys got it going-on over there man,,, You’s are so lucky to have that much more freedom than we do, Well except for Pot i guess! So you can just walk-out in Texas with your 45 strapped to your belt, as long as everybody can see it then it’s all good. Cool 🙂

              Yea, it’s a pain in the ass process to obtain your permit. But it’s every time that you want to take-it to a shooting range, you have to fill out paperwork, stating in detail where you are going to, and how long will you be, there, & so on then you must carry it (the paper) with you,,, yea,,, it’s not that hard to get it bro, it’s all the bullshit every single time that you want to take-it out that annoys Da-Fuck Outta you.

              So i have my license for my rifles, and shotguns, and all that jazz. So nope no more handguns, but i do miss shooting targets with em, man we had a blast (pun intended), lol . But when i was a young man, in the mid 80’s,,, i just crossed over to N-Y State and bought them at Pawn shops in Syracuse, and Watertown N-Y. Back then it was Zero Paperwork,,, well that not totally true it was paperwork but there called greenbacks, lol, and no questions asked. And everything was ok t’ill 9/11 then it was store closed.

            • I have a niece that lives near Watertown, and my son is going to college in Buffalo, NY. If I ever get up that way I’ll give you a shout on BG. Maybe you could school me on the legal smoke situation in Canada. Cheers brother.
              Btw my address on BG is @fred1212

            • @Dildoe
              Absolutely Brother.
              And because we reside just one hour away from the Ogdensburg border crossing, which is about 45 minutes from Watertown N-Y., if we include the 15 or so minutes sometimes required to get through the border (if Crossing on a summer weekend,) then it would only take a 2 hours drive max to get from Watertown to My House in Kanata.

              And because our youngest Son has finished University last June, and has got an apartment with his girlfriend, we have 3 extra furnished bedrooms for guests, and get together s. So You, and Yours would be welcome to come spend a weekend with my Wife, & I if you wish. As Brother Dre loves to BBQ Have a few drinks,,, blunts ,,, and just overall good laughs and good times.

              All you need to do is get to the border, and i would either meet you on the Canadian side, or give you incredibly simple directions, and an hour later Cathy and I Would Be Spoiling You Both would with great food,,, The Best hash, along with good hash making techniques.

              Also, i would take you’s on a couple tours of huge factories, and many stores where you can purchase the very best smoke as many hashes are now imported straight from Amsterdam, stuff like Afghani hash,,, Red-Lebanese (my all time favorite, and Green Moroccan,,, Yummy Brother! I Can guaranty you’s that we would have a great time. 🙂

            • Gee that’s the kindest invite I can remember. I’m retired now and plan a trip to ny this summer. I would need a passport first, as I don’t own one.
              My other wish is to invite you to Corpus Christi Tx. And maybe show you some other sites, San Antonio, and Austin are fairly close. Corpus is in south Tx on the gulf. You may have heard of Padre Island, also Galveston, and the Johnson space center with rockets incl a entire Saturn V are on display.
              The law does frown on smoke, but it’s plentiful.
              If all Canucks are like you it sounds great. Let’s kick it around more over the next couple of months.
              Btw it’s been in the 70’s this week with sun. I don’t know the conversion, but any way you look at it, it’s perfect.
              As an aside, I’m sure Canadian BBQ is fantastic, but you haven’t lived until you’ve been to a Texas BBQ cook off, the term “fanatical” comes to mind to describe these events.
              Talk to later Mr. Dre
              Remember my BG address is:

            • @fred1212

              I Keep forgetting about your username above,,, darn memory of mine. 🙁
              But yes, i have heard of all the towns and space centers in Texas. Although i have never been, i would love to visit this very beautiful, and Large State for sure. I Am happy that you’s are getting some nice weather at least somebody is, lol.

              Yea for us here in Ottawa it’s been nothing but a miserably cold Winter so far with below seasonal averages, and snow fall that has broken many records so far, and with 6 weeks left of Old Man Winter To Go, it could not pass quickly enough.

              But yes i have heard of Padre Island as it has beautiful beaches, and a Tropical feel to it am i right? Or am i mistaking-it for some other Island? As for The Texas BBQ I Can imagine as we went to one of our favorite restaurants last week called The Lone Star Texas Bar, and Grill, and had some of their meskite chicken fajita’s and ahhh brother it is heaven, as i love Texas BBQ Style Food Yum—my Big-Time!

              I Can imagine how much better it would be, and taste while eating it right there on a Beach/Cove-Side Restaurant With Jumbo Texas Gulf-Shrimp to go Along With-It.
              Ahhhh-Man,,, i gotta stop as my mouth is watering so bad, that i will have to settle for a crappy snack instead, lol. But yes,,, we should most-definitely talk about-it some more in a few months because i am also leaving on a trip this Summer for three weeks, or even maybe a full month to visit Mark in Europe.

              So Maybe In Late Summer Early Fall would work, as some of my breeds of plants will be ready for harvesting in Late August, Early September, so it would be a bonus for ya!
              Also i would have some nice Feminized B C Red Seeds for You to bring back home with you bro! 🙂

              Cheers For Now!

      • Wow, hearing all this gun talk reminded me of when my dad would let me shoot from one of his 22 rifles when I was eleven years old. My dad had a decent gun collection. Once when my mom, sister, and I went to visit my grandparents my dad went out shooting. He had a 357 with I think there called hand loaded bullets. I forget. Anyway the backfire was so bad the back of the gun sliced open my dad’s forehead. I guess the bullet had more gunpowder in it. When we got home my dad just had this huge dressing he did himself on his head. I didn’t have too much sympathy for him as he was a real dick most of the time. Oh the memories.

        • Good, and Bad Memories all bunched-up together eh my good brother? Yea,,, i hear you as my Dad was sometimes an ass himself also, and being that in those days messages, or thoughts were usually delivered in the form of kicks, or punches, it sucked to be born between The Late 40’s & the mid 70’s as the mindset was about the same for all Parents during that period.

          And because they were brought-up with kicks, & punches themselves,,, there was this sense of normalcy when dishing-out discipline to their own children. But that was only until “We” were smart enough to not repeat the same mistakes with our children That our Fathers Did. But now, i try to think of the good times we shared together even though they were few, and far between.

          I Love shooting guns at targets @Nic it is just a great sport if you are always super safe about-it, and keep your guns locked away from your kids, or even anybody for that matter when everybody is having a good time and the booze, and joints come-out.

          • Nic replied 17 hours ago

            Yeah my dad kept almost all guns locked up. Once I was helping my mom told and put away laundry and found the 357 in one of my dad’s socks in his sock drawer! It was locked and loaded. The safety hopefully was on, didn’t know how to check. Was smart enough not to touch the gun.

    • They wanted this mofo dead.
      What was going through the victims head when he longer could run right?

    • Now go to your room without supper. 😉

    • Most impressive thing about this video is 28 clicks and nary one jam shot.

    • You win….. this time.

    • At least he tried to make a run for it and get away. He tried to escape and that is a good thing even thought it ended very badly.

    • Looks like the gunner is wearing a thong and pantyhose

    • Worse case of suicide I’ve seen in a while!

    • I’m wondering if all that blood would look better on a Plasma T.V?

    • There are 2 different guns, the dumbass who wrote the title cannot even spot 2 different guys, the first guy with grey jacket shot 17 bullets, the second one with red jacket shot like 10 or 11 more bullets

    • Echoing steps , dark alleys , mean street lights, shady corners …………. gentsmen the hunt has just begun and the one on the run seconds ahead of his killer has the distance between the two breathlessly squeeze .
      The former seems to have gone awry because he knows Death is trailing him red eyed , licking its lips wanting blood some how anyhow .
      And suddenly the minute stops and there is a volley of gun shots heard but the killer appears frenzied .The promise he made to Death seems fulfilled.
      Trigger happy silhouette will seek another hunt another
      night .
      A little away from the scene a bat just flew by while the crickets chirped happily as the whiff of the spent lead still hangs in the air

    • wahahaha
      28 times

    • ALLEGED. A key-word in ALL BESTGORE VIDEOS from world’s SHITTIEST places like latino countries, hindu diarrhea pound, and ofcourse middle-hellist.

      No proofs, no witnesses (except fake ones) no court process… Jesus Alla Buddha Christ…these fuckin BIPEDAL humanoids are still in ancient times. Not even medieval one but fuckin B.C times. This is flabbergasting.

      I would never, EVER set my foot on these savage lands. Alleged..fuck.
      We should STOP exporting EVERYTHING to these shitholes and stop IMPORTING EVERYTHING.
      Dont go there, stop tourism to these hellholes.

      Starve these zombies and then let’s take their land. So much land to explore and exploit. Oil, Ore, endless fields we can plant potatoes and corn to feed people and cannabis for bio fuel.

    • This once again proves that if you try to run you either get away or have a quick death. Unlike sitting there and letting them carve you up for their pleasure.

  • HD Audio, HD Video, Need I say more? Probably not, but I will a little anyway.

    Somewhere in Brazil, a man gets brutally hacked to death for our viewing pleasure. He unwittingly wins the coveted title of […]

    • For fuck sakes they need some sharper blades. Fucking torture watching this!!!

    • How lovely. He pissed himself.
      That machete though… I’ve got a sharper butter knife!

    • Now that was pretty gory. He used the dullest blade there ever was and could have sold to a sold out standing room only show if they wanted to. Unfortunately, no bathroom break for the participant or the jobber until show was over.

      • I Cannot help but laugh, when it cuts in right at the end of the beheading with the guy completely out of breath and the head so caked in sand, it still takes him 1/2 hour to cut the remaining 1 inch of skin. Man That Fucker worked hard for that beheading Ya Think??lol??

        • Yeah by the end of this month the cartel will award him with:

          *The A for effort Accolade*

          • This could very well happen in the strange land of Da-Silva’s, and bloody flip-flops. Nice to talk to you again brother. today is one of my good days brother.
            So Cheers my good Man. 🙂

            • Nice to see you doing better, and not be too bothered by all the things that can drive one mad 😉

              As is always say, positive input will always give you more in return 😀

            • @GNeveNL
              Thanks Brother, us talking again is just another reason for myself to think positive in itself, cause it bothered me quite a bit wanting to say hi every time that i saw your name.
              🙂 So HI Brother, lol. 🙂 Back to my idiot happy self is a better alternative eh? lol.

    • Great footage from the latest worm farms, those little critters will be well fed for a while.

    • This was just awful – couldn’t watch for long.
      But … Aaw .. They should have let him keep his flip flops on .. A real man always dies with his flip flops on..

    • That was amazing video, i love it

    • that’s not how you compost. i vote that shit as the gayest gardening video of 2019.

      • More like a compotte au pomme de terre instead. Pomme de terre means an Earth Apple which is a potato, lol, true this. Now *THAT IS GAY* Compotte is like a “puree” so i’m saying that he is more like a Potato puree, lol, if that makes any sense. 😉

        Yur probably Thinking like W.T.F. ??? lol, lol, which i love, as it makes yours truly laugh. 🙂

    • Been a long time since a video made me cringe like this one. Thank you!

    • Back to the dirt from wince, you came.

    • I’m surprised more people don’t run for it or at least fight back, steal the machete and go down swinging..

    • the fuck is this dull machete…

      cant even cut a fingers with a large wing… tssk tssk.

    • btw, did they beheaded him like 3 weeks later ?

      wtf he didnt lose any blood from his neck during that beheading. the neck is clean, and the dirt under it is also clean like if the blood was already coagulated for weeks ,wtf…

    • Is he using the wrong side of the machete? I could do more damage with a broomstick. Pathetic

    • Now we are on bestgore!

    • I think the phrase “somewhere in Brazil” is becoming unnecessary.

    • Thanks BestGore for my daily doses of brutality and gore

    • I thought he was missing his target all the time

    • Ok My B G Brother @honkeykong I Will let you cut my tongue off, if you just Tell Me Once,& For All
      Da-Fuck You Gettin All That Stuff Man, Like Holy-Shat Meself Twice Tis-Morrrnin, YOU-ROCK!!!!
      Oh yea, and B.T.W. I dunno wanna dunno anymore me likes me tongue too much, For eat Ze-Pussy 🙂
      I Don’t think that they likes him much, no? 😉 The fucking Machete is so dull it cannot even slice through the 1 inch of remaining skin on his neck, lol.

      • Brazilian gangsters are not the friendliest bunch.

        • @honkeykong
          That’s for sure brother,,, Forrr-Sure! 🙁
          I Still can’t believe that there are people in this world, and Multiple Thousands Of Them That Are So Damn Evil, that they are able to do such brutal things to one another. It’s truly sad when you stop for a moment, and you really think about it.

          Cause i for one, could never do such a thing (even to my worse enemy,under any circumstances no matter what they did. I mean like fuck-man what is going through their heads when committing such an atrocity to another helpless human being??? This is beyond me. Like how do they sleep at night bro, do they not hear the screams, and the gurgles play back in their heads at night, as their victims look them in the eyes while begging for their lives.

          Do they not think of the effect that it will have on their Poor Children, and what their victims kids will be thinking about? (stuff like what exactly happen to Dad), and asking did he suffer much? and so on. Like Man-O-Man what do you tell them 5 or 8 year old kids when they ask why dad cannot be seen in an open casket, which is a big thing in Brazil, with their Millions of Christian Population. They are not like most of us where we simply throw our loved ones in an oven, to save money, and oftentimes with no viewing or wake.

          And Do You Lie To Them (only for them to find-out The Truth Later on in life) and hold-it against their Mom (the only parent they have left), that their Papa was brutally murdered, beheaded and dismembered so bad, when they found him, that it made it impossible for them to see their father in an open casket, and have a chance to kiss Daddy,and have that one last chance for the little ones to ever see (Their Daddy) and say goodbye Papa
          just one last time. 🙁

          • You tell the kids “See this is what happens in our shit hole and one day you’ll grow up to be a stinkin’ shit holer cunt like daddy was”.

            • thedre replied 2 days ago


              Man,,, lol, you are fucking hilarious dude, lol, like really, 😉
              Are you sure that svarg26 is not your cousin bro, lol,? lol, ??? 😉

            • @thedre My heart is filled with hatred for my enemies.

            • @thedre Did you see the Berekely assault earlier on the conservative Trump supporter?

              Man, they should try this sucker punch shit in Texas… they’ll get fucking smoked so quickly these shitlib faggot queef huffing communist cocksuckers.

            • No @Jadedcunt brother i did not see that. I Must check-out my comedy News channel JNN JEW-NEWS-NETWORK Formerly Called CNN Cable-News-Network, as i have not had a good laugh lately.

              You see what i do bud, is i watch RT-News In Moscow, Than I Watch JNN Shortly Thereafter And compare the Two. And Buddy,,, what a Fucking Choreographed Bullshit
              Joke, and truly 200% Fake News all of these North-American,,, Ooops sorry,,, “ALL” of These Western Worlds News Networks Are.

            • @thedre I like RT as well. I hate fake news especially from my own ‘country men’. Fuckers.

            • @Jadedcunt

              Yea i trust RT News reporting brother. And Don’t feel bad about your Country’s Fake JNN, OR CNN Fake-News,,, cause we are no better in Canada, same bullshit brother Same,,, Bull! 🙁

    • Was he shouting out bestgore? Lol. Whenever I watch these videos I wonder how long until the guys stop feeling the pain.

    • Aaaahhhhh the proverbial shallow grave along with the usual dull blade. And the murderer wasted wide open opportunities for some nice torso shots when the victim no longer had it in him to cover up yet he kept making dull little slashes. Woulda been nice to see a volley of deep stabs.

      May the same fate befall the killer soon! That’s all these primitive baboons know is violence.

    • 1:14 sees a cat and can’t resist but to call the kitty lol

    • These fucks really need to invest in a guillotine or an angle grinder.

    • The guy in the grave did pose a tough challenge for the beheader who had nothing but a blunt machete at his disposal to carry out the sick job. Several dullish whacks to the victim weren’t enough as he kept defending & ducking them away after which he hadn’t much left in him but to give in to his fate at last .
      On the other hand the killer had to sweat his fat ass out as he took whale of time in the world ; nearly slipping in to the grave right next to the victim at one point .
      The beheader seems like a new recruit who needs to hone his whacking skills but before that he must spend his Sundays sharpening the dullest of machetes I have seen in years
      The only thing worth a mention were the new pair of sports shoes killer had worn and those shredded jeans by the victim .

      I have a feeling combined IQ of both of these guys still wouldn’t have made it to 100
      Sharpen your fucking weapon fool

    • BrasiGore
      That’s what this damn site should be called.

    • I really enjoyed watching that fuck get hacked to death, a good video thank you.

    • Nah.. tongue video would be under this one for sure

    • What a lovely blunt machete

    • Woulda taken 1/10 the time in the Middle East. Sheesh!

    • More lovely Brazilian culture. They’re mothers must be proud.

    • Its fucked up that the Oscars just snubbed this guy for Best Supporting actor.

      But on the real. Brazil is wack.
      This guy should have fought for his life. Laying there like a Pendejo didn’t help. I just dont get their complacency.

    • come back ‘it was only a flesh wound’

    • Dull blades make it more fun. I rather see the fuckers pain prolonged.

    • I’m all for sending a box of new machetes down to them with a few sharpening stones with sharpening instructions

    • We are proud to deliver some fine gore, although we still behind mexicans.

      • I have a request for you Another Brazilian, could you please cut yourself open and film it for us, but make sure you completely bleed out and die on camera. Thanks.

    • don’t these sister-fucking, in-bred cock-suckers know how to sharpen a knife/machete?

    • My condolences to the flip-flops maker.

    • Sounded like he was giving a shout out to BG

    • How do these fucktards survive on a daily basis with tools that dull?

    • Brutal savages I would say drop a nuke on the cunts but where would we get our gore from then?

    • The way he was tossing and turning, they could of finished him off with a Beauty Rest too.

    • I would have dragged that fucker back outta the grave and chopped off each limb. This video had a lot of potential and I was more excited than I should have been. Either way, it was still good.

    • Holy shit he couldve used a fucking 2 by 4 and it would be faster lmao

    • Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the dullest machete in the world!

    • The more violent the country the more dumb people there is, not sure if they’re intelligent enough to realize that their savage actions toward each other amuses us

    • Eating a healthy plant based dinner and drinking jamaica blue mountain coffee (your monthly salary for 1 kilogram of this, fuckin peasants) and watching this shit is better than anything on this planet.

      While I enjoy my high standards of living I can watch ancient animals annihilating each other. Its because they are uneducated, dirty, inbreed worthless latino bipedal feces and this is all they deserve.
      The video is somewhat disappointing because I would like to see all the latino family end like this and screaming in otherworldly manner watching their relatives go.

      I hope some latino-born piece of shit is reading this. he he he…damn the coffee soooo goood.
      I hope thousands of latinos are dying like this one every single day. This is the sole purpose of their existence – to be minced. Because they are worthless and they exist only for the purpose of our entertainment. Entertainment for superior white beings. He he he ….. he he….

      Their disgusting language, their disgusting mindless culture of pinata, nachos, burritos and chasing bulls ..their filthy skin, their coal-tar dark hair, their pathetic body composition (skinny fat, 5 feet 160lbs males..what the fuck is this?) …this is inhumane. I want to puke every single time I see these things. I cant stand mexicans, brazilians and all these bacteria in media.

      Every single day I struggle to choose the worst and vilest of all filth…hindu, latino or arab muslims? Please help me, lets make a fuckin contest.

    • When the fuck will whetstones be airdropped like Liberator pistols all over this SHITHOLE?

    • Was the guy swinging that POS dull machete fucking blind? He hit more rocks & dirt than body!! That killer needs some glasses, oxygen, and a knife sharpener and he’ll be good to go!!

    • The fucker with machete was too lazy to do a proper stabbing, he just threw some weak stabs to the other bastard neck. The fucker probably died very slowly. I wonder if he saw Jesus in the otherlife. One of the dullest blades I have ever seen, they were too lazy to even sharpen the blade

    • He wasn’t handcuffed, is it me or he could have defense himself?

    • We need a real life battle royale to cleanse this Earth of the undeserving scum that desecrate it with so much hatred and violence. The winner lives a life of luxury, whilst we’d be rid of 99 of the worst of humanity, say every week? Stage it in Chernobyl, plenty of land to work with. I know 90% of you would tune in.

    • I vote to put Seraphim in a ditch and hack at his throat with a dull machete. What a fucking loser…

    • Scum of universe search…result is bestgore watchers…my wife will divorce me next day if she sees this.

    • For it is written : What a man or woman does to another will by karma return in a more horrific and violent manner.

    • I love his gurgling sound.

  • Man’s best friend is at it again. In location unknown, probably China, a dog chews off person’s face, allegedly a woman.

    What looks to be a workplace of sorts, a dog is walked on a leash away from the scene […]

    • remember me a similar video with a woman who was at sleep and waked up with her face completly eated by her own dog.

      guy with dog walk away slowly
      old woman dont give a shit
      old man smiling retard
      and zombi in the middle. what a scene …

      • I just watched that one about an hour ago. Some thought it was fake… looked pretty real to me except there wasn’t much blood on her. I was lucky enough to have the first reply on that one.

        • can’t say… i just remembered that video when i saw that one.
          didnt watched the old one for long time.

          i m still impressed by the fact that in the old one and even in this video here… after a dog eat their face, they didnt show any sign of pain or suffering…

          they move normally and even talk normally… the fuck ? i would expect that if something take your skin off you face, you can scream like a lady in pain… and i guess its even worse when you get “chewed” as it just take the skin off piece by piece…

          but nope, apparently, you dont suffer at all if a dog eat your face.. weird as fuck.

      • Face-Off 2: The Sequel !

    • The dog was thinking it was time for a little pay back.

    • that type of fucking shit can happen when you try to eat a dog. live and learn, dipshit.

      • Was about to say the same. If they wanna eat cats and dogs why can’t cats and dogs eat them?

      • Literally my thoughts. Bet you they were planning on eating the poor doggo. Good job.

      • If the dog kills them first before eating their face, it would be more humane.
        I don’t know of any people eating the dog whilst it is still alive.

        • Notice how the dog wasn’t beaten but instead receives a little kick then is nonchalantly walked away? Was this dog being prepared for a future meal and the butcher didn’t want to bruise up his meal by beating it? Was it the dog that did this? There was no blood on the dog as far as I could see.

    • That dog probably seen all those wrinkles on her old ass face and must have thought “It’s BACON!!!”

    • Chewable doggy vitamin.

    • It looks like Davros was attacked.

    • The dog must love Chinese food.

    • @hollyeat you mean:-

      I remember a similar video with a woman who was asleep and woke up with her face completely eaten by her own dog.

      Guy with the dog walked away slowly, old woman didn’t have a shit, retarded old man zombie was in the middle. What a scene…

    • People forget dogs are domesticated wolves, they are animals. A single wrong move can awaken their predator instinct and there goes your throat or face. If humans suddenly went extinct dogs would simply revert to their old behavior within two generations which is no different than a Hyena or a Wolf and start forming lethal packs.

      • peoples cant even remember that human are animals… civilizated nature destroyers.

        they always imagine that thoses terrorist or else are animals.. but we are all animals.
        and like dogs, cats or any animals, a single wrong shit happening can “break” our civilized brain and turn us back to primitive kill rage.
        as long peoples cant accept that, they wont accept fact a dog is nothing but a wolf predator.

    • Stop eating the poor dogs! This is what happens when karma comes around!

    • Finally, “Revenge of the dogs” towards Chinese who love eat dogs.

    • Dumb fuck probably deserved it for trying to eat the dog

    • are those eyes hanging out?

    • Payback time, this dog fight hard to not became part of her spring roll launch

    • Stupid Fucking loud mouthed retarded sounding Cunt, if you didn’t treat Dogs the way you’s treat all animals in China this would not happen. And furthermore when was the last time you properly fed that Poor Dog *Real Food*, instead of Pig shit-filled entrails, that i as a young teen i had seen on a documentary.

      Blame the stupid humans,,, not the Dog, as 99% of the time the dog suffers for what he was either taught to do, or had had enough of being kicked around, and tied to a 4 ft. chain all of it’s miserable life. He would have a better chance on the street that tied, underfed, and beaten everyday. 🙁 He should have pierced his fucking stupid skull and ate his tender brain while he’s alive.


    • No More Carouseling For Dat-Cunt eH @svarg26 ? LOL? 😉

    • Would you let her suck your dick right now?

    • Saddest shit I have seen in a long time. If I was that woman’s loved one I would go postal on the factory owner ,the dog’s owner and dog itself.

      I can tell you my mother was attacked by three pitbulls owned by some druggie cunts whilst she was walking. They got a hold of her and got her down and had teeth into her backside. She fought them off and survived. The owners quickly hid the dogs before the police rocked up . However ,those cunts did not exit that house for two weeks or return the dogs to the place as i was on the pavement bloody -minded at the oddest of times.

      The police were involved,the council etc. Those druggies are lucky i did not have the dogs put down as my mum was not disfigured in any major way. Those druggie cunts are lucky they did not end up impaled with fence posts that they should have had by law to enclose that breed of dog.
      No one survives fucking with my sweet Mum!
      I love dogs and horses but can’t stand irresponsible ,dumbfuck ,druggie owners. Die cunts and quickly!

      • @hopingfornemesis How about poisoning the dogs and then again every time they get new ones? Kind of like taking away their protection.
        personally i think we should all carry guns.

        • Haha. The mongrels left soon after and they took the dogs with

          I couldn’t kill the dogs in cold blood after the fact either. In the heat of the moment yes or if they were still a danger yes but not eway after the fact. If anything ,the no-hoper owners needed a good beating or a poisoning.


          • @hopingfornemesis you’re problem is you’re a thinker and that leads to civilisation that in turn leads to being eaten by the lions.

            • Lol. Good thing i befriended you then will be there to protect me when my deficiency in killing instinct becomes apparent.
              United we stand divided we fall.

              Civilisation is but one step above from being animals. Those in power want us returned to the jungles asap. Unthinking,unfeeling ,easily-led and exploited.

      • Glad your mum is okay. I cannot imagine what she went through. Some blame the species of dog like the Rottweiler, others blame the owner. It depends I guess. I personally prefer small, domesticated cats myself. Case in point.

        • Thanks @nic20. She is fine. Both are to blame. Shit ownership and a breed of dog bred to fight bulls. They were illegal here and the usual breakdown in law and commonsense allowed them over .

    • Hey, Pam. You don’t look so good, ruff day?

    • Here is a lesson for life: never mess with nature.

    • Baaaaahahahahahaaaaaaa!!! Dog fights back and wins!! Dog 1, Gook 0 (that’s zeerlo in Gook speak).

      A “workplace?” It’s probably a dog processing facility. Dogs are a delicacy for those primitive beasts over there! One dog decided he wasn’t gonna go quietly that’s all!!

    • China man eats dog….dog eats china man…circle of life.
      Told her not to play with the dog wearing a meat helmet.

    • Ps. A wise man once said , “do your own research & keep an open mind when seeking the truth ” I could be lying, so never believe anything you hear or read unless you like being a sheep that uses emotional feels* to form opinions & morality !!
      True facts always trump emotion ! ALWAYS!!!!

    • Now who is the delicacy …….the man or the dog?
      These fucking slant eyed bastards even have a dog eating festival that spans for about couple of days . Most of the restaurants even boast having them on their menu.
      I guess ;Karma had it enough & now its giving back in the same coin.

    • Lol, get that puppy a toy and a milk bone.

    • Poor dog will be hungry in an hour.

    • I wonder if you get a discount at a mask store with a blender face like that

    • Usually are they who eat the dogs, this time the dog was faster and did a revenge… It reminds me the case o the French woman who had the first human face tranplant…

    • Yikes her eyeballs were just dangling lol.

    • Most of the Chinese deserve this kind of torment. I hate them.

    • she was supposed to put the peanut butter on her cunt

    • I thought the video seemed to show a well-fed, happy and contented dog being taken out for a walk after its lunch.

      I was right.

    • NECRO replied 2 days ago

      Dogs roaming around free? In China? I’m calling bs

    • I despise this new canine cult fetish that seems to be the result of our petfood corporations. dogs walking around sniffing and shitting in supermarkets, fighting pitbulls mauling children on the street, dogs being allowed in buses and planes, dogs taken to day care centers, fed vitamins, wearing sweaters, allowed inside houses, kitchens, in beds. Dogs given the same rights as humans..when did this shit start happening? I keep a loaded 12 gauge next to my door, and I will blast ANY unleashed mutt I see. If your dogs barks? I will come at night and toss D-Con laced Alpo for it to eat. I will hurl fist-sized rocks at the house which has nuisance dogs. No tolerance for your disgusting, sociopathic worshiping of a human-engineered mutant that does not belong in Nature.

    • A dog eating a chink…. how the tables have turned.

    • In communist china. Your food eats you.

    • Still trying to work out how the dog made so much progress before it was stopped.

    • The first time I see a dog get revenge from a dog eater

    • Score one for the boys aye choppie

    • And this is why chinese people like eating dogs …

    • I read somewhere that “domestic” cats and dogs will chew the owners face off first, before other parts of the body, if he or she dies at home and their pet is left trapped and starving inside the house.

      Low hanging-fruit?

      No brainer?

    • The circle of life! She ate dog for lunch, dog came & ate her for lunch!!

    • I hope that the Dog was alright, I mean it did eat that meat raw & we all know how dodgy Chinese Meat can be…
      Poetic justice or what.?
      All the Dogs those flat faced slanty eyed fuckers have eaten…

    • She should not complain! she got a facial surgery for free, not the best dog doctor in the world, but that’s all you get for free

    • These yellow divests will be manipulated by the brits to pull of the communist government. It will start in 29/4.

    • That’s just weird as f**k. People around , lady at her work bench and not 2-3 ft behind her, a hand bag and blood all over the floor. Did the old lady not scream ?? the other lady not hear/see what went on ??. How the f**k does that happen ??

    • Without knowing why the dog attacked I hesitate to blame the dog. Now let’s get the facts and is the owner at fault? It’s bad for sure but there’s more to this story than what we are seeing.

    • How the fuck did it happen in the first place? How can you be weaker then a fucking dog?

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