• @spock
    Well according to brokeback, he has been working feverishly at his girth for years…lol

    Silly man….never start anything by running…

  • @HamburgerBob
    Happy-Anniversary B-G Brother. I Hope that it’s been a good & cool ride for so so far.
    I Hope that you stick around here with us for Another 20 + years, and become these Old Farts
    Like Jack, or *(Username)* @JXK777 Sapere Aude ~ Oder leck mich am Arsch..! ,,, And Myself.

    We might have had a few disagreements during “Your First…[Read more]

  • @Spock greetings friend, from my beautiful country with not so good people

  • thedre replied to the topic HOW TO PROVE THE EARTH IS ROUND. in the forum Politics 8 months ago

    You have made my cry. And this old, & sick man cried because for once in years,,, Years,,, i felt loved, instead of ridiculed, and hated so, so much all the time. All i want to do lately is to leave the site, and just run, and keep running until i cannot run no more,, but i just can’t do it, as i have tried hard lately.

    So Yourself, @des…[Read more]

  • thedre replied to the topic HOW TO PROVE THE EARTH IS ROUND. in the forum Politics 8 months ago

    That,,, it would be for sure my good B G Bro, with a great sense of humor.
    Ahh-Man,,, if all of our siblings had the same sense of humor as you do, and carries so much less hate around by ridiculing one of their-own πŸ™ Man this site would be such a nicer place to belong to, and to be part of.

  • thedre posted an update 1 year ago


    In Search Of Spock,,, (Literally), lol.
    I Was going through some of my friends list, as i often do, and came across your name bro! How have you bee, and where have you been, cause it’s quite awhile since i saw you on here. I Hope that all is good with you and that Work is what is keeping you so busy.

    And i say this because the time is…[Read more]

    • Hey Dre, I’ve been ok. Sorry I’ve just been so busy for many weeks, lol. Thanks for your message, good to hear from you!

      • @MrSpock
        Wow,,, ok you are alive and well,lol. It’s very nice to hear from you as i think of you often lately. So every once in awhile i will try to keep in touch with the members that have always been good souls and caring individuals as yourselfd. I Am happy to hear that you are keeping busy, cause as they say an idle mind is the Devil’s…[Read more]

        • @thedre, well actually I have ‘been busy’ making applications for new jobs, LOLOL. I’m not working. I’m not one of those people that likes being idle and rely on agencies to find them work. I’m aggressively applying for new contracts. Brexit has created so much uncertainty, and I got laid off unexpectedly. It’s hard to get permanent jobs when…[Read more]

          • @MrSpock
            I Have 100% faithin you that whithin the next couple of weeks you will find a good paying, stable job. And this i will pray for which in many, many instances in my life when i asked God For Help, or guidance he delivered every time. And because just because you might, or might not believe in God Matters None, as long as the person…[Read more]

            • Thanks so much for your support Andre, much appreciated :). Alas my mind is too simple (Vulcan and Human sides) to grasp the mysterious movements of God, even though I have a Christian background, so thanks. Yes I’m sure I should find something soon. Sometimes it’s a question of should I take what I’m imminently about to get or should I hold off…[Read more]

            • @MrSpock
              I Have 100 % faith in you brother 100% Stay well and Godspeed to You My Good Man, &B G Bro! πŸ™‚

  • Hey @Spock, hope all is well with you, & yours brother! Well, better than that crazy bitch i’m sure, lol, cause She be on a A Fucking mission Big-Time. πŸ˜‰

  • thedre posted a new activity comment 2 years, 7 months ago

    A Contractor? That is too cool bud, as my oldest Son Matthew is also A Contractor, and decided to follow in this Fathers Footsteps. I had him working in Construction Industry with myself since the age of about 12 when he would come to my many jobs on the go, and did some labor work, until he became old enough at 16 to become a handyman,…[Read more]

    • Hey@thedre. Yes I’m a contractor, but not that type. I’m a contractor of accounting services, I’m a qualified CA, but I work in short term contracts. These days I’m looking for a permanent accounting job in London. Not easy.
      No I’m not mad with you, what on earth made you think that, lol. I’ve never been in any conflict with anyone at BG. Just…[Read more]

      • That is not to say I wont’ look at your vids just out of interest, I probably will, when I get the time.

      • @mrspock,
        Thanks for your kind words bud, as you are too right my man, cause i do get
        frustrated, and upset most times, especially when i am misunderstood, or ridiculed, lol, as Man this burns my ass, and many press my buttons cause they know it does, lol, fuckers. πŸ˜‰ But i am too happy to help-out anybody that wants to take their time, and…[Read more]

        • No -where do these guys talk about a flat earth.
          He says no tech because NASA had its funding cut and no more rockets or programme to get to the Moon etc
          Also , the man re closed sytstem simply refers to no known planets or any heavenly bodies have the conditions to allow Mankind to stay alive.

        • @hopingfornemesis
          I Was and (AM) sending this to @mrspock and *NOT YOU* You Little
          (Trying To Get Under Me Skin), Shit-Disturbing Cunty-Cunt, Ya!!! lol,, So Fuck-Da-Fuck-Off Will Ya,, lol, lol. Think i dunno Wat-You Up-To.
          But Since You,re here, lol, Listen-Up, as you might just learn sum-ting.
          I would like you all to know *That We All…[Read more]

        • I hope to check it tomorrow

        • @mrspock
          Thanks my good man, and take all the time you need my man. It is a great listen though, for those who can concentrate on work, and listen at the same time. Would it impede your calculating, and stuff if you listen to stuff like that Spock, or have you listen to the radio while working before, and it was all god

        • I will get back to you dre. Yes i am very precise with language as a rule as” the devil is in the detail”. That is how the bad guys get off on technicalities and i have been trained to spot weasly ways of talking by experts.what they said can mean anything to anyone. They needed a sharper interviewer to ask them the hard questions.

        • No problems brother, as i was just playing with you, as you were with me, lol, hence all the lol,s that i put after almost every 4th. word, or so. lol. so i will *(contact you)* Now ok

        • @Dre, I looked at your 5:49 minute video above. It did raise some interesting observations, particularly the notion that if the Earth is spinning, and rotating around the Sun and the whole galaxy itself is moving, then astronomy would be a very difficult science – too many movements to take control of. Also the observed lack of convexity over…[Read more]

        • @theDre,
          I looked a the 1 minute clip. Bill Nye says it’s a closed system. He was saying they don’t have the technology anymore, they got rid of it but he doesn’t say why they got rid of it.

          I also looked a the 9:57 min NASA clip on the moon landings. This one is much stronger. It does look like the filming was tampered with and it’s difficult…[Read more]

        • @the Dre,

          Nemesis is one of the good guys on Best Gore, he’s very level headed. His comments were not there to cause irritation to you, Dre, he was merely making a logical observation, in the spirit which with Spock from Star Trek does :-). Nemesis was not trolling you.

          I’ll look at the other clips when I have time. Thanks guys.

        • I am not makibg negative comments dre. I thought we are having a logical scientific debate.if you do not want me to comment with information going against your hypothesis just tell me man. I will bow out i am here to have with my friends including you. If i am unwelcome in your discussions re nasa ,firmaments etc just tell me.iam sorry dre most of…[Read more]

    • @hopingfornemesis
      You do it almost every second time, and when i was talking to the cast of star trek a few years back before spock died he told me to be on the Constant-look-Out For People from The Planet Nemesis Cause One Dude in Particular,,, He Would Be Constantly Spewing, and Regurgitating Some Type Of Completely Irrelogical & Urological,…[Read more]

      • @hopingfornemesis
        I Produced Mountains Of Video-Proofs, That You Never Fully Watched, But Always Dismiss,With Hypothetically Theorized, Establishment Parroting!
        Now These have Shown, And Explained Using Common-Sense Have Been
        #1 – Tested & Repeated, Scientifically Proven, And Experimented- On.
        The Only Hypothesis or THEORIES, (meaning the same…[Read more]