• TankGirl posted an update 3 years, 6 months ago

    @l1zardk1ng you’re not secretly David Icke in a beard, Mr lizard king? :-S

    • @tankgirl Ha, at least you know it’s Icke on the reptilian overlord kick and not Alex Jones like most people think – Jones just takes major issue with gay frogs. But if I were Icke you’d never know – I’d be manipulating the ethereal auras and fashioning them into a blind – one that looks a lot like Hipster Jesus….or maybe Jim Morrison’s ghost, the original and best Lizard King.

      • too true! i think most people think that because Alex Jones seriously kisses Icke’s arse!
        The image of reptillian Jim Morrison will now be stuck in my brain forever lol.

        • @tankgirl so you’re a fan of Icke? Should I be flattered you chose to link us? What’s my aura say about me? Big dick? Tiny walnuts? Transient from the pleasure-dimension? Reveals my inner darknesses?
          And yes, reptilian Jim Morrison is gonna be stuck in there hard and deep – you can’t break THAT conditioning! Well, maybe with as much heroin as Jim was shoving in his veins you might haha

          • definitely not an Icke fan. i mean he’ll start off saying something genuinely interesting but aalways ends up in some trippy reptilian overlord world. which, whilst potentially awesome is bat shit barmy! jones on the other hand sspeaks alot more sense. when he’s not plugging his own shit! Although, to be fair a lot of the stuff he sells could come in handy but i’m not gonna spend extra pennies just because it’s got his face on.

            i’d say you’re more dwarrf warlord than reptilian overlord!