• thedre posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Is Everybody gone to bed??? 🙁
    My left Leg from my Surgery is so painful, that i was Not able to fall asleep, and it sucks!

    It seems that the more days pass, the more bruising is showing-up, along with severe pain, like wtf? And no matter how many 12 mgs. of Dilaudid, “Hydromorphone” i take,,, it does not do Fuck-All anymore. I Have built-up too much of a tolerance to these opium based drugs over the years, me thinks!

    • Could be nerve pain. Nerve pain does not get better with Opiates. Maybe speak to your doctor if it keeps going and ask for Lyrica or Gabapentin. He wont give it to you right now though. You need to show nerve pain that does not get better after like months or years . It helps me. Good Luck😷

      • @hopingfornemesis

        I Do have some already, but it gives me this weird buzz that has me dizzy, and bouncing-off walls. Therefore i do not like that feeling of not being in control, youknow?

        But Yes bro, as you are dead-on about this medication as it is used also to treat Diabetic Nerve Pain, and works very well for many.
        Thanks Nemes. 🙂

    • Thanks @hopingfornemesis & @jj
      I just woke-up at 2 pm since finally falling asleep at 7:am this morning. It was nice to finally sleep 7 hrs. straight since my Surgery On this past Tuesday. And yea,,, opiates do take a toll on your quality of life, and in many ways! 🙁 The only problem with me is that with my dozens of Surgeries at least 3 more to go, and my whole body being in constant pain nothing else but opiates, and Benzo’s work!

    • Thank’s @JJ My good B G Brother.

    • I;m sorry my Good B G Sister, i keep forgetting. Please accept my sincere apology for my bad, my Darling B G Sis? 🙁