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    How Tesla Proved The Earth Is Flat, And Alive And Conscious At The Same Time
    Faith Dyson·Tuesday, December 15, 2015
    People can debate Flat Earth versus Global Earth all they want to, but Nikola Tesla already proved ‘The Former’ is the True Matrix and, not only that, but She is Alive and Conscious too. He did this by simply recording, and decoding, Mother Nature’s Heartbeats. They’re known as The Schumann Resonances – and our Circadian Rhythms.
    Their distinctly unique frequencies power the totally diverse production, and regulate the activity, of all of the matter that composes Her Physical Body, which includes every one of ours as well. Tesla found that Mother Nature’s Electromagnetic Heartbeats perfectly correspond to all of the proper Nonlinear rates that pulsate as all of the ‘elements’ and they constantly change according to every different pattern for size, time, place, and situation in existence.
    In short, he proved Mother Nature is Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent.
    This tells us three important things about ourselves and where we live:
    1) Mother Nature is a physically Infinite, which means Flat / Level, Field (not a limited Cosmos with limited plans/planets, etc.),
    2) there is no other natural power beside Hers,
    3) all others are merely man-made frequencies of harnessed and converted, and, therefore, perverted, energy that seek to imitate, override, and replace Her Perfect Patterns.
    Think not that those behind this Biological coup don’t understand all of the implications of this information, because they do. It’s you who have been kept in the dark about their meaning, because they expose all activities not of The Matrix as destructive toward our formation. Tesla just happened to come along and uncover the totally human source of all of our suffering.
    Therefore, it was for this one, momentous discovery, and no other, that Tesla was discredited, because it also proved that the intended use of The Electromagnetic Field by him, and by the Electrically connected corporations, was not only immoral, but lethal – to our brains and bodies…
    The story goes that once he realized Mother Nature’s Energy Field was The Sole Source of our advanced levels of Health and Intelligence, including that which was his own, he refused to continue to abuse what he then knew was the only Matrix for them both. (See link below re: ‘The Connection Between Us And The Schumann Resonances’.) But, more than this, he was attempting to tell the public to do the same and this is something ‘The Powers That Be’ could not have happening.
    It would then have prevented The New World Order from Electrically manipulating all of the material patterns of the world, before it even had the chance to institute its improved method. In fact, Tesla’s discovery was even threatening their old ways to do the same. For it also revealed theirs was an ancient, not a modern, activity that simply toys with The Electrical System of our Bodies as well as our Brains – by also using the old grid both inside and outside of us.
    Therefore, there are also many other studies that have been done on this subject, including those by The U.S. Government, and all of them have also confirmed Tesla’s assessment of our mutual Matrix and the Biological Fact that it can’t be played with – without suffering the loss of our material patterns for health and intelligence.
    However, their research calls the activity of our Energy the ‘Background Noise’ that interferes with their ‘Power’ and its ‘Machinery’ (in every sense of those terms) in the same way microwaves can interfere with a pacemaker, which means the reverse is also true. The frequencies of the man-made Grid, and its technology, interfere with our Biology. Yet the government still endorses, and its law now enforces, the use, and abuse, of both Mother Nature’s, and our own, Electromagnetic Field.
    In short, the truth is that we’re all the same Field of (what amounts to being) Uncreated and Undying Energy in material form, when not prevented from being so by man-made interference of the harnessed, converted and perverted sort. But now his abusive frequencies are an ever-present deterrent to that formation despite all of Tesla’s attempted warnings against them.
    As the result – Mitochondrial Genome disruption, and DNA deactivation, is ‘The Standard’, because ‘The Former’ is The Physical Presence of The Infinite Field of The Matrix within us and, when Her Power is abused, or misused, on any level, anywhere, Her Whole, Perfect Physical Pattern suffers – disuse.
    What was to be physically composed by Her Perfect Resonances, simply can’t come into material existence, when we’re immersed in nothing but man-made ‘conditions’. Hence, our Brain and Body lose their parts until the whole fades back into frequencies so thin, they can’t be sensed anymore by Biological Systems that have been robbed of the physical ability to be Infinitely Aware of Everything…
    You see, there’s one more fact about Mother Nature’s Heartbeat, which is that it also has the rate of a Living, Conscious, Intelligent Being who is always Wide-Awake. But the loss of that All-Seeing / All-Knowing Perception is exactly what the New World Order wants for The Matrix and Her entire Physical Body. For then its ‘Powers That Be’ can instead finally become the sole source programming, and machinating, the LIMITED ‘Global Awareness’ of everyone’s – Brain and Body.
    Their entire system is designed to make, and keep, people asleep in all they are, think, say and do.
    The question is: Do you want this happening to you?
    Tesla didn’t, but then he still had left some of his Mother Nature’s Resonating Truth…