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    The Meaning Of The Word **Nemesis**

    That This Lying Newbie Or More Specifically,That *Yellow-Bellied*, lol, Fuck-Tart Is Hoping For,,,

    #1- The inescapable agent of someone’s or something’s Downfall. (YES)

    #2- A Long-Standing Rival, Or an Arch-Enemy. (OH YES,, MOST-DEFINITELY)

    #3- A Rival, Foe,
    An Adversary, An Opponent, **An Antagonist** (OH, FUCK-YEA)
    A Combatant, A Challenger

    #4- Synonyms Include, But Are Not Limited To,,,
    A Downfall,,, An Undoing,,, Ruin,,, Ruination,,, Or,,,
    The Destruction, Of Other Good, And Honest
    Individuals With Their Proven Spotless-Credibility
    Being At Stake By Lies Just Like NASA- Lovers Filthy-Lies.

    NASA= Nemes- Autistic-Science-Admirer

    NASA= Never-Admitting-Something-Are Lies

    NASA= Narcissistic-Australian-Sheeple-Administrator

    NASA= Never-Admitting-She/Males-Anuses

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