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    Get This Guys/Gals,,
    And tell me if it makes any sense to you’s and whatsoever.

    This One Cute, and Very Friendly Newer Member, that i had Already spoken to, and on a couple of occasions, asked me if i knew why she could not comment on my Best-Gores Top Beheading Forum-Page that i had set-up just a couple of days prior.

    So This other member @Illegalsmile55 or Lisa decides to jump-in and quickly answer this question that was directed to “Me” Myself & I. It was also Related to My Very Own, and Non Flat-Earth related Forum-Page Whatsoever! So because of this My Friendships are No Longer Displayed unless someone goes onto my Profile-Page Directly.

    So She, “Lisa” went as far as to telling her that *The Goints System* & The Friendships that accompany them, more or less are displayed for all to see, and quickly if they decide that they might want to ask for your friendship, or not. As one is more comfortable asking, or accepting a friendship from a known, and seasoned Best-Gore veteran that someone that they do not know, or have read any of their write-ups.

    And i say this because i could pull up hundreds of members who thanked me for accepting their friendships as they have read a lot of my stuff and enjoy reading them, although they do not always agree with me on some topics, which is more than ok with me as they did not curse me out,,, ridicule me or the like having an open-mind, and great sense of humor.

    So what she is saying in essence is that it was a big waste of time for Mark to have taken his busy time to Set-Up these, as they (and i quote) Are Worth, or mean absolutely Nothing.

    So she was more or less hinting/telling her that because she was a new member she could not comment, or start a new forum-page of her own. But i completely disagree with her by saying that they are nothing, and useless Waste Of Marks Time to set up (is what i got out of this) to begin with, lol. So like wtf man, cause some people got themselves kicked-off the site for saying much less, or for insulting him, and his work.

    I Mean he has worked hard (as he always done) seeing-it with my own eyes for 3 weeks that he spent like 18 hours a day everyday that we did not go on an outing just to post a few posts, and answering questions, and hundreds of E-Mails on a daily basis, on top of bringing-in these changes, and setting them-up,,, Nice.

    So The setting-up, & Displaying These Goints and Friendships for all to see shows just how much a member has been, and is for the purpose of showing others just how active this member truly is in The Best-Gore Community.

    And although a dozen, or so members dislike me because of my Flat-Earth Forum-Pages, and 100% proof posting video’s and write-ups they make it clear for all to see in their negative comments during their many negative abusive, and incredibly insulting comments bringing-up some of my shortcomming of 2 + years-Ago now.

    So these nasty and downright ugly comments that are directed at myself directly are mostly always done incognito by not tagging me so i have no way of defending myself unless i stumble across them,,, again Nice, and very Mature.

    So today when logging-in, or coming on here, i notice and (to my surprise) i see that my friendships reduced to only 9 in the members being displayed on the *Newest | Active | Popular*
    on the right hand side sidebar section, where the true number of members friendships have always been displayed?? Why??

    The true number is of Friends is 9357 which btw took me 10 years to get. Nine Thousand Three Hundred And thirty-Five.
    How hard did you have to cry for Mark to change what you more or less stated that it meant nothing? Truly Sad Day Man

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      9 friends

      • Sorry dre, gonna call you for yet another lie. You have not worked ten years to get your precious friends.The friend option was only available starting in 2016. So yeah, another of YOUR truths cut down again. I will call you out for every lie I catch you in, you big cry baby. Who is the above soliloquy written to? I noticed you didn’t tag anyone, so I guess your talking to yourself. You’ve made yourself a very comfy bed mister man, enjoy it buddy. Do you actually think I wrote to Mark and had him remove your friends? Did you feel like a douch bag the next day when your friends magically reappeared?
        Did you curse yourself for blaming me and telling others I had done that to you? You’ve been here since day one!! … you know there are gnomes who eat things like comments and apparently friends right from under our eyes…but yet you would rather make up an outrageous lie with no proof whatsoever about me and write long dissertations on how abused and lied about YOU are. Once again Andre, fuck off dude, I don’t like you.

      • @thedre
        Come on Dre, it’s obviously a glitch that dropped the coma and the last 3 digits from the top 5.
        Look at the guys under you with 8 friends, 3 friends, 2 friends and how about redrum with just “1 friends” .
        Just a simple system error.

    • ⬆️ This is gibberish. Wtf are you blithering about?
      You have 9,387 friends. The system is incorrectly displaying 9.
      Rex ☠ Paimon has 8,044. The system is incorrectly displaying 8.
      D̶e̶e̶p̶ ̶W̶e̶b̶ ̶C̶ó̶d̶i̶g̶o̶s̶̶❄! ✉✈ ♦ ♞♟♜♚ has 3,846. The system is incorrectly displaying 3.
      monster eye has 2,733 friends. The system is incorrectly displaying 2.
      REDRUM has 1,490 friends. The system is incorrectly displaying 1.
      I know you and logic are uneasy bedfellows, if not totally estranged most of the time but what part of @hamburgerbob ‘s logical explanation are you having difficulty with exactly?