• thedre posted an update 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    Hello Nemes.
    Nemes,,, Please let me know that you are ok, and not in need of any type of help, as after 22 days of absence, i am truly concerned & worried about your well being. 🙁

    Even just a simply yes as a reply will do, if you do not wish to talk, would be greatly appreciated.

    • He need a baseball bat in he’s face , and after hed gonna be opened, please do another favor and shub a 1.5 volt battery to his craced and rotten from birth brain…
      So he will start again if speaking nonesens again…

      • @asaf197
        Lol, fuck you are funny dude, ha, ha! 😉

        • I hear people talking about us sometimes things that are so stupid like hell

          • @asaf197
            You know brother, like i have always said, and truly believe that there is Good, and Bad people in From all colors, Faiths & Religions. And you seem to fit right in with The Good Ones, because of your Honest, and straight forwardness. With you there is no bullshit, just truth, and this is why i have always liked you my Good Best-Gore Brother. You Are A Good Man. 🙂