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    Whether or not you accept my friendship request i still love ya my good B G Sister. πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, I won’t so please stop asking.

        • @lady-lexis
          Hope you are doing ok mate. Love ya , lexi

          • @karmen40
            That sounds like me when i’m crying cause Lady lexis has no siblins love for me, lol. πŸ˜‰

          • @karmen40
            Have you tried making cheese-curds yet brother??

            • @thedre
              They turned out pretty good. The vinegar/salt addition to milk was the easy bit… the squeaky curds formed easily. I was advised to keep them in a small amount of the whey, [as one would with mozzarella]
              Although unconventional, i used both maris piper and sweet potato for the fries [cooked first gently in oil, drained, then re-cooked quickly in hotter oil]
              Gravy made from beef and pork bones, onion, celery and scallion tops, thickened with cornflour.
              It WAS a really enjoyable meal for us. I took inspiration from one of @illegalsmile55 s pictures – and garnished with the chopped “bottom” end of the scallions.
              Of course, it was an Englishmans first try at a Canadian dish… so im sure you will not mind me asking you many, many more questions as i refine the dish

            • …you ARE always available for debate, regarding poutaine right? @thedre?

            • A debate??? No brother i was just curious to see if you had actually attemted to make cheese curds at home which i heard is not that easy to make at all, especially if you get them to tun out sqeeky. And it looks like you did master it quite easily. One hell of a cook is what you must be as you stated below with no computers back in the day. Good for you, (and your wife) which i’m sure she’d agree with me, lol. πŸ™‚

            • I still may need pointers regarding the dish. You are willing to help, right? i could ask “the internet” and have these questions answered easily… but advice on poutaine from a canadian would be preferable. I hope my questioning doesnt cause any friction? after all,i have been nothing but polite and not confrontational regarding this subject.
              I hope you are not mocking me Andre, i am particularly sensitive regarding this subject… and dont wish to be victimised – it is painful.
              If not, it is all good.
              And i hope you and ur wife can help me further… if i should need and request that help.

            • …so could you give me anymore advice regarding the dish?
              Any and all help appreciated

            • I realize it is early over there…. i will contact you again later πŸ™‚

            • @karmen40
              Lol, God you are too funny/witty tonight my good brother. And for that i will answer any question you may have regarding The Poutine. As long that it’s about **Eating Poutine Only Though**,,, as i have never made them in me life. And furthermore i don’t even know how they are made, lol, lol.

          • Your poutine sounds positively scrumptious and it seems you know your way around the kitchen. Now make me a sammich…or better yet, some poutine.

            • @illegalsmile55 cooked since i were really young mate. No internet then – just a few dusty cookbooks from me gran. Apart from that, Self taught tbh.
              Limited to a table-full of diners though.
              Tried a career in kitchens…to stressful, too HOT.

            • @karmen40
              That is too cool karm, seems like you mastered the art of making good cheese curds. I Have, and will never attempt to make my own, as i would surely screw them up, lol. And being that we reside about a 40 minute drive from The St. Alberts cheese Factory, why would we even try right?
              Kudos to you my good brother Karm, as my wife Cathy & I were quite impressed to say the least. πŸ™‚

            • @illegalsmile55
              Make me a sammich, or better yet a poutine?? lol, πŸ˜‰

            • Well @thedre, 40 mins to the “St. Alberts cheese Factory” is certainly longer than the 6-7 mins it takes to make them without leaving my house.. but c’est la vie, right? As you said ” why would we even try right?”
              Cooking is an enjoyable and fruitful hobby for me. Each to our own, “right?”
              rest begards

            • @karmen40
              Are You fucking serious???
              Are You Shitting Me Brother, lol 6 to 7 minutes, ??? that’s crazy-fast dude πŸ˜‰

            • @thedre
              No – not 6-7 mins. To be honest, it took about an hour or slighly more to make em. Still not much work…most of that time was waiting for the curds to coagulate, or “set”.
              They were pretty good for my first go, and the meal was really enjoyable. But there are other methods ive been looking at, and will try in future. Its all good fun, i enjoy cooking as a bit of a hobby.

            • thedre replied 1 week ago

              It is rather cool that you attempted what very few have done before by making those curds brother. I Also love cooking, but i would not have the balls to attempt making any cheese products whatsoever as i have absolutely no experience when it comes to specialty items.

            • @thedre
              As i said Andre, i found a couple or so different methods of making them online.
              This was my first attempt… and i used vinegar [ascorbic acid] as a substitue for renet, But was pretty pleased with the results.
              Im sure [as is with anything and with anyone] that as i practice more times, i will β€œrefine” the making.
              And i WILL be making more, mostvprobaby next time trying the classic renet method… like i say – i enjoy cooking [I like EATING! So for me the two go hand-in hand] as a bit of a hobby.
              I find that hobbies which you can actually eat are great Andre!

            • @thedre
              You said “I Also love cooking, but i would not have the balls to attempt making any cheese products whatsoever as i have absolutely no experience when it comes to specialty items”
              Hey! dont sell yourself short there Andre.
              You might just surprise yourself … if you look online and on youtube, there are plenty of videos describing how to make Cheese Curds. It only really involves warming milk, adding two basic ingredients, and then following the instructions on heat level and time.
              If you search these vids…you will see how easy it is.
              OF COURSE it would be easier and quicker for you in Canada to just buy the curds.
              But my point is, that making them doesnt take a “Brad Long” or ” Mark McEwan” level of expertise in the kitchen.
              Im almost certain that you would be up to the task.

            • @karmen40
              Thank-You Karm for having faith in my cooking abilities, as those were very kind words sir. And *Best Regards*? Luv Ya Brother,always did πŸ™‚

        • @karmen40 Thank you so much for the term ‘sealioning’. I didn’t realise just how much I needed it in my life 😂😂

          • @lady-lexis
            No probs love. Thats why ive tagged you. It is the definition that our “Filthy” hearts have been yearning!

      • @lady-lexis

        • I Cannot and will not stop because my siblings love & respect for you is too great.
          I Am learning how to be more restful when it comes to my sexually related jokes, as i push it too far at times. And i must say that your name “Lady” suits you well as you really are a *Good & Very Respectful Lady* in every sense of the word. So please forgive me please for disrespecting you like i did as i was so used to having so many other gals play along with them on here that looking back,,, it did get out of control in the past by them playing along with my sick, demented sexual sense of humor, so i thought that i was being fun, when i was being disrespectful to the Real Lady’s as yourself on here. :(.

          So out of *Respect For You* You will not hear me say anymore of these sick sexual jokes ever again Lady, and this i promise,as i know that they make you feel uncomfortable. Especially when i throw out some of these stupid and disrespectful jokes. Sorry Lady, as i always meant them to be jokes, but reading them over after,,, yea too much info. πŸ™

    • @boasp
      Thanks for that Boasp,,,
      Thanks a bunch brother/buddy πŸ™ πŸ™