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    Hey Nemes.
    I Thought that the video below might be of interest to you since it is affecting Australia as a whole. 🙁

    • Sweet and definitely of value to Australia. I say you kick her to the kerb as she has been given too many chances. She fucked around too much and kept saying sorrry. She kept interrupting my sports nights with bullshit chatting about her workday. She stopped being a sexy sex kitten and became a shrew worrying sbout the bedspread being creased. Fuck that shit! Ha!

      • @Hopingfornemesis
        Although i did not want that link posted you aced it, and turned it into some great and funny comment brother.

        Here is the video that i wanted to show you. God-Bless You’s Nemes. 🙁

        • These are more video’s about The New-Word Order, and Covid-19 Bullshit

          • Nemes,,, this write-up below scares me man, as The New-World Order Is Really kicking-in, and big-time. 🙁

            Australia’s big four banks remove thousands of ATMs and shut down hundreds of branches
            Daily Mail

            The coronavirus crisis has sparked the closure of a record number of ATMs and hundreds of bank branches as Australia moves closer towards a cashless society.

            The number of ATMs across the nation are at their lowest level in 12 years at 25,720, after at least 2150 terminals removed in the recent June quarter, according to the Australian Payments Network.

            Australia’s big four banks – ANZ, Commonwealth, NAB and Westpac – also shut up a combined 175 branches in the last 12 months.

            Of the 175 branch closures, ANZ had the highest number with 68, followed by the Commonwealth with 44, Westpac had 36 while NAB shut 27.

            Westpac removed the most ATMs at 84, followed by ANZ at 73 and NAB at 21 while Commonwealth Bank didn’t disclose its number of closed terminals.

            The Reserve Bank of Australia’s head of payments policy Tony Richards said most ATM closures were in metropolitan areas in locations such as shopping centres.

            ‘Overall the bank expects the long-term downward trend in the use of cash to continue,’ he told News Corp.

            Australian Banking Association’s chief executive officer Anna Bligh added: ‘Australia’s banks have invested heavily to keep up with the customers banking preferences with technology and data now playing a key role in how banks do their business’.

            Read the rest here:

            • @Hopingfornemesis
              Come live with Andre in Canada Brother. Bring the family the cat, the dog,,, Fuck,,, Bring-Em All, as you will be much safer here than in the States, i assure you. Change anymoney you have to gold, and silver except for a couple thousand Canadian Dollars, and get get overhere. But you should Get Da-Fuck outta dodge soon before they cancel all your bank cards, money, and lock down your travel plans using Covid-19 as a cover-up. 🙁


            • You are absolutely right. Most Aussies are stupid as fuck ,scared of handling money. Yes ,it may have germs but you just wash your hands like I do. If you work in retail you wear thin gloves and wash your hands with alcohol -mix every transaction. The New World Order would struggle if people could see the big picture and didn’t have a slave mentality. Yet ,with lower educational standards here and the rise of Facebook and Netflix binge-watching culture ,most less than forty here are retarded.

              For those that know ,we are returning to Feudalism ; free ,but with living standards just enough to keeo you alive to work for others.

        • God already protects me ,dre. Always has…

          • …but thanks.

          • I Love to hear that you have God’s Full Armor On brother & Sincerely.
            Take care of yourself brother, but always know that Cathy & I have already discussed this in Length, so the offer of a beautiful home with (3 Extra Bedrooms) are available for your family if you’s “Ever need-It” 🙂

            Any other American Best-Gore Brother, or Sister that needs a place to escape this bullshit, and come relax in Canada is welcome, proving i have enough room left. We Figure that we can sleep comfortably at least 12 people with the 3 extra bedrooms, and our A Hide-A-Beds and Murphy’s Bed, that if you’d did not know come out of the wall. So 2 extra beds in our completely finished beautifully basement. I Also have a 4 season brand new 35 foot Camper that sleeps 6 and very comfortably so. So Come One, Or Come All. 🙂