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    This is a look at google trens which is a survey-site that informs us of exactly how much traffic, and interest over time certain topics generate, as numbers do not lie,globe%20earth

    • Is it not mind-blowing that Best-Gore generates more interest over time than researching the globe earth?? Best-Gore is actually in second place, and right under The Flat-Earth proven-truth. And on the other hand the reason why the Globe-Earth *Theory* does not generate any public interest is simply because there is absolutely no proof to back any of it up whatsoever.

      And people today as you’s can all see in this chart are not interested in *Theories Anymore Whatsoever* as they want the proven-truth instead. You know,,, something that can be checked-out, calculated, experimented-on, and repeated always ending-up with the exact same results in the process therefore proving that we do *in fact* live on a stationary flat, and dome-firmament-covered Earth. 🙂

      • I pointed out the last time you posted this that the claims you are making about this data are misleading and why they are misleading. You agreed that they were but wow, here you are again pushing the same misinformation? Why are you trying to mislead people?
        Also, why is Google only a reliable source of information when it suits your argument? Genuine question.

        • It’s Because I Added Best-Gore to the list of the 3 above. And why would people not investigate Globe-Earth *Theory* Looking For Proof, in order to be able to look for clues that would erase the theories which NASA & The Jewish-Run government themselves call them. THEORY-BASED, With absolutely no clues whatsoever to disprove a truthful Flat-Earth. 🙂
          #1- Flat-Earth
          #2- The Globe Earth *Theory*
          #3- Best-Gore.

          And Best-Gore surpassed The Ball-Earth *Theory* by far.

          • @lady-lexis
            After speaking to Mark about Google Trends, i Told him that i had checked out Best-Gore and their specs, on how many people look-it up on their search engines, i found that both The Flat-Earth Truth,nd Best-Gore had at least 4 times more traffic combined than the Globe-Earth Theory .
            So i might have been unsure back then, but I Am 100% sure now.
            Globe-Earth Is**Theoretical-Bullshit** and nothing more. 🙂

            • If you recall, the point I made is that people who are doing any form of investigation into our planet will use the term Earth, not Globe Earth theory. Do you remember what happened to those figures when comparing Flat Earth to just Earth, the term that everybody on the planet uses when referring to the place where we all live? Let’s refresh your memory:,%2Fm%2F02j71
              If you want to add in Best Gore to that comparison, then here you go:,%2Fm%2F02j71,Best%20Gore
              Nothing much to note there.
              People who actually use the term Globe Earth theory are people who are already down the biased rabbit hole after watching too many YouTube videos (another medium that is supposedly controlled by Jews only when it suits your argument), probably not people who are conducting earnest or legitimate research.

            • I Respectfully disagree with you, as people who blindly accept this *Globe-Earth Theory* based only on their Schooling,,, The False-History Taught in them,,, The Jew-Owned and control Western News Channels,,, and The Many Pseudoscience Books that have been deceiving ourselves and our Children since birth to accept Baseless Theories, instead of Proven -Facts. **TRUTH WILL PREVAIL** Sister. 🙂

            • @thedre I believe you are all about the clicks to this website and all the flat earth sites because that is what brings in the money. You and the other FE- ers are not about getting down to the truth in the matter, just the clicks and the payday.
              When you say you are ‘1000%’ sure of such poorly researched material, what you are really saying is that you lack critical thinking skills. Critical thinking is when you are still open to new information and ideas which may challenge your present assumptions and biases. You then adapt the new information logically to what you presently believe and then see how your new understanding explains what we see in the world around us. Flat Earthers and you in particular will have none of this critical thinking.
              For one example : If water “always seeks it’s own level” and does not curve around the Earth, then why were Lighthouses built as high as possible? On a pirate ship, why is it always the Lookout high up in the crow’s nest who first shouts “Land Ho !” and not the scallywag on the deck? Oh well, my questions go unanswered.
              Since you are ‘all in’ at 100%, stating something is 1000% truth tells us you are willing to spend intellect that you clearly don’t have. That’s just the way it is. Good day sir.

            • @thedre says, ” So i might have been unsure back then, but I Am 100% sure now.
              Globe-Earth Is**Theoretical-Bullshit** and nothing more.”
              Since when is a popularity contest held to determine the truth? The distances between cities in the Northern hemisphere and Southern hemisphere are well known and mapped out. Feed those coordinates into a computer model and you will get a globe shape. Just a fact. Show me a map of the flat earth which accurately integrates all these mapped out areas and distances. We have the information available so why don’t the FE-ers give us the map?
              And while you are carefully constructing this map with the sky dome, why not also show us why the people in the Southern hemisphere can’t see the same sky I can see? My globe model explains it perfectly. Good day, sir.🙂

            • @God is a Liquid
              2 Words for you ya young indoctrinated Dummy, *Cognitive-Dissonance*