• TheProtocolsOfZion replied to the topic ANOTHER GUY "HEARING VOICES" SHOOTS UP CUBAN EMBASSY! in the forum Politics 1 week, 4 days ago

    @thedre I don’t know for sure why the Cuban embassy, but the guy who did it was a Cuban immigrant. So maybe he had a beef with his old communist country?

    Also, who knows what they were saying to him in his head. The voices he was hearing may have been telling him to do it. The government wants to cause a bunch of mass shooting in order to have an excuse to ban guns.

    Don’t know if it was shot up twice.

    • Wow that’s insane man, to be able to put in his head whatever target they decide they want taken-out is brilliant but crazy-stuff man. Nobody, or Government should Ever possess, let alone utilize this patent, in order to be able to use innocent men to carry-out their dirty-deeds. It’s just all kinds of wrong eh brother??? 🙁

      • Manchurian candidate. That’s what they’re doing to all of these guys that they are using voice to skull on.

        • Ahh that makes sense, and that movie was amazing.
          Listen brother how has the weather been in B C’s Interior, is it colder than normal temps or average temps for this time of the year?? I Only ask this cause Ottawa has been unseasonably cold during the last couple of weeks, Sucks! 🙁

          • Yeah, I noticed that on the news. There are people who say we are going into a grand solar minimum, meaning a short ice age. I don’t know if it is true or bullshit. Anyway, where I live, it is warm, just like summer. Everything is green. All of the flowers are out. Spring comes early here. But I live in the lower mainland. I’m not sure about the interior, haven’t been watching the weather there.

            • The lower mainland (you lucky bastard ya) lol, cause that is even better, as you’s have the mildest winters in Canada i also believe.

              It’s funny that i mentioned us in Ottawa being so cold when i wrote this last night/early morning, cause now today (for once)it’s 17 degrees Celsius. And that is the hottest day that we have had so far this year.