10 Year Old Boy Hanged to Death by Robbers in Indonesia

10 Year Old Boy Hanged to Death by Robbers in Indonesia

10 year old boy named Yoga Adi Pratama, from the village of Adi Luhur, Panca Jaya District, Mesuji Lampung in Indonesia, left his home on Thursday, May 26, 2016 on a motorcycle (no age limit for riding in Indonesia, I guess), but never returned back home. The following day, he was found dead, hanging by the neck from a palm tree in a palm oil plantation. His bike was nowhere to be found.

It is believed that Yoga was killed by robber(s) who stole his bike, but didn’t want the boy to identify them.


In addition to the motorcycle theft, the autopsy report revealed abrasions and blood in the rectum of Yoga, suggesting the boy had also been raped. The police identified three suspects, and as of this update, two are in custody. One of them was Yoga’s neighbor.

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          1. Hoping for one is a healthy way of thinking. Gives your life here a meaning and makes you unafraid of death. Real or not. I’m not even religious.

  1. These lowlife robbers really doesn’t care if you a kid, adult, or old. They wait and see you riding bike on quiet desolate road they will hunt and do not hesitate to kill you. Like other street robbers before, mob justice will likely be received by the killers of this boy if the police don’t catch them first.

    1. They assume it was done by a bicycle robber..but who knows? It could have been just a sick sadistic psycho who then made it look like he was interested in the bicycle, maybe now he will plant the bicycle in some poor unlucky guy back yard , the people of the place then will perform some street justice on another innocent person..who knows

      1. Talk about injustice. Would not be surprised if what you say exactly happens, the killer dumps the bike onto some property, and then the poor innocent owner is beaten to death while the bad guy watches and laffs. I though God was supposed to protect the innocent. Right.

        1. i think in a lot of these street justice videos probably some people who get beaten and roasted might be innocent, there is not trial. evidence, lets say i dont like my neighbor and i want him death, i could start spreading around rumors or plant bogus evidence and et voila’ , the poor bastard is taken on the street and killed..i bet it happens all the time in these shitty holes countries..or do you really think the inmates of some brazilian prisons are much better than the rapists they beat up and kill? nope, they need a scape goat to torture and kill just to relieve their miserable existence.

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            If you are thinking that anything you have posted could become a deterrent to those people that knock at the door of faith you might be right. You’ll be credited with your keen stumbling block placement. Were you the one that creeped up behind children on the playground so others could push them over backwards? Over the stumbling block you made yourself to be?

    1. @ruzzky, they are not as bad (could anything be as bad?) but they are bad enough, they are considered hell-holes. The closest prison to the main tourist area in Bali is Kerobokan. When there are Westerners in these prisons , like Australians, they (Indonesian prisoners) really benefit from the money and ‘stuff’ that the Aussies family gives their family member in the prison. It is cheap enough to buy many prisoners ‘extras’ and it may keep the family member safe, sort of like buying their protection. Food, toiletries, clean linen etc. it gets shared around.

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  2. I don’t get it. How as somebody hung this poor kid if he’s still in contact with the ground? They would have to stay there holding his shoulders down for it to work surely. Iv seen suicides like this but never murders.
    And that pointers ridiculous, like you’d miss the dead kid centre frame.

  3. This is very bad, I hope they catch whoever did this. Don’t forget Indonesia is a predominantly Islamic country, I think the family can/will decide the punishment. They can be paid off too (if the killer has money) some families would take a monetary payment, some would not. They would still get punished but not as severely if the family says to go ‘easy’ on the perpetrator (if they had paid the family for the crime). The murder of a 10 yr old boy should not go unpunished.

    1. I hope you are right about the family getting to choose punishment. IT wouldn’t make it better but it feels like the right thing to do. I am shocked though that some take money….who would be appeased by money from the killer of your child? NO mater how broke you are….just wow. Such a sad subject .

    2. I think it would be absolutely justified to generally hand out these bastards to the familys of the victims and let them do whatever they want to them until THEY feel justice has been served. “Humans” who do shit like this lose all human rights to me and deserve every agony in the world! Lowest scum on earth! Usually I don’t feel much emotion when watching these videos but knowing that these Venezuelan inmates raped and killed a 4 year old boy it really warmed my heart hearing his screams, but they should have let the plastic drip in his face a bit more(that was my favorite part when he got one drip in the mouth). Now they have a little notion how it feels to be defenseless.

  4. Jeez, what a first post for when I log in after a break. Poor baby. I would like to hope it wasn’t too drawn out or anything. I have kids and you honestly cannot imagine finding this had happened to your child. Can’t believe anyone could do any of the kid ones. JUst why? HOw could you physically hurt a child on purpose? Disgusting.

    1. You right , but unfortunately there are sick motherfuckers who would do that even to an innocent child, it’s sad, and dangerous and if you have kids it’s scary.when they are found they should be tortured and exterminated like roaches.there shouldn’t be any mercy.

  5. Maybe he was trying a new Yoga pose and accidentally this happened..I actually feel sad for the kid, who abuse and kill children should be kept alive if found, and tortured every day. RIP kid, I am sure you are in a better place

  6. Third picture has someone point an arrow ; wanting to dewax the Boy’s ears.
    I wonder what make of the bike was the one the boy rode and had it stolen right under his nose . Yoga wasn’t a bad name for a kid .
    The robbers could’ve left the kid unscathed and taken away the bike.
    Its just unfathomable how a 10 year old was given the liberty to ride and be with the bike . Yoga indirectly ended up paying for the freedom he got from his irresponsible and complacent parents who might now be crying out tears of blood.
    Kids will always be kids they don’t know which wolf is prying and want them end up as one of their prey .

  7. shit, look at all the blood in the head.. look like ready to explode. i dont evencall that “hanging” , i guess you can behead this child if you touch the clothe used as rope

    btw… EPIC POINTER SYSTEM ! look like some road sign 😀

  8. I wonder if the child was playing and accidentally did this then someone just took the bike BC he wouldn’t be using it. I mean this is a strange hanging as half his body is touching the ground. Not to long ago a child accidentally hung himself and we found him in the exact position. He was playing tetherball and wrapping the cord round his neck, being a stupid kid like we all were. Sad. RIP.

  9. Umm, has anyone noticed the BULLET HOLE in is chest and the blood dripping down from it? He was not hung, he was shot then hung.

    A kid would not allow himself to be “hanged” sitting down. Most of these hangings where the floor is easy to stand on are done by those who willingly commit suicide and purposefully allow themselves to choke out.

    So again, I seriously doubt he died from asphixiation. . Again, sure looks like a bullet hole, 22? to me.

    1. If you blow the pic up and look closely, you can see that’s actually a blood trickle that came from the child’s mouth. I don’t see any hole in his chest at all. But I agree with you, it’s a strange”hanging” as the child could have stood or got on his knees.

  10. You have to be at least 16 or 17 to be able to apply for driving tests and licenses but people don’t give a fuck about that…It is sad that a kid had to die but the parents should not allow the kid to ride on the motorcycle in the first place!!!

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