10 Year Old Child Raped and Strangled in Meknes, Morocco

10 Year Old Child Raped and Strangled in Meknes, Morocco

10 Year Old Child Raped and Strangled in Meknes, Morocco

Rape and hanging of a 10-year-old child in Meknes, Morocco, North Africa 2019

Moroccan police arrest man suspected of rape, murdering a child. The ten year old boy is choked with an electric cable after being raped.

An “intense research and investigations” reveals 35-year old suspect connection to the murder and sexual assault on Sunday.

Police find the body of the 10-year old child in an abandoned building next to the Sahrij Swani in Meknes.

Police arrest a 17-year old minor suspect of complicity in the case. Investigations are ongoing to arrest a third suspect.

Police put the main suspect in custody for further investigations.

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  1. Pervy bastards living in a restrictive fucked -up culture.

    Reminds me of something I read about Pakistan. Some perv man buttfucked a man’s teenage son. The youth was not gay as far as I know ;it was really a case of male rape. The boy’s father was furious and hunted down the perp ,caught him and anally- raped him whilst livestreaming it all on Facebook live or whatever it is called.


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            Because they do not take Islam seriously , they say we’re but they do things that are haram like daich (isis) .
            And sorry if u find this absurd.
            Thnk u for the replies <3 .

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    1. Yeah, commenting on these posts is equivalent to the rape and murder of a 10yo boy.
      The reason Muslims come up is because this happened in MOROCCO, a predominantly Muslim country.
      Believe me, if that was a choirboy fucked and killed by a priest, you would hear anti-catholic comments.
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      1. How does a grown person believe in a religion (Christianity) that is identical to multiple stories that outdate it?
        It’s a fairy tail for fuck’s sake. There are no half man/half god people. And if your anthropomorphic god actually existed, he wouldn’t create us, and leave us to suffer in agony while guessing where we came from.

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    3. That’s pretty stupid of you. People commenting on this, as wrong or right as they may be, is by no means as bad as raping and killing a 10 year old boy. Pull your liberal idiot head out of your ass and grow a fuckin brain…and some balls while you’re at it.

  4. My heart breaks for this little boy.I just don’t get it,well I kinda do.children are not usually as strong as an adult.why can’t they find an adult who will play games like that.I know that probably doesn’t make sense.consenting adults.
    It’s mad I was watching that video of Ricky Rodriguez today,poor bloke.I really don’t blame him for what he done.shame he didn’t find his mom.and this shit still goes on.
    Anyway little man I truly hope you are at peace&in a better place now.R.I.P.xx

  5. The sexual disasters section almost always “gets me going” (if ya know what i mean) but how can you sit there and record this? Shes just a child and she’s so badly hurt. At 10, she couldn’t have done a thing to deserve that. I hope he gets fucking castrated and ass raped.

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    Only Holyness can truely exist. Thats eternal 🙂

  7. So this is a real question. Based on the title and comments i assume video may contain a nude child who has been murdered. I was wondering the legalities of viewing videos on this site if they are underage and nude. Im not posting my opinion if such shit should or should not be posted im just asking the question.

    1. A dead body is a cadaver. Cadavers are ageless. A human body, once dead, is considered only as a weight of material. A corpse is not an integral part of a human being any more. Legal human rights are only applicable to living humans, and not to a corpse.

      It is for the exact same reason why medical and forensic textbooks features images of nude cadavers which are never considered child pornography or anything of sorts.

  8. I honestly don’t know why I clicked on the vid, I guess curiosity does kill a cat but holy fuck I’ve seen some messed up shit here but this tops them all, It just makes me wanna hunt down pedos and torture them the worst way possible, power-drill to the balls and cock, pouring acid into their pee hole the list goes on… Now someone mentioned about the legality of posting a vid about a naked bloody child on best gore, makes me wonder is it just some bystander who film this or the sick mf who did this, i guess it just doesn’t feel right to see posts like this on here let alone a short clip that show a dead child.

  9. I’ve never come across a video on this site that I won’t watch..However this will be the first!! I read through the video description…the act of killing a child is such vile and heinous act in itself…but to rape the child as well?! He stole their innocents twice from them…sickening isn’t it!?

  10. That’s just fucking horrible. That child didn’t even get the opportunity to even understand what sex even is only for something that awful to happen to him. It is instances like this, I truly do wish there was a hell for the evil pieces of garbage that did that to that poor child.

  11. I draw the line at looking at images of innocent Kids/Animals harmed or killed. I could happily watch those Mexicans tacos torture each other to death but ehhh won’t even open these ….

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