13 Year Old Brazilian is Raped, Murdered and Dumped in a Stream

13 Year Old Brazilian is Raped, Murdered and Dumped in a Stream

Sad, cautionary tale right here. A 13 year old Brazilian from Cambira, State of Paraná, Brazil, left for the city of Apucarana, also in Paraná, on Thursday, February 5th without informing any of her family where she was going. On the way back from her day on the town, she must have run into her killer. Possibly an acquaintance. She attempted to get a hold of her mother at one point but was unsuccessful. She was not seen alive again.

Her body was found three days later on February 8th in a stream in Apucarana with her pants and underwear missing but her dark top still on. Investigation uncovered that she had been subject to rape and had died as a result of the injuries inflicted upon her before and during the act.

As of this writing, a man (I use the term loosely) has been taken into custody.

Props to Best Gore member cumbola for the story and pics.

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  1. This is incredibly sad. Makes me think of all the dumb stuff I did at that age thinking I was an adult and convinced my mom was being overbearing with her rules. I’m grateful she caught me every time and punished me. Hell, I could’ve ended up like this.

          1. poverty stricken…… FV infested is more like it. ANYwhere FV are found in any kind of abundance is where this WILL happen.
            Being in a 3rd world toilet like The Corpse Factory only means there are lower odds of “authorities” giving any kind of a shit about finding you, OR who turned you into a thing.

    1. Most likely was a very fast and sexually immoral teenager who liked violent males. Most likely is just payback for having one of her violent male friends ( boyfriends) harm someone’s innocent brother over an argument that her verbally disrespectful self initiated.

  2. How come Kim Kardashian can’t get raped and murdered? It’s always these young and innocent girls that are subject to this. I hope the “man” they have in custody is the culprit. He’ll get his ass mangled soon enough.

    1. No your not wrong it happens here all the time. You stupid Whight girls get brain washed by the I wanna be black media, yahoo, dancing with the stars and all the hip pop
      that goes with it. The Jews control the media and profit from it. They want the
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  3. Sure i feel for the girl and her family, but why at that age with the makeup and all does she have to go around looking 20? Kids want to grow up so fast, and get their asses handed to them a lot of the times. Too bloody bad.

    1. You’re a fucking idiot if you think wearing make up at 13 means she deserved her fate.
      I started wearing makeup for my own self confidence, not to get anyone elses attention. She could have, and very likely, was the same.

      1. @E.Lupus…
        Wait a fucking minute! You’re the one that just posted this!!!:

        “I love Christian beheadings, executions, etc. You name it, i?ll jerk off to their gasping, gurgling breaths.
        The only good this ISIS is for, is when they decapitate these bible-thumping dolts. Slower next time. Let them suffer as long as possible.”

        So now you’re a fucking girl today? What happened to you “jerking off” over Christians getting killed? You’re were (and still are) a lowlife piece of shit yesterday and now all of a sudden you’re making these statements??? You fucking psycho maggot…it should have been you in that stream…cuntface

      2. If you are packing hot dogs in your pockets and a pack of dogs eats you up alive, is it the dogs fault? I’m sure that you wouldn’t be asking for it, but chances are that it would happen. So why take the risk in the first place?

  4. Maybe she went to meet her killer after getting to KNOW him / her online or however people do that shit nowadays.
    Probably as random as being struck by lightning to run into a piece of shit like that …but the end result is horrific enough for some.

  5. As a father of a 13 year old girl, I would definitely make the national news if this happened to my daughter.
    The only place they’d find that rapist motherfucker would be on the side of a milk carton.
    “Have you seem me?”
    Skin him alive, throw him in a tub of iodine and introduce him to the Blood Eagle.

      1. Indeed @Obli… Well said sir.
        When my children told me, “Well, you did ‘it’ when you were our age… Why can’t I?”
        I’d tell them, “You’re right… I did… but it doesn’t make it right… I learned the hard way. I don’t speak from hypocrisy… I speak from experience. I want you to learn from my mistakes.”
        Anyway… Great post.

        1. yeah I agree, when i was 13 i was not allowed to just leave the house and go anywhere i wanted to without telling my parents. it’s sad but this is partly failure of parents to be parents. adults know sickos like this exist but kids don’t.

        1. Not sure what you are trying to say, but all I’m saying is that it’s possible the parents exerted a tad too much control over this girl’s life, which build up a bunch of resentment with the pinnacle being her running away to Apucarana and seeing her acquaintance, which she hoped would provide her a escape from all the overzealous control- a sort of “alternative daddy” if you will. Unfortunately, she put her trust in the wrong man which ended up in her rape and murder.

          What you are saying is plausible, yes, but an alternate theory is always helpful in shining a new light and perspective on the subject.

  6. Interesting to read the reactions to this post as opposed to other similar posts..
    Clearly, one’s “looks” have everything to do with the degree of outrage.
    Now that is truly hypocritical and sad.




    1. For me personally, it has to do with my state of mind at the time of any said post! For example Yesterday,s posts, hit me a little harder than usual because yesterday in Ontario Canada, we were celebrating a stat Holiday called Family Day. All our 4 boys, and their girlfriends were with us for the week-end. Food, Fun times, then,,, i see posts like this, and it hit home big time. Poor Girls,,, it made me sad, and angry! 🙁 this had an effect on my response to this post. On other posts, when i, or others make fun, or joke about it, again depends on their state of mind at the time. Many react to these tragedies by joking around, or laughing it off, as their way of dealing with a sad situation. I don,t think it has anything to do with looks at all!

      1. Though murder seems to happen alot in Brazil and Thailand, it happens in N. America too. Go to youtube and search “serial killers”. Loads psychopaths in USA and Canada. Being from Ontario you likely remember Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka. Paul was a prolific rapist (Scarborough rapist) and together with Karla kidnapped, raped and murdered two teenagers. There are sick people everywhere.

    1. I don’t think most rapists/ killers do it mainly for the sex i think they get off victimizing and killing the victim…. there are incidents of people torturing and killing prostitutes and i doubt it’s over money. and of course there are guys that get off underage girls probably why thailand is such a big destination for old pervs.

  7. Her death is a blessing for myself and anyone cannot be manipulated from Feminism. If the Amerifuckers put their sad actions to Latin America, shame the Gringos who made ISIS, Terrorism and anything is scaring the globe to fear. The A.C.E’s time of dissolution is coming.

    1. Gotta keep up those looks to appease the endless vanity and also to look cute to boys and remind people people you’re a girl and not a boy with long hair.

      Also, if you are that person in that profile pic, I guess you would be a good judge of this.

      1. All I’m saying is a13 year old shouldn’t be wearing red lippy.. That’s just my opinion.. 13 is still a child. I’d definitely have something to say if my daughter wore red lippy at 13, it oozes sex. Just my opinion

  8. Rapist should have their balls cut off & thrown in the garbage disposal for starters… Then have a scalding hot curling iron shoved up their ass… After that, stick sewing needles up their dick & repeatedly kick them with steel-toed boots… That needs to happen to ALL rapists & molesters…

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