14 Year Old Stabbed by Yobs for Defending His Father in London, UK

14 Year Old Stabbed by Yobs for Defending His Father in London, UK

14 Year Old Stabbed by Yobs for Defending His Father in London, UK

This video was filmed for Best Gore by our London correspondent, Best Gore member @13lunt420media:

A 14 year old boy was stabbed on Fairbridge Road in Upper Holloway of London, UK after rushing to help his father, who was accosted on the street by a group of yobs. A yob, according to online dictionaries, is a British term for a noisy, rude and violent young person.

The teenager was reportedly knifed in the stomach and side, and is said to be in a serious but stable condition in hospital.

Thanks a lot for recording the video and sharing it with us, @13lunt420media:

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58 thoughts on “14 Year Old Stabbed by Yobs for Defending His Father in London, UK”

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    1. I drive a bus and serving fair bridge stop. I saw the police there doing the investigation.
      That area is all messed up.kids 14+ riding on mopeds stealing phones not wearing helmets so the cops will not chase them.
      I can tell you 80 percent of black twats getting on the bus have a problem. They are likely to abuse the driver for any reason.
      In London niggers do whatever they want.
      They think they are something special..guy on a bus yesterday drinking beer talking shit to young family.
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  1. “A yob, according to online dictionaries, is a British term for a noisy, rude and violent young person.”

    In London, Yob is a code word for nigger.

    In America they use the code word “teens” or “youths” for the same thing if I am not mistaken.

    London is not part of England anymore anyway. The British call it Londonistan for a reason.

    1. In America we call the noisy, rude, and violent kids “millennials”. They share a close relationship to liberals, progressives, and the more edgy democrat socialists. They’re all niggers in my book.

    2. Every country have a slang word for “young, noisy and violent”
      In Russia for example it’s “Gopnik”, and the event at which a bunch of gopniks surround you on the street, beat the shit out of you and rob you, is called “gop-stop”.

      Pretty funny.

      By the way, Moscow is not a city anymore. We call it Moscowbad now, for the very same reason. Those “nigger” problems are universal for every country, except that niggers get swapped for muslims or asians.

      1. Yes, and ironically the very facts you cite are the same ones that I believe have decided our police force not to deal with it. Really! The lazy cunts have decided they’re not paid enough, I’m certain of it. I’m not a privatisation fan but I would make an exception for the police. Pay them only for results.

  2. Knife crime is an issue because of all of them young niggers down there thinking they’re these big gangbangers stabbing each other up, no loss there, but unfortunately innocent people get in the way.

  3. Surprised you haven’t heard the word yob before, it’s very common here in Blighty!

    There aren’t any racial overtones to it. Fuckwit, tearaway, hooligan, tosser, wanker all cover the term. EG – brawling football supporters would be called yobs.

    The good thing is, the guy survived and two ‘yobs’ have been arrested. No idea of their melanin content.

  4. Sooo… What happened to the father during the attack? They only stab the boy as a response for interfering and the father gets no fresh stab wounds?

    Still, I commend the boy for ‘sticking up’ for his dad like that… That was courageous!

  5. Give a kid a stab and them is fo’eva a victim.

    Give a kid a knife and them is fo’eva a yob.


    With apologies to T S Eliot’s “Four Quartets”… this how it ends… not with a bang… or a whimper…


    This Attilla the Stockbroker track is from 1982. A “Wimpey” was the only burger available in British High Streets until the arrival of BK and McD in the late 80’s. Relish… this is a view of the last real white working class chip-shop “thuggery” before the others took over.

  6. Most Hispanic people refer to their Fathers ‘Yobs’ as their being their sole family income.
    First time I hear the term used in a diffrent setting from our Brothers across the pond as they say.

    “I has alotta cohzzins that need yobs”
    Is a a way it could be used.

  7. Hahaha fucking ‘British term’, it’s an English my old China…the same as the language we are communicating in right now. ‘Yobbo’ is used in the rest of the English speaking world with the exception of America.

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  8. poor kid! send those “yobs” down to mexico, see how tough they are with their little knives when you got dudes who behead people in forty seconds. seriously though, leave the kids alone, man. let em grow up a little before you go getting all stabby. sheesh.

  9. When i was kiddo in 80’s, father’s deal with them after police bring those teen scumbags home.
    -Pre zionism society in Socialistic country like Yugoslavia at the time knew how to deal with bastard children:
    When those scums did something bad all neighborhood watch parents because little shit embarrassing whole of his family. Motherfucker is beaten, grounded madly and everyone is happy. No social workers shit, no state involvement, nothing. It’s a family thing. If father fails with his weakness, guys from street teach amoral “yob” a lesson he remembers.
    Those were the times i miss badly. Now we have all US laws imported here and our society falling apart.

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