15 Year Old Hitman Santre Sanchez Gayle Guns Down Gulistan Subasi for £200

Screenshot from a CCTV Video of 15 Year Old Hitman Santre Sanchez Gayle Killing Gulistan Subasi

This is one pretty messed up case from the UK. 15 year old schoolboy Santre Sanchez Gayle was caught on CCTV camera gunning down 26 year old Gulistan Subasi with a shotgun. To carry out the murder, Santre Sanchez Gayle was promised to get paid £2,000 but only ended up getting £200 which he used to buy himself a fancy Dolce and Gabbana beanie hat in gold. Britain’s youngest hitman was sentenced today – May 24, 2011 – to jail for life with at least 20 mandatory years behind bars. Judge Stephen Kramer who handed out the sentence at the Old Bailey today said that the murder of Gulistan Subasi was ‘an efficient, ruthless and calculated execution’.

15 year old Santre Sanchez Gayle was a member of the Kensal Green Boys (KGB) gang which operates in North-West London, UK. He wanted to impress more senior gang members so he decided to carry out his first murder on his own. And he did it like a pro. As CCTV video shows, Gulistan Subasi was shot in cold blood by a hooded killer with a sawn-off shotgun at point blank after which the killer casually walked away without looking back. But as the police investigation kept getting closer to the resolution of the case, the officers were shocked to learn that the hitman was a 15 year old schoolboy.

Santre Sanchez Gayle did not pick his victim at random. He did it to impress 21-year-old Izak Billy – an older gang member who hooked him up with this “job” and told him it paid £2,000. To prove his worth, Santre Sanchez Gayle killed Gulistan Subasi but ended up getting shortchanged (still, had he contract killed someone in Thailand, he would only get about $20 as that’s about how much a human life is worth over there). The police don’t know yet who exactly recruited Izak Billy to find a hitman for this hit.

Miss Gulistan Subasi – the victim of the hit was 26 year old mother of two. It is speculated that the man behind her murder might be Serdar Ozbek – victim’s ex husband. He was originally the prime suspect however because he was in Turkey when she was killed, the murder charges were dropped.

Santre Sanchez Gayle is now 16 year old. The hit was carried out on March 21, 2010. He was caught after one of his mates – Ryan Hatunga – to whom he bragged about the hit reported him to the police following some form of dispute which involved death threats. Since his arrest, Santre Sanchez Gayle showed no signs of remorse and even used abusive language and threats against the members of jury. It must be in his blood as his half-brother is currently serving time behind bars for murder of lawyer Tom ap Rhys Pryce in 2006 and so does his cousin who was given life sentence over shooting of Lee Subaran in 2004.

Below is the CCTV video of 15 year old Santre Sanchez Gayle executing 26 year old Gulistan Subasi with a shotgun. Gulistan Subasi ended up with a tennis ball sized hole in her chest and died shortly after. Santre Sanchez Gayle is seen executing the hit like a pro, showing no signs of hesitation or doubt, and walking calmly away from the crime scene:

And a gallery of photos including mostly mugshots of all people involved or otherwise related to the hit or the killer:

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  1. That is the shittiest video ive seen that was used against somebody as evidence for a crime. I cant make out shit. It looks like a negative image. not saying he DIDNT do it, but the video is inconclusive of to whom it was EXACTLY. Im sure the bragging was the most incriminating, but even then its kind of hear say, if the person wasnt there. as for “calmly” walking away, goddamn, if thats your idea of calm then id hate to see you hopped up on adrenaline.

  2. @ Catabis

    Today is not your day, is it? You’re going out of your way to prove that your chicken brain hasn’t quite developed to the size of a chicken brain, but you don’t have to provide a proof of that twice in a row. Once is enough.

    Some CCTV cameras record in clear picture, others record like shit. That’s the way it is. This is obviously one piece of evidence the police had to work with. How they went about using the evidence they gathered to get to the culprit is irrelevant. They got the right guy and that’s all that matters. Clearly, it’s only good chicken brain dumbasses like yourself are not in the police force cause nothing would ever get resolved. If the cops threw towel in just because CCTV recording was not of crisp quality, the murderer would still be roaming free.

    It should be illegal for dumbasses like you to have internet access. Guy was obviously not acting nervously. No looking over his shoulder, no stumbling on invisible blocks, no confusion about where the fuck North was. He did exhibit calm behavior, something you would expect from an experienced killer, not someone who’s never done this type of outlawed act before.

    Now get back to bobbing for apples in the toilet like your mother taught you.

  3. We had a 17 year old in N. Ridgeville, Ohio stab an old man some 50 times, beat him with a pickle jar and they let the friggen kid out on probation! Claimed he was sexually molested for several years. He was even on the Oprah TV show!
    Now he has to stay inside his home until they find a place for him to continue his education.
    Talk about screwed-up justice!

    Busted for drugs, you may get out early?
    One man robbed a bank while drunk, after a short stay, they let him out!

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  5. A 15 year old hitman..that’s…pretty crazy. But the fact that she had two kids just makes me sick. Those poor kids. That mother fucker should be tortured and slowly burned for killing a mother. Fucking worthless prick.

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