16 Year Old Filipina Raped and Murdered, Brain Came Out Her Nose

16 Year Old Filipina Raped and Murdered, Brain Came Out Her Nose

This heinous crime happened on Sili Street in Meycauayan City, Bulacan province, the Philippines. A young Filipina, only 16 years old was found dead on May 15, 2014. She is believed to have been gang raped. After the deed, the rapists murdered her by hitting her in the head with a concrete slab. The blows were so severe, her brain swelled and came out of her nose. When she was found, the girl’s face was so disfigured and bloody, it was almost impossible to identify her.

As of this writing, three unidentified suspects are still reported to be at large. A person named “Dante” is in the police custody in relation to this rape/murder, but remains subject to further investigation.

Props to Best Gore member Rico35 for the pic and info. Hopefully justice will be served for this young lady:

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          1. Yur sick man, she not even old enough to have breasts. What about your sister, is she hot and fuckable to death as welL?

          1. @Karmen yes. They are quite the pair. Besides being great company they are an extra level of peace of mind. Very loyal and protective.

        1. I don’t get off on whats happened to that little girl. It’s despicable. But the whole “hide little boy” comment touted from some snivel nosed nobody on the internet like you’re really gonna do anything really pisses me off. Come and see little man is all I have for you. Faggot.

        1. I think that’s a problem. This is why in Brazil we catch 17yo (or below) cold blood killers and they don’t go to jail because they are too young according to our stupid laws.

          Well, maybe 14-17yo was too young for older generations but kids are becoming smart sooner and sooner nowdays.

          Sorry for being off-topic.

          1. The thing we do agree on is that age should not be a get out of jail free card. You commit a crime you should pay for it. What was done to this child was despicable. No matter how developed she may look to you the very ideal of sloppy 5ths with a child with her brains leaking out of her nose? Bro you gotta raise your standards.

    1. It’s just plain evil. Like Charles Manson and his family. There’s no purpose in Nature for that behavior.

      And it has nothing to do with sex. It’s insecure people trying really hard to compensate.

    2. I believe that good and evil are man-made constructs. Those concepts do not exist inherently in nature. Take away man, take away good and evil.

      This right and wrong, good and evil concept didnt come about until man evolved higher brain function that took their biological processes beyond mere survival. We developed conscience and empathy and love.

      We were now able to look internally.

      “Seeing this or experiencing this produced a pleasurable feeling so its good.”

      “Seeing this or experiencing this made me angry or sad so its bad.”

      Thats all it is.

      1. So maybe that’s the way it is. No absolute “good” nor “evil”, no consequence, no real justice. These perpetrators, if they are lucky enough to get away with it, can go on with their lives, worry free. They had their fun.

        Well, one can only wish there is an “afterlife kind of justice” for these corrupt politicians, greedy businessmen and wealthy pastor/pedophiles, who have the smarts to play and side with the law to live their lives to the fullest. Beyond the laws and concepts of morality that are only man-made constructs as you said, everything is really permissible in a purely materialistic world.

        1. I think no one gets away with any evil in life. The uncertain possibility that we might get away with something is just bait for people to decide their fate. Evil exists, from this sad story alone, and evil will always lose.

    3. Nature and Nurture both play parts in the mind of a killer. Whether it be nature, nurture or both. @xizang its not compensation, its hate. its power, not necessarily because they lack power in their normal lives. I honestly believe its a bigger problem than you’re making it.

    4. We all have a dark side(if we’re all honest about it)&sometimes it just comes out stronger in some people&in different ways,than it does in others. IDK if it’s ALL natural(some is,I guess),but it is there,anyway.

  1. Its a shame they couldn’t just bang her and be out. Instead they chose to proceed further and bash her noggin in killing the girl. I hope it happens to one of there loved ones. Poor kid. She did have a nice body thoe.

  2. Shit like this disgusts me. I hate when I see evidence of how men differentiate between a little girl and a woman ready to have sex. 16 is still a kid and its a shame someone did this to her and its a shame some of you don’t recognize her age because of her body. If a grown man so much as as eyes my 15 year old you better believe I have my gun ready.

          1. You never let us down @nyguy, I’m more convinced then ever,You ARE a PIG!

            Wouldn’t be so funny if it were your child would it???

            *I rest my case*

    1. What the fuck is the difference whether she be 16 or 18. Nyguy makes a valid point… in that country she’s legal. Then again its not a good point because that would imply that the difference in laws one place to another should determine something of that nature. And who are you to determine what the correct minor/adult age is anyways. People can comment on whatever the fuck they want. It’s as if you’re implying that if the girl was 2 years older than id be all gravy to talk about how sexy she looks. Normally you’d think the problems come into play when a person goes outside of bounds and is then turned on by something that does not look identical to what he’d go after anyways. The girl looks of age. she just looks a little dead. haha… funny how you all focus on the fact that these people comment on a minor as oppose to commenting on the necrophilic aspect.

          1. i swing by often to read the articles here..

            where is the syrian young lady gone.

            i hope she is o.k. ?

            what happened to you ya habiti ya zahra flower
            ????? ?

  3. Isn’t there a fairly common macho expression ‘i’m gonna fuck her brains out’
    Or am I just imagining that?
    Anyway, here’s proof you can though a paving slab is obviously needed.

    A pretty girl like this one faces a dilemma constantly, the natural sex hormones will tempt her to flash a bit of leg and tit when out and about, but alas it’s not just the high school hunk who’s going to notice.

  4. Newbie here! Hello to all!

    I struggle to try and understand the feeling of utter terror this girl would have endured in her final few minutes. Can you imagine being that scared to the point of insanity?

    Utter scum. I hope justice is swift and agonisingly painful and long for all the perps involved.

  5. I heard about this news months ago because I also live in Meycauayan, Bulacan. There’s also a news recently here in the Philippines some craze pinoy dude slit his 6(or 9) year old daughter because he was left by her wife and travel to Canada probably with some other guy what’s troubling the fact he post the picture on Facebook to show it to his wife. I try to find it seems been taken down. Hope someone could post here on BG.

  6. Hmm everyone commenting on how they would still fuck her is a bit sick for me. I mean if that was your daughter/sister whatever, you would definitely not be saying those things and it shows a complete lack of respect. I’m all for the gore but some people take it too far!!

        1. Absolutely….especially some of these members who talk about their children often, even girls. Then say shit like that. It common white superiority as well. Girls who aren’t white are just sex objects to them even if they are dead and children. Sickening.

  7. It pisses me off when men say, “she deserved it,” or “she was asking for it,” or anything along those depraved lines, when it comes to rape. All I know is that the males who perpetuate this kind of supremely fucked up mentality are NOT real men, they are insecure little boys who get off on the pain and suffering of creatures weaker than themselves. They can’t pick on someone their own size because they are the epitome of a coward. They are a bunch of chicken-shit basement dwelling neck-beards whose vileness is second only to murderers.

    Rape is NOT funny, it’s not something to do for the lulz. I get so sick of the men who act like that just because they have a little dick swinging between their legs that they are somehow superior. Yeah, the logic is here is non-existent.

    I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by wonderful, intelligent, respectful men all my life and you can bet your life if anything like this ever happened to one of their daughters/sisters/girlfriends/wives/mothers that they wouldn’t stop until that perverted piece of shit was six-feet under. Go ahead and lambast me, you pathetic little cowards. I don’t give a flying fuck. You know I speak the brutal truth and that is something I will never apologize for.

    Alright, let the feminist slurs and general douche-baggary commence because apparently free speech is as much an illusion here as anywhere else.

  8. Who cares how old she was…rape is still rape. Whether she was 6,16,26 or 106,it’s still the same thing…rape. Why do people make such a big deal,over age,when such things happen? Is’nt it bad,no matter what age? Age does’nt matter.

  9. This may sound horrible but..
    She was 16….nonone know the real back story here…why she was there where she was…
    She could have been brought there by force okay…got it…
    But bash her fucking head in so bad that her brain swells out of her nose….someone wanted her to suffer…okay she got raped…but fuck if your gunna kill someone make it quick….why leave her like that you know she didn’t die quick…since her brain had time to swell it had to have blood flow which means she was alive for a while after.. I can see alot of fucked up shit but this is beyond me.

  10. I read somewhere that the term these sick fuckers use for gang rape is “bok” and these guys see fuck all wrong with bok,they see it as a social activity for a group of friends to do togetherseriously backward people like guys that do this shite blow my mind sometimes i think hitler had the right idea,just the wrong races of people.

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