17 Year Old Drug Dealer Smashed Head of 12 Year Old Drug User with Stone

17 Year Old Drug Dealer Smashed Head of 12 Year Old Drug User with Stone

Guess the country and guess the name. Too easy, I know. Where else would you find a 12 year old drug user who gets stoned to death by a 17 year old drug dealer because the former owed him money for dope?

It’s the gore capital of the world where a teenage boy would mutilate his friend over computer game money, where dead bodies can be randomly stumbled across in the streets, where boyfriends shoot their ex-girlfriends to death in broad daylight, where lynching mobs take care of justice, where drug dealers walk down the streets armed with military grade rifles, where mother would kills her children with angle grinder, where… majority of population are da Silvas.

Caruaru is that special place in Brazil that’s too brutal even for Brazil. Our story IS from Caruaru. 12 year old Jackson da Silva Ferreira (can’t have a murder case from Brazil without a da Silva), who was known to his friends as “Pequeno” (small) was a drug user. They sure start at an early age in Brazil. He bought drugs from 17 year old dealer by the name of José Carlos de Oliveira. Pequeno owed his dealer 200 Reais and promised to pay up but failed. You just don’t do that to drug dealers in Brazil – 12 year old or not. Least of all in Caruaru for fuck’s sake!

On February 1, 2012 José Carlos caught Jackson da Silva in an abandoned house where Caruaru drug users go to shoot up, stabbed him several times and finished him off by bashing his head with a stone to a pulp. Homicide department of the state of Agreste caught the murderer after 3 weeks of investigation and lo and behold, while in custody, José Carlos de Oliveira confessed to murdering other 10 people whose deaths were on shelves marked as “Unsolved Cases”. Quite a productive murderer for a 17 year old drug dealer.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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72 thoughts on “17 Year Old Drug Dealer Smashed Head of 12 Year Old Drug User with Stone”

    1. Does this dealer give out his product on credit or something? He seems awfully trusting. I thought you had prove u could pay before u could purchase drugs. And where would a 12 year old have the income to purchase drugs?

  1. it never ceases to amaze me on how the teachings of adults to their young can create kids like these,
    you would think the adults would open their eyes and change the way the kids are brought up.
    but in countries like these,they just provide good entertainment for the more civilized ones,
    BESTGORE is truly the best ,keep up the good work Mark…

  2. Wow, it’s hard to beleive that a 12 year old is using drugs instead of still playing with G.I Joes! But then again, this is another part of the world, and it’s Brazil, so I don’t know why I’m saying this.
    It took 3 weeks to find him? I wonder if he’s just that good, or the police down there are just that incompetent. I’d like to know the circumstances surrounding the other 10 murders, then I’d have a better answer to that. Very good gore for us, very sad for a young life cut short.

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        1. The stabber was very good at where to poke him as not to casue bleeding, say, in the lungs so he can’t screem…..I’m just fucking with you (sort of) because I’m a butthole (not sort of)

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  3. I’ve never understood why drug dealers kill their customers when they owe them money. You can’t get paid by a corpse, dude! Plus you’ll be charged with murder when you are eventually caught and spend lots of time in jail. I wouldn’t be surprised that in Brazil inmates buy dope from prison guards, who in turn steal it from stashes from arrested drug dealers. If this goes on in the USA, you know damned well this goes on in good ol’ Brazil!

    1. Simple as preventitive maintance.
      Unless you want others to try and take advantage of you every single chance they get (parasites will ALWAYS try to get what they want for nothing but excuses) then make a few examples, and suddenly, you have espect through fear.
      It’s the only way these things work.

      Just ask the Zeta’s.

  4. “Another victim to slaughter dead
    Another snitch to deal with
    A million times I’ve been betrayed
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    I’ll just kill, it’s all just a game to me”

        1. No doubt, however I was making a “that kid up top who got smashed by a rock” reference, reguarding the helmet.

          I would have appricated it if My Mom had shown me pics of reality, rather than just saying “come back in one peice” or “those could put your eye out” and “those machines can take off an arm”
          If I had SEEN what the bitch was talking about, the point would have been better understood that YES, shit CAN happen to YOU, and not just to that kid over there.

    1. This kid must have been pretty slow, even for HIS age.
      The other 10 examples I guess, didn’t apply to him.
      That, and 200 PENNIES can suck to try to come up with when your 12, let alone trying to cover the cost of drugs.

      Like You said, lesson learned, you laiitl dead bastard.

  5. he knows what he was doing, unfortunately in brazil minors under the age of 18 wont get a jail sentence. thats why you have so many street justice cause people know police wont be able to punish these guys, and thats also the reason why brazil have such a high crime rate, cause they start young and probably at their 18th birthday they havent made enough money to retire, so they keep on busy in the crime but then mostlly in the drug trafficking

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