19 Year Old Marcel Heße Stabs 9 Year Old Boy and Woman to Death in Herne, Germany

19 Year Old Marcel Heße Stabs 9 Year Old Boy and Woman to Death in Herne, Germany

In the city of Herne, Germany, a young man named Marcel Heße, who’s only 19 year old, seeks internet fame and figures he’d achieve it by committing suicide. He texts a friend, and tries to kill himself with CO2 from a grill. The CO2 however triggers a smoke alarm, causing his suicide attempt to fail.

Having already announced his suicide, Marcel Heße doesn’t see a way back and moves on to the next thing – murdering a child. He kidnaps a 9 year old boy and stabs him to death.

He then ends the pics of the child to his buddy, who shares them on 4chan and asks what to do. German police arrest the buddy, but Marcel avoids arrest by going on the run.

Later on, Marcel shows up on 4chan himself, and starts a thread on /b/ showing off his bloodied shoes on a corpse of a woman whom he had killed, and eaten her pizza.

The horrific murders took place on Monday March 6, 2017, at around 6pm German time. There was a rumor that the 9 year old child he murdered was a son of a member of the infamous motorcycle club “Bandidos“, and that the club was on the hunt for him. On Thursday, March 9, 2017, at around 9.20 pm, after 3 days of successfully hiding, Marcel Heße reportedly turned himself in and is in police custody.

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164 thoughts on “19 Year Old Marcel Heße Stabs 9 Year Old Boy and Woman to Death in Herne, Germany”

    1. Sorry we are in Germany. He get 5 Star service in a mental jail. There is one in his neighborhood I think between 1-3 KM. So ill the German law I wish him a one-way ticket to a Brazilian jail to and then I hope to see a torture video in HD from this cocksucker

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          1. @brazilianflipflops00 (aka A real Brazilian)

            Thank you.

            I’m a man……….with testicles. I know how much time and effort goes into producing those precious little wiggling soldiers. I want to make sure each and every one of them doesn’t die in vain.

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          5. jimmy…you are smarter than that.

            I’m not a nurse, I’m not a doctor, I have NO medical training at all, but even I am aware that the large intestine’s purpose is to recover any available water and minerals from food that were left over from the small intestine. If sexually-transmitted diseases can also be absorbed, it stands to reason that sperm are ALSO absorbed and assimilated.

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          8. @goreaddict (aka Kevin)

            Oh, HIV is perfectly transmissible through penis-vaginal contact, but many people use condoms to prevent conception in the first place. If you need proof, just look at Africa. Many of their societies not only frown on gays and anal sex, but condom use as well, and HIV has spread like wildfire down there.

            You can’t contract HIV through the mouth unless that person is bleeding or has sores.

    1. Well buddy,
      it’s in Germany.
      We don’t have such things in here.
      He’ll get a separate room with TV, special safety treatment because he could get attacked by other inmates and so on….
      Look at our Government.
      What do you expect?
      I could tell you some things about our left- wing party The Greens.
      But after that i’d get charged with something.

    2. Sorry dude, but there’s not much ass raping going on in German prisons. That’s more an American thing.

      He killed a child, so he will most likely suffer in some way. He will slip in the shower or something like that, but in general he will get away pretty lightly. Sad..

  1. Okay so why the hell did the buddy got arrested?? I dont think he took part in the homicides, if anything he helped in what little he could by sharing what he knew and what he had….
    Germany doesn’t make much common sense with its laws, but then again isn’t Germany runned by a progressive bitch named Angela Merkel??

    1. Mark (Veritas) explains that the friend uploaded the media to 4chan and asked what to do. He didn’t contact the police directly, so it is likely they arrested him merely to obtain any information he had to provide on the matter. Since Marcel has already claimed responsibility for the murders, I doubt the friend would be charged with anything.

      1. Actually, he did MANY things wrong. He killed Jews indiscriminately.

        OBVIOUSLY, there are Jews, such as Albert Einstein, who are intelligent. If I had been him, knowing what I know now, I would have filtered out those Jews with intellectual capacity; isolated them, and cultivated them to work for my cause.

          1. Oh, I would have had a fun-ass time if I had been a member of the Gestapo, but I digress.

            Hitler killed Jews indiscriminately, PERIOD. He killed engineers, scientists, historians; instead of killing these people, he could have harnessed them for the guidance they might provide (I’m sure they WOULD provide it to stay out of the gas chambers), filtered that guidance through his own people, and probably won the war. Instead of gassing people, he could have simply worked them to death and produced MUCH more than just munitions for his armies.

          2. We don’t know if the national socialists really gassed anyone, but they did put jews to work, in factories such as Siemens which had an unit besides Auschwitz if I can remember well.

          3. @Cadejito hitler ordered the jews to be sent to russia. they sent them on trains that all headed east. there are no gas chambers. there are no mass graves and hitler would have executed a raging homo like you. the gestapo would have fed you to the dogs, PERIOD.

          4. @undergroundweller

            There’s a chance that the whole Holocaust thing might be a fabrication, but it’s a very small chance, indeed.


            I think the fact that I’m not tall with blonde hair and blue eyes would have already qualified me for disposal in the eyes of the Nazi party. Fortunately, Mother Nature and Father Time have ways of weeding out bad ideas. The Nazi party has gone the way of the dodo, and yet buttfucking is still around.

            Hmm…keep that idea in your back pocket…it might be important.

          5. Not so small, there is a documentary I watched a while back in which they debunk a lot of points about the holocaust, how those tiny ovens couldn’t have burned so many people in the amount of time they would have required to validate official numbers. If you go to Birkenau the whole place was destroyed by the Soviets, the supposed gas chambers included (that’s what they say in the documentary, but in the camp they say it were the Nazis, but the thing is that the whole camp was torn down as far as I can remember). Auschwitz too, they have like a chimney built by the Soviets popping out of the ground. And there are many other stuff, like that there was a whorehouse a library and soccer tournaments in the camps. So far as I can see we may have been lied about some things that happened, heck, even the death toll of Auschwitz has been changed.

          6. @raginghomo russian towns are banning faggots as we speak. the tide has turned and national socialism is making a huge comeback all over the world. you’re fucked in other words. you best hide back in your closet.

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            Aw, fuck your name.

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          8. Hey, svargeeeeeee I see your still being an obnoxious cunt!!! Haven’t been on here for months, cause unlike you I have a life…. but yep the first post I read I see your verbal diahorrea ….

    2. I go on /b/ pretty much everyday. I saw the whole find unravel. His friend knew he was the killer, apparently marcel posted a video of him killing the kid to deepercutz and some one rang the police. Marcel was just a little btard who lived the shitty /b/ dream. He knows he will go down in the 4 chan hall of fame and he loved knowing that. I understand people have the urge to kill people and it’s something we all should be aware that little fags like this kid are out there. Killing the kid was just harsh. I’m sure the biker gang will get Get hold of him inside and get what’s coming to him.

  2. I know there gots to be bandidos members in jail and this little coward is gonna get his wish of dying granted…
    it’s obvious that he didn’t really wanted to die he just wanted attention….
    If I was a German and would come across this pOs I would go off on his punk ass for murdering a child and a woman…
    As a German he’s supposed to look out for his own people, specially when they’re being invaded by the rapefugees…. You want to go on a killing spree, fine go and kill every middleeastern motherfucker that looks the same age as you, I’m pretty sure that with the over a million refugees Angela Merkel allowed in they shouldn’t be hard to find…
    Coward-ass piece of shit Marcel…

    1. Oh please. Don’t lump all refugees into one group. That’s like seeing one obese, ghetto white person at Wal-mart and lumping all white people into that category. I’m sure that many refugees are simply seeking a better life for themselves. Most of the rotten apples are too stupid, too lazy, and too enraptured with the chaos of their native countries to consider moving anywhere else.

      1. I’m with Trump on this refugee ban and I hope that he gets strict on the vetting process so to make sure that the wrong people don’t get in American soil….
        By the way @cadejo do you not know what these muslims do to people like you???
        I can picture you, if you were a German holding signs that say “welcome refugees” like all the stupid liberals that end up getting ganged banged raped by the same motherfuckers that they welcomed with open legs…

        WTF???? @Cadejo I thought you were smarter than to defend the people that are out to get you… or maybe you’re doing it hoping that when your time is due you’ll be spared…

        1. People like ME?

          My friend…I can fuck both women AND men at will, so I can conform to either Christian OR Moslem rule. While extremist Moslems might tote themselves as 100% vagina-fucking individuals, I’ve seen plenty of videos from that country where they fuck, not just women, but men AND boys up the ass, so I am utterly convinced that anal sex transcends country, transcends religion, transcends “upright morals”.

          On a personal level, I’ve actually had more than one male Muslim sexual partner. They are actually relieved to live in a country where they can be fucked up the ass without any serious repercussions. My friend, Abrahamic religions are fake as hell, and it’s incredible that people still believe in that shit, considering all the oxymorons contained in their holy texts.

          Men ,who are inclined that way, OBVIOUSLY, enjoy anal sex. Most women have the capacity to enjoy it as well, so I don’t really see what’s the problem. Two people enjoy each other’s physical company; they are not harming anyone, so what the fuck is the problem?

          1. @charlie1967 (aka Emo67)
            Vaseline isn’t recommended for anal sex. Water-based lubricants are more appropriate. And why do you want me to get into a closet with you?

            You’re a nurse, you KNOW that there are more effective ways of spreading the HIV virus.

            @itshopeless (aka Matthew)
            Oh, don’t worry. Once North Korea and Pakistan get taken over by terrorists, the bombs will be dropping alright.

            @irondiketyson (aka trust me)
            Considering the AIDS joke that jimmy made, that remark about “staying positive” struck me as hilarious.

    1. @Karma I was thinking the same shit. I already heard about this story but I come to Best GORE looking for GORE!!!!! I know you can only post what material is there but just disappointing. I miss my Brazilian prisoners with their awesome riots. Maybe next one won’t be just an aftermath video. Bring me the good shit while those scumbags are still alive!!!

      1. Well at least he did the co2 with a grill and not in a car so that’s something. It just seems like if you’re trying to make a statement by murdering you would want everyone to see the “horrifying” details to make more of an impact, it is a shame when some kid goes crazy and I don’t get to see

        1. How great is digorno pizza. The supreme. Seriously if u stay in and cook one up 400 degrees oven on bake for 27 minutes u will get a awesome lightly crispy crust. There are a couple top notch pizza places in Manhattan. Pizza has a lot to do w the water they make the dough with from what I’m told. Def getting pizza today now.

  3. The parents of that dickhead must be proud of his actions :^)

    How the fuck you ruin such a simple plan, and in the process of your “plan B”, you get your “innocent” buddy arrested and killing an child and a woman? All of that just for internet fame?

    Next PewDiePie right there.

  4. The parents of that dickhead must be proud of his actions :^)

    How the fuck you ruin such a simple plan, and in the process of your “plan B”, you get your “innocent” buddy arrested and killing an child and a woman? All of that just for internet fame?

    Next PewDiePie right there.

  5. Fucking finaly my city gets mentioned on BG
    Still justice isnt served as many people would have loved it.

    Its a damn shame the police got him first and not his stephfather not to mention those groups which hunted him.

        1. Always wanted to visit Germany. Auto engineering is top notch. Surprised not many videos from the autobahn on here w the speed. That’s cause the vehicles can handle acceleration and braking and handling. I have a BMW LOVE the vehicle. I would love to see a grandma just cruising at a 130 mph going to work.

  6. What we are not told is that the child and woman were last seen together at a pizza joint. The pizza place ran out of their ingredients to make more, thus imparting the only two that were left to the woman and child. Marcel was behind them in line and got pissed, epic pissed, because their pizza was to die for. Marcel implemented his alpha male status to claim both for himself. Thus the murdering. Don’t fuck with someone’s extra cheese.

  7. Followed everything on 4chan and on germen tv, was actually kind of funny.

    His reason was, that he doesnt want to work and would rather go to prison…

    He will probably get pretty well protected in prison, but he will probably never go there and instead into an psychiatry. In about 7 Year he could already be out and will give a meet&greet with his fans 😀

    The killed boys name was “Jaden”, which is a whitetrash name here in germany and the woman was fat, so there isnt really a loss…

  8. A child and a woman, wow.
    What a hero.
    Better for him bandidos couldnt find him before he showed up and waited for the police to arrest him..
    He will be protected in jail by the police and have a room for himself. German prison is not like prison in brazil!

  9. He’ll have his room……
    Be able to choose from different menus…..
    TV is not a pro…..
    He can receive daily newspaper just for him…..
    For his ” own” crosswords and other mental shit…..
    He can have sex with a wife( his, is better….)
    23 hours out in prison’s intra muros and one hour in his cell…..
    They used to be able to get Turkish prostitutes on Sat nights
    In Germany you can even get a PhD in prison…..!!!!

    1. Der wird wahrscheinlich einen gewaltigen Dachschaden haben. Bei dem tickt irgendwas nicht richtig in der Birne. Wahrscheinlich hatte er eine miserable Kindheit oder wurde vergewaltigt.
      Jeden Falls ist dieses Stück Scheiße zu dumm zum Kacken. Scheitert am Selbstmord, scheitert selbst bei der Rechtschreibung. Ich glaube der ist auch sonst im Leben an allem gescheitert.
      Er hätte sich ja ganz einfach, wie jeder normale suizidale Jugendliche, die Pulsadern aufschneiden, vor einen Zug werfen oder von einer Brücke stürzen können.
      So wie ich unsere Deutsche Justiz kenne, wird man ihn wahrscheinlich in die Klapse stecken oder ihm maximal 10 Jahre Jugendknast verpassen. Mit Glück hängt er sich dort auf und wir sind ihn los. Zu schade, dass man keine Gefangenen nach Brasilien exportieren kann. Dort wäre er bestens aufgehoben. Als Kindermörder würden die ihn sodomieren, beschneiden und zu guter letzt köpfen.

  10. This is obviously a byproduct of Merkel’s ‘open doors’ policy in Germany. All the rapists are corrupting the innocent white male who – after being abandoned by his government – has nowhere else to turn but to the methods that the sand people from Tattooine have brought over to Europe. Marcel is the real victim here.

    There – I said it. Do I fit in with the ever-insightful political analysts in the Bestgore community yet?!

  11. This is a perfect case for people to understand the psychology at work. Did he hate the kid? Nope. Did he hate kids in general? Nope. Did he have a fantasy to kill kids? Nope. Did he hate the woman? Nope. Did he hate women in general? Nope. Did he hate Trump? Nope. Well… what the fuck did he want? Jew Social Media Celebrity Likes. He was a loser, tired of being a virgin loser, and at least one time, people would notice him. He wanted to be a Jew Media Celebrity. Why this matters is: why shoot a SCHOOL? Jew media will advertise that. They NEED a school shooting. Do the psychos hate schools? Nope. That is the target the media selected if you want to be shown on all the tv stations. In short, another SUBHUMAN. Testing should have isolated him out early as a 75IQ physical inferior – 4f hominid specimen, and gassed him. On top of everything else, an idiot subhuman does not even do you the honor of HAVING A REASON when he murders you. A Reason? umm no. He wanted Jew Book likes. You are in Valhalla, and the warriors of history ask you, ‘Who killed you? Tell us your epic saga!’ I was murdered by a random functional retard little dick wanting Jew Book likes. skål!!

  12. This was an infuriating case. Didn’t anyone notice something wrong with the kid to arrange for help? Remember that this happened in Germany, not in Brazil, Mexico or any other shithole like that. Where was his family? What this so called ‘friend’ had to do with him? How did he agree to post the murder videos? Was this murderer tied to gang or something, or just he randomly took a Bandidos boy and killed him? I don’t think he did it randomly. Probably he had some connections with a gang. Probably he was a mildly retarded, virgin boy who was ignored by anybody. But why he didn’t rape the woman if he was virgin?

  13. Ew what a piece of shit. He has African bone structure! He does look like a wigger fag who didn’t get enough love from your mother. What a wasteful piece of garbage… slimey filth! I hope he enjoys prison food with a small window to look out… he’s going to be giving himself hand jobs for at least 25 years. He should have thought of that before murdering anyone. What a stupid fucking idiot retard. I hope he enjoyed his last pizza of his life. He won’t even be able to pay for a prostitute where he’s going. No pussy for him! Rotten boy needs to be punished with everything taken away. In a small cold room to reflect on what a loser, failure, embarrassment and disappointment he is! Killing a child is unforgivable so nobody is going to miss him and give a fuck about him.

  14. Well, i think hes gonna be judged as a juvenile and end up in a juvenile ward of a psychiatric hospital.
    Maybe he’s gonna stay there for his whole life, maybe he’ll be released after a few years.
    The maximum sentence for murder in german juvenile law is 10 years.

    So, whatever sentence he’ll get here in germany, it won’t be adequate at all.

    Little fuckers like this piece of shit should be sent to brazil. They should break his arms and legs, cut them open and tear them slowly apart. Then they should rape his faggot ass with a massive soldering iron. If this little fucker dies, he should die the most painfull and horrible way anyone could think of.

    1. How nice, everybody calls Brazil savage, but when some shit happens in first world country that is worthy of a Brazilian prison Brazil is seen as a model. Unfortunately, it’s the prisoners who administer justice in Brazilian prisons, so it’s not so fair…

      1. The heck are you, what made you think that I am a leftist judging by my comment. Most of the killers I cited are degenerates and should be eliminated from society, the facts that nowadays Germans keep them in luxurious prisons and welcome rapefugees with open hands shows that Germans are the leftists, or to better put SJWs, not me…

          1. Fortunately, due to my age, I will not be around in a couple of decades. If I am, I guarantee I’ll be in prison. I have no intention of trying to look after myself in my 80s so I’ll kill someone and then lie back on my bunk for however long it takes.

            Okay okay, I’ll video the killing. Sheesh, calm down, ffs!

  15. As a juvenile he will be sent youth jail plus psychiatry for at least 10 years. If after that he is judged to be still a danger he can be put in a closed psychiatry till he rots to pieces.

    Here in Germany he will have a hard time in jail for killing that child. But of course nothing compared to Thai or Brazil jails, where he wont survive two days without a bloody gaping asshole and cut to pieces and burned afterwards.

    I must say death is such a poor choice of punishment for those narcissistic loner special snowflake assholes that want to have their 15 minutes of fame. Let them rot in jail forever, feeling everyday that they have lost, that they have done everything wrong and will never reach their so much wanted greatness. And that for years and years to come. Thats the greatest punishment for such human shitholes

  16. Looks like the woman was a man … he does not seem to have realized this … thought the dick was a clit and arse was her pussy … poor chap knew the weirdo and was killed after he realized why he wanted to hang around with him … now the retard will be accomodated by the German system … deluxe Psych or jail …

  17. He’s a fucking Faggot. Get nothing strait in his life. Did this all because he don’t want to write a few applications.

    Fail Suicide

    Fail hiding

    Fail to run from the police

    Even FAIL to eat the fucking Pizza

  18. Yeah, of course it hid and then turned itself in to the cops. I know that if it killed someone that I loved, especially my child, I would do anything and everything to get access to it, take it somewhere safe, and do everything to keep it alive as I tortured it constantly, only taking breaks enough to eat, ensure that the shitheap was still alive, and I’d probably naps every now and then.

    Unfortunately, nothing is likely to ever push me to that , so it’s probably just going to remain one of those strange “win some, lose some” dreams of mine.

  19. This is what happens when German men are constantly shamed for being German, White, Male and they are forced to inhibit their masculinity so they bottle up and then when they explode, they tend to go apeshit on anything.

    German men have to find ways to channel their masculinity in positive way.

    Never provoke patient Germans. They can be furious when angry and when they get mad, you better make sure you don’t stay on their way.

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