1920 Photos from Philippines – Woman Murdered and Dismembered by Boyfriend

At Least She Has No Issues with Saggy Tits

1920 Photos from Philippines - Woman Murdered and Dismembered by Boyfriend

Those look like scans of photos from a family album. File it under “things you can find in family albums in the Philippines“. This happened in late December of 1920. While that’s the time when most people celebrate Christmas, one Filipino decided to have himself a way with his lover. He didn’t like her all that much, I suppose. So he killed her, beheaded her and cut her up.

Dismemberment seems to be popular among two groups of killers: Mexican narcos and women haters. Many serial killers who specialized in killing women also cut their victims up. It must deliver some form of relief for the killed to have that woman sliced one part after another, cause she won’t be conscious long enough to live through it all.

Gallery of vintage photos from the Philippines, depicting pieces of the woman dismembered by her lover in 1920 is below:

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20 thoughts on “1920 Photos from Philippines – Woman Murdered and Dismembered by Boyfriend”

  1. In the ’90’s there was a huge incidence of dismembered women (even one case of a dismembered teenage boy) in the Philippines, especially in the urban area of Manila. Some of these cases were heavily condemned due to the brutality, the thought of dismembering a victim and spreading her body parts all over conspicuous areas of the city.

    The most famous cases were Lucila Lalu, and Elsa Castillo. Lucila Lalu was sensation cause she was deemed as the “first” (though in reality, there were cases ahead of hers) “chop-chop” lady in Philippine history. It was the sensational buzz that came along with her case that made her seem the first. There were four suspects including a dentistry student. Until now, it is still a cold case and her head has never been recovered ever. Since then, body parts kept piling and piling…

    Then came Elsa Castillo who was also sensational due to the involvement of a foreigner. He murdered her in a crime of passion and dismembered her. With his driver, they threw the body parts outside Manila (from a bridge they said). These two cases were immortalized in films which equally matched the gory and violent circumstances they were done in real life.

    The Philippines has a long history of dismembered women and it has become part of the grisly inner city urban legend roster. Nowadays the incidence of dismembered women has sharply decreased, maybe due to some economic improvement during the later years. But I do tell you, during the ’90’s… newspapers and magazines were littered with COLOR photos of dismembered women, of families stabbed to death and so on.

    Love lots 🙂

  2. how about vintage photos of the most famous woman dismemberment of them all -> The Black Dhalia… they even made many movies out of her case including the most recent one starring Josh Hartnet

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