1995 Triple Rettendon Murders – Crime Scene Photos and Videos

1995 Triple Rettendon Murders - Crime Scene Photos and Videos

On December 6, 1995 Patrick Tate, Craig Rolfe and Tony Tucker – all career criminals and well established drug dealers known to the UK police, were lured to Workhouse Lane in Rettendon, in the Borough of Chelmsford, Essex where they were brutally murdered with shotgun blasts while seated inside their Range Rover. The three had been lured to the remote farm track on the pretext of a lucrative drugs deal. Their bodies were found the on December 7, 1995 and the case, appropriately named the Triple Rettendon Murders became one of the most notorious murders in England’s recent history.

The Triple Rettendon Murders Story

Surrounded by quiet English countryside, a small town in the southeast of Essex, a town named Rettendon was a rather eventless little village, and would remain completely unknown to most of the outside world, and even most of the British, until the tragedy that unwound on the evening of December 6th, 1995.

Three men, Pat Tate, Tony Tucker, and Craig Rolfe, would be shot to death on that night, abandoned in a Range Rover, their faces so mangled they could only be identified by their fingerprints. It was alleged that the three men drove out to the country lane expecting to follow through with a drug rendez-vous. All three were heavily involved in the dealing of ecstasy and had a fair bit of blood on each of their hands – which we’ll get to in a moment.

The ages of the men at the time of death were 37, 38, and 26 respectively. They were found by an old farmer and his friend in the early hours of December 7th, four miles from a town where another famous ecstasy-related case occurred – that of Leah Betts, who quite possibly consumed ecstasy distributed by the victims’ gang before her untimely death at the age of eighteen. For this reason, many suspected the murders were perpetrated by one wishing to avenge her.

The Essex Boys

Tate, Tucker and Rolfe were not unfortunate, complacent thugs as one might want to think in a case like this – in fact, it was quite the contrary. Patrick Tate, possibly a steroid user and weighing in at 250 pounds, was a notorious armed robber in the Essex area. One incident on his record truly illustrates just how far Patrick Tate’s rage could go if he was in the wrong state of mind.

Patrick Tate

Two days before his death, Patrick Tate’s girlfriend called into a local pizza parlour, requesting a pie that wasn’t included on the menu. The manager of the restaurant politely informed her that they could not make it for her.

Tate’s response was to grab the phone and begin swearing violently down it. The manager said to him, “Cut the attitude and we will bring you a pizza.”

This didn’t please Patrick Tate one bit – in a frenzy he rushed down to the store and threw the cash register at the 21-year-old manager who had answered the phone. After punching him in the face and slamming his head into a glass plate, Patrick Tate stormed off.

Neighbours said that expensive cars would always pull up to Tate’s house, which was in a very ordinary middle-class neighbourhood, and he always seemed very well-off, but nobody knew where he got his money from, and nobody dared to ask. He had been extremely paranoid after surviving a previous murder attempt in April of 1995.

His girlfriend testified that Patrick Tate, despite what atrocities he had been responsible for, supposedly had a good heart – it was the drugs and the steroids, which he had gotten increasingly addicted to in the past two years, that ruined him.

Tony Tucker

Tony Tucker was a true drug baron – a real tough guy who had previously played the part of bodyguard for Nigel Benn – professional boxers in Britain. Money earned trafficking drugs bought Tony Tucker many luxuries in life – a basketball court, a stable, and enough money left on the side to pay for the extensive security one needed to live the life of a drug lord without being killed right off the bat. Ruthless and dangerous, Tony Tucker was both feared and respected.

Friends of Tony Tucker described him as likeable – very different from his gang personality, almost like a “good businessman”. One ex-member of the gang whose life has been documented in films such as Rise of the Footsoldier, named Carlton Leach, claimed that to his buddies, Tony Tucker was trustworthy, even “lovable” and “like a brother”.

This seems to be something often testified of many hard criminals, even the most infamous, such as Escobar. It really makes me wonder, and forgive me for sidetracking, which one is the “real” side of a man, and which one is the ruse?

Craig Rolfe

Last and probably least, the youngest of the Essex Boys – 26 year old Craig Rolfe. Not much information exists on his background – we can assume, then, that he was a bit less of a higher-up in the game. Tony Tucker had been his boss. In his film portrayal, Craig Rolfe was shown as a long-haired, somewhat naive minor character, one of those kids who gets wound up in drug crime and gang violence and never manages to worm his way out of it.

We know now who the hacked-up piles of human face meat in the pictures are, which leaves us to wonder, who killed them? Well, I’ll elaborate on that in a second, but let’s also mention that fourth figure of the pack, Carlton Leach – a friend and associate of Tony Tucker and Patrick Tate was not in the Range Rover and is still lives in Essex.

The Triple Rettendon Murders Suspects

The perpetrators of the crime were convicted largely on the testimonies of a man dubbed the “supergrass”, otherwise known as Darren Nicholls. Darren Nicholls was obviously also involved in the English underground and had been convicted on drug offenses in the past. His claim was that he had driven the supposed murderers, engineer Michael Steele and mechanic Jack Whomes, to and from the scene of the attack. He was given credit for his testimonies, and served no time for his role in the crime.

The lawyers and families of Michael Steele and Jack Whomes are convinced that Nicholls’ testimony is flawed, based on new evidence risen in more recent years. Jack Whomes is trying to apply for a re-trial, so far to no avail. Another criminal confessed to being the driver, one Billy Jasper, but since Darren Nicholls was the prime suspect in this case, he was not given much attention by the police, even though his story is credible.

Jasper’s testimony goes as follows: he was offered five thousand British pounds to drive an anonymous accomplice to the Rettendon murder scene in order to carry out a cocaine deal. He was unaware of the anonymous’ weapons (a sawed-off shotgun and 9mm pistol) and left the scene until the deal was supposedly done. When he returned, it was only then that he realized his accomplice’s true intentions, and that the three drug barons had been murdered inside the car.

The families of convicts are under the impression that Darren the supergrass Nicholls fabricated his story out of self-interest, in order to evade his sentences for crimes he had personally committed.

The judge himself was quoted as saying, “Nicholls is a convicted criminal who was engaged in drug abuse and the importation of drugs into this country. You must bear in mind it was in his own interest to become a prosecution witness… he hopes to get less time to serve.”

The Triple Rettendon Murders Evidence

From a mobile phone expert, another telling piece of evidence was discovered: at 6:44 Darren Nicholls received a call from Jack Whomes, calling from Workhouse Lane, asking him to “come and pick us up” after the murder, but Whomes maintains that he was informing Nicholls that his broken-down car had been picked up, and calling from a pub’s car park.

A forensic scientist ran tests that discovered almost ten calls made from the pub’s parking lot that could possibly have been made by Jack Whomes (they used his same transmitter) but none from Workhouse Lane that could possibly have come from him.

Another issue is that investigators found that whoever shot the Essex Boys was an “expert marksman”. Darren Nicholls claimed that Jack Whomes was the one who fired at them. Whomes’ brother, however, testified that Whomes had a long-standing fear of guns, ever since a hunting accident he had experienced as a child, and had never owned one himself, let alone possessed expert knowledge of their use.

Jasper’s anonymous accomplice, however, was a brilliant shooter, and a former soldier who was well-decorated, so he clearly had a lot of experience with weaponry and violence.

Billy Jasper and his anonymous accomplice have been searched for in recent years, perhaps to see if it might turn the tables, but neither of them have ever been found. Knowing the lives they lived, it is unfortunately quite likely the both of them are dead – in which case, if they were the Rettendon murderers, we will never know, and even more unfortunately, Jack Whomes and Michael Steele – both jailed for life – will never be acquitted. Such is a prime example of how useless the courts can be sometimes.

Rettendon Murders in Popular Culture

The events surrounding the Triple Rettendon Murders inspired a number of movies. Perhaps the most famous one is film title “Essex Boys” with Sean Bean in the main role. A 2007 film “Rise of the Footsoldier” (following the biography of Carlton Leach) and 2010 film “Bonded by Blood” are also based on the crime.

Rettendon Murders Video Documentary

Video below is a documentary on Triple Rettendon Murders by Crime Monthly. It contains interviews with investigators as well as farmers Peter Theobald and Ken Jiggins who discovered the grizzly scene as they drove towards the Range Rover with their Land Rover. The video also contains reconstruction of the events leading to the murder of the Essex Boys. “Was it a contract killing or did the men know and trust the assassin?” – the commentator asks:

One more video documentary – more recent, with many interviewes, including relatives and friends:

Rettendon Murders Photo Gallery

The photographs below depict Patrick Tate, Tony Tucker and Craig Rolfe in the very same Range Rover they died in, exactly as they were discovered. It’s an extensive library of photos and includes crime scene photographs and autopsy images.

The poorly-endowed, tattooed man with holes in his scalp is Patrick Tate. The man with the popped eye is Craig Rolfe. Tony Tucker is the rather hefty man with a shiny leather jacket and a great big bloodstain down the side of his jeans.

Many thanks to Sofia C. and Dave aka archamedes for valuable assistance putting this detailed post with all the relevant information together.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. yes mate, i recon A LOT of people wanted to kill these guys.

      typical loud-mouthed cockney bullies – who got just what they deserved.

      demon quote “Patrick Tate – Steroid Abuser and Small Dick Owner ”


  1. that’s quite a well documented story mark. really researched that one. it was rather long winded and i don’t know how many of these gore retards have the inclination to read it thru. these were such handsome and noble men in life. such a loss to the world truly. on another note i tried that oil of oregano you e mailed me a while back for pain and it only gave me a hot tongue and no relief but it was worth a try. at this point i’m willing to try voodoo or travel to Lourdes, France to find some relief. do you really read all these comments?

    1. Long fucking winded indeed, and the picture volume…..holy SHIT! Mark must have been collecting the whole set of ’em for the last 17 years….that’s more pics than i beleive ever seeing for 1 post.

      As far as severe pain, I hope that you find a means to end it soon.

      I understand that your potions are MORE than limited, but I empithise as best I can on how much that much suck.

        1. i appreciate the work you put in, especially in this post. personally, i found it an interesting read. i was very young at the time this happened, and lived quite far from essex, but you’d think i’d have heard about this case, or at least heard of the film adaptations before today x.x

        2. Good work mark, its always awesome to get the back story to a murder, it definitely engulfs you more and makes the pics way more creepy, unlike other murders that happen almost the exact same way on a daily basis in places like Mexico and Brazil, the fame of this one the back story and all the pics give it that little extra extra

        3. hello mate, check out my blog of biblical proportions attatched to the rettendon three pics. There was actually many more of those pics as i have seen them on Bernard O’Mahoney’s website, but to my knowledge, the cops had them removed more than once. I hope you like my insight into the rettendon 3, I used to live in Essex not far from Rettendon and used to know a few faces from around there so know a bit more about it than your ordinary joe.

      1. (wow, I just caught that……OPTIONS! what the hell, I flipped the “o” and “p” around and got “faggy potions”

        Anyway, holy shit Mark!! Dude there were 51(!!) photos and 2(!) videos there, plus a small novel worth of back story.
        I’m, personally, glad that the time was invested a story that DID NOT take place in the US or the middle east.

        At least Europe is interesting, and the people there have a bit of an “Old Way” about them.

        The countries are old, the people have been there for ages, and the murders (usually) have some degree of reason to them.

        To Me, it seems like this was an execution by means of using whatever the young man (presumably) had available, it was not a heavy 12ga but a 410 or 20 gauge. Obvious by the damage that it did NOT do.

        I like the idea of a revenge killing, it makes sense.

        Bad shit happened to his bitch (her choice, if the drug angle is legit, but still) he steals his grandpas’ rabbit gun, makes the plan, makes the calls, then makes the kill.

        Anyway, your efforts do go appreciated, and usually do not go unpunished in one way or another.

        1. I think it could definitely be a 410 that’s what I thought when i saw the wounds to the side and back of their heads, you know the majority of handguns are illegal in the UK but most shotguns and shotgun ammunition are allowed for game hunting

  2. I don’t have anything clever, or witty, so say about this. Just good riddance to bad rubbish. A dealer used to live down stairs from me in my apartment building, and because of what I had to put up with because of him, and his customers, I don’t have any sympathy for drug dealers, or druggies, when they get killed. I just wish I could be the one killing them. Either with an M16, or a large hunting knife. Fuck ’em.

    1. and it also looked like a 410 or 20 ga. NOWAY this was a 12 ga, with those “small” holes, it was a smaller calibur shot….12 ga would have COMPLETLY deformed, or decapitated the head.

      Buck shot was used by the way, check out close-up on 3rd to last pic and you can see the individual shot wounds around the primary hole

        1. According to Tulio’s old banana republic military high school small arms instructor, to recieve a 12 gauge shot at that distance is something like gettin all bullets in a 9mm clip unloaded on you simultaneously….

          1. The “kill range” on a 12 ga is well over 100 feet away. Didn’t see powder burns on these bodies, but the grouping makes it seems like it wasn’t point plank, nor was it from waaaay off.

            As far as a 1oz sabit slug (a sabit is an encased, usally rifled shell that hold the “bullet” or 1 oz. lead slug, in place so it can travel down the barrel, gathering speed and a good spin for long-distance accuracy.

            The old muzzel loaders (black powder rifels) had not sabit around the ball, so as it was shot, it “tumbled” down the barrel, making it VERY inaccurate, compaired to a “sabbit slug”

            This is what makes the 12 ga. shotgun my favriote firearm of all.
            You can choose such a wide veriety of ammo, up to and including….
            incendarry rounds (literly explode on contact) #8 load (very small pellets that are a cheep target practice round) 00 or 000 load (just a few solid copper balls that will FUCK YOU UP)
            1 oz slugs…(basically an entire oz of lead being shot at you)


            The world wouldn’t be all that it is without them.

          2. Hey stench you heard of the Russian Siaga-12 automatic shotguns they’re modeled after the infamous AK and they’re basically an AK that shoots shotgun rounds, they have the 12ga model and the 410 model the guns made by izhmash the same company that produced the original AK its also the official shotgun of the Spetznaz, in my opinion its one the best shotguns around, i even dare say it could out perform the mossberg 590, remington 870, the cool Franchi Spas-12 and the beautiful benelli M4, also the Siaga can be converted back to its original fully automatic version this is highly illegal tho but not difficult at all but the best thing about them I think is the price around here they go for about $500 bucks the price of a new 870

      1. To my knowledge, it was a 12g that was used. and it was done at fairly close range, with swiftly and decisively.
        Not only is Rolfe still holding the wheel, his foot is on the pedal too.

        Theres debate over wether it was a pump action or a semi auto though.

        Legally, neither could have got off the shots that were fired without re loading, so the fact that it was a modified semi auto/pump action that had been unrestricted.

        Carlton Leach may well think Tony Tucker was loveable. Few others did. And few thought they were good to do business with as in the very short time his partner Pat Tate had been out of prison, he’d buil a reputation for liking to take posession of drugs, but didnt really like paying for them. Several people got ripped off by them, and were not very happy about it.

        By the time of their murders, it was common knowledge that if you were thinking of sending them a christmas card, you’d be wasting a stamp. They were living on borrowed time.

        A curious aside is that all three were drug fuelled steroid raged paranoid monsters, and were armed at all times, yet there was no money, no drugs, and no weapons found in the Range Rover.

        There are theories that due to the nature of his injuries, the main target for the attack was Tony Tucker,whose face has been almost totally erased.

        The Leah Betts link has also been heavily looked at. Her father was a well respected police officer and there have been theories that claim that if it was the an official authority lured them into the lane, that might explain the lack of drugs and weapons in their car.

        From the scene of crime , it has been deduced that they were caught in a classic, well planned, perfectly executed ambush.

        Carried out by two civilians with no formal training against 3 incredibly paranoid suspicious men.

  3. ok, first off, I’d like to state the amount of research/info sent is respectable. And second, mouse/wahl/he-man. I DO find your insight/comical relief entertaining at times but the fact you feel you’re better than everyone else because of your age or “wisdom” or personal experience has grown a little stale. I mean no disrespect. Just stating what I’ve seen. /rant. I’ll probably be banned for this. As it is frowned upon to step up to senior members

    1. Thing is though, an un-based opinion is one thing, an opinion backed with reason is another.
      I like H.L.A.M. but the fact is that in order to hang out here, one better have a degree of thick skin, and be able to take some critisizm (<–word murderer attack victom! at least think so)

      Shit I get sidetracked easily….anyway, talking shit is frowned upon, but just saying it how it is can be looked at as another class of inteligant comment, and not just being a smartass with a big, um, set of mouth-fingers.

      1. Not seeing where you are going here. But I also like mouse. I just don’t like how he thinks he can do as he pleases, cause as I don’t remember him being around. But then again it seems to be a whole new crowd.

    2. wow, we have a usurper and whippersnapper in our midst. i shall answer this challenge. with my age [48] comes a lot of personal experience and hopefully wisdom. it seems a lot of the retards including yourself martyr on this site are youngsters compared to me. sorry if your offended/don’t understand by the guidance i try to impart on the gorelings. like most DISRESPECTFUL young fuckheads you do not know your place in the PECKING ORDER on bg. as far as not being around, i have been posting consistently for over a year and check this site 8x a day for updates. you don’t get to 933 comments not being around. if you were in my presence i would throw you a beating boy for your insolence. even being disabled as i am. you have been properly BITCH SLAPPED now mr. martyr.

    3. i have not seen any member here more hollywood handsome the ken wahl dude or with more beef than he man dude so if we are to judge by outward appearence then yes they are superior specimens of the human race than you mr. martyr. your avatar looks like a devil worshipping charlie sheen high on crack.

      1. I think I may have been around longer, not that it matters. But I choose not to spill my unnwanted opinion upon the interweb. But yes you’re far more attractive than me he-man. Continue on with your online personas. You have yet to impress with anything but your humor. Keep flexing those internet muscles mouse. I still enjoy you and what you say. Just felt like picking a fight with the big guy.

        1. i’m far from the big guy on this site, just one of the most wordy like @stench. i prefer interacting with this gore community online because interacting with real people results in arguements and fights. i post my quips here and i’m done. the rest i keep to myself as i observe the madness of this world. also i don’t get paid to entertain or amuse you. you can F off now mr. troll. i’m starting not to like you as you seem to be a smart ass.

          1. Not only are we BOTH wordy, but sometimes we actually have a legitimate point.

            Far as the B.G. community here…..the site gets thousands of hits per day, and hundreds of thousands of hits per month, meaning that MANY people from around the globe come here, and only a small fraction comment, let alone regularly comment.

            Stands to reason that, for those of us who do, it basically takes squeezing the globe, to come up with a hand full of a dozen or so people that we actually like to talk to.

  4. The 3 films based on this incident are very good. ‘Essex boys’ was an older very loosly based film (used different names) ‘Rise of the footsoldier’ Was a very close depiction of these boys. As far as british gangster films go, ‘Rise of the footsoldier’ is very violent, bloody, and shocking to watch, Its also my favorite British gangster film. It also has some funny scenes in too. ‘Bonded by blood’ is the most recent of the 3 films and is yet another vision of how it went down. ‘Bonded by blood’ uses a lot of actors from ‘rise of the footsoldier’ and they all weirdly play different characters, so if you watch both films back to back, it gets confusing. Out of the 3 films i highly recommend rise of the footsoldier, next to essex boys.

    1. I just watched rise of the footsoldiers last night which was a pretty good movie.The only thing I didn’t like was not being able to understand what they were sayin’ half the time cause it sounded like they were talkin; with marbles in their mouth half the fuckin’ time.

  5. Thanks for this post, BG, I have read a ‘true-crime’ novel about the story, seriously good read too! I’ve also recently read about Carlton Leach in a crime book about UK criminals wives!

  6. All the above info can be found on Bernard O’Mahoneys website.
    This was my first viewing of gore ever, it gave me my thirst for more.
    I remember this happening, I’m from Norfolk which isn’t far from Essex, the story of the Essex boys is notorious.
    I’ve been a bouncer for 6 years and have worked with men who ‘know’ Carlton leach and had worked with him in Southend.
    My ‘boss’ was actually depicted in the film ‘rise of the footsoldier’ he is the single most scariest man I have ever met and would never ever fuck with him!
    There is actually speculation that the police knew about this ‘meet’ and managed to get there first and saw off the guys themselves!
    Anyone who’s interested should go and look at bernard O’Mahoneys website, he has his own theories about the shootings.

    1. Nice 1 Combatmedic , i will have a look , your theory might be right , the police are not ‘ whiter than white ‘ as they like to think . Ive a funny feeling these men in prison accused of these murders are innocent , seeing as one of them jack whomes was scared of firearms ? i guess we will never know ?

  7. My guess is that it wasn’t a 12 gauge. A 20 or 16 gauge. The wounds aren’t catastrophic enough for the power of a 12 gauge. The shooter barely used the 9mm, seeing as only one guy had wounds comparable to that of a 9mm. Should have used heavier medicine. Something like a .45 ACP, .44 Magnum. .357 Magnum, or even a .40 S&W. It would have made for more shock and awe.

    1. a .357 or a .45 would have been a tremendous sleeping pill to offer them.

      A .44 mag would have pretty much wored about the same as a 12 ga at close range.

      My guess is that this is the only firearm the shooter could get his hands on…..and it seemed to work just fine.

  8. This is a treasure trove Mark and thanks. I have been long awaiting the chance to see these. Especially as I live only what a few miles from where they were shot. When I get a few quid together I will send your bandwidth company a postal order for Β£20 its all I can do to show my support

      1. Holy kanobe Stench you have put me on the spot here and my mathematical brain cells have been removed to be replaced with a more valuable memory for storing gore. Mark his holiness is and should be lord of all goreites or gorgians however we are addressed, and a few pound or euro, not much mind, should be well spent on him for bandwidth. Ps Can you get kicked off here for sucking up arse because it is not meant to sound that way. But even though it does then credit to the boy for keeping the gore coming in.

  9. I remember this and i think it was around 1993(ish) and the blog related to this vid has a few gaps in it so let me enlighten my best gorefriends! Patrick Tate was jailed in Swaleside prison on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent and whilst there he becomes friends with none other than Kenny Noye, Britains then No.1 no fucking around gangster. Now, Pat works for Kenny inside the prison by punting drugs and bashing faces and carries on working for him when they get out of jail later on. He also links forces with Tony Tucker, then later Craig Rolfe. Craig was a particular bullyboy and it was well known that he had overdosed a known ‘joey’ of theirs in the back of a car then dumped him in the gutter where he died later. Kenny began to hear bad stories coming from Essex about what these three were up to and told them to fucking tone it down a bit as he did not want the cops sniffing around him. Then, in a nightclub run by Tony Tucker called Raquels, a young girl called Leah Betts took half of her first ecstasy pill and drank too much water when overheating and went into a coma and later died. The ecstasy pill she took was a green apple, one of a batch of very strong pills that had been punted to the dealers in raquels by Tate, via Kenny Noye. The Leah Betts story was headline news with pics of her on life support and a call from the public to track down these ecstasy dealers. Around the same time Kenny Noye found out that Pat Tate was in fact a ‘grass’ or police informer and he knew that his name was going to end up with the cops so he ordered the rettendon three to be executed to sever ties and make sure Tate didnt talk. They went to workhouse lane with a fourth person in the car, who was supposed to be showing them a field cabable of landing a light plane from France loaded with drugs, this however, was a load of bollocks as it was all a set up to get them to a remote spot for their demise. The execution was lightning quick, Tucker and Rolfe never had time to blink let alone react. So fast was it in fact that Rolfe still had hold of the wheel in the car and had his foot still on the brake. The only one who had time to realise the gravity of the situation was Tate, who, after recieving a shot to his side, (check morgue photo) tried to dive across to the other side of the car, but was met by two barrels fired through the window into the top of his head by the other of the assassins. Kenny Noye was never convicted or connected, muchto the fury of the police who desperately wanted to jail Noye after he sensationally was found not guilty of stabbing an undercover cop to death at night in his back garden several years earlier. The cop was on an operation regarding Noye but Noye said he thought the cop was a prowler and acted in self defence. Kenny Noye is now serving a life sentence for a ‘road rage’ attack where he stabbed a man in the heart and killed him. Also, Scotland Yard are pissed right off about the morgue pics being leaked and have been tracking down sites that show the leaked photos so lookout best gore!

  10. These 3 were the fucking boys man! And none of your comments would of gone down to well with any of them. You wouldn’t have the guts to say it. You would be shitting your little pants if any one of these 3 legends were in front of you. Too bad the police had them murdered.

  11. No one ever mentions pat tates buisness partner (John marshall) who was shot dead in his range rover in kent couple of years after these shootings?shot in the back of the head with ?5000 left in his lap?,Oh and he just happened to have a policeman (high ranking) as his father…..probably not linked but who knows eh?, I knew tate for a few years last time i see him he had robbed a happy eater restaurant for ?16.00 i kid you not!. its public knowledge ….so as for big time criminal hmmmm… me thinks not.

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