20 ISIS Mujaheddin Killed by Kurdish YPG Forces in Syria

20 ISIS Mujaheddin Killed by Kurdish YPG Forces in Syria

Man who filmed this video speaks some English and according to his commentary, there are 20 bodies of killed ISIS mujaheddin on the truck beds. The mujaheddin were killed by the Kurdish YPG (The People’s Protection Units) forces in Syria.

It’s kind of funny if you realize that both the Islamic State and the Kurds are big friends of Israel, yet neither learned anything from history. You can go as far back as 2nd century, and look at every single major conflict to find instances of Jews funding both sides to have them weaken each other with endless warring, so Jews can come up on top without getting involved themselves.

Fortunately, it’s also good news for the people of Syria, who unlike ISIS, YPG, FSA, Al-Nusra Front and whatever other militant group wreaks havoc on their country, have not been trained, armed, funded and supported by Israel and their proxies, so ISIS and YPG getting in each other’s hair only brings their country closer to liberation.

Props to Best Gore member manowar96 for the video:

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      1. I think they will be very surprised to find themselves burning in hell while being ass fucked by the Devil’s thorny cock; much the opposite of what their cave man clerics promised them.

        Oh and, go Kurds! Keep it coming.

  1. On the last fellow, I thought I saw maggots. No flies anywhere else, and some of those tighties don’t look so white anymore. Is it winter there now?

    What do they do with the deceased enemy? The bodies are a health hazard. Could someone provide real information, not jokes? (My joke is, where do you think Soylent Green comes from, anyway? Ta-boom-tish.)

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