25 Year Old Woman Dragged for Two Miles Dies with Horrific Road Rash

25 Year Old Woman Dragged for Two Miles Dies with Horrific Road Rash

This is easily one of the most horrific deaths for a Da Silva we’ve had on Best Gore yet. It’s most certainly the most hellish road rash ever. The worst thing about this road rash is that it grated her tits off so we don’t get to see them. Again! There’s a hint of a nipple on her right breast, though.

25 year old Silvana Maria da Silva was dragged behind a car for almost 2 miles along the BR-104 highway near Argestina in Pernambuco, Brazil. Earlier that night she left her home along with her husband to go to a club in rural Argestina and a few hours later was found all mangled on the road. Her husband disappeared and has not been heard from since. His whereabouts and/or what happened to him are unknown.

Notice how deeply grated her knee and elbows are. Yet still they are nothing compared to what happened to her chest area. When road rash grates half of your rib cage away, spilling your innards, you have just been put through the most excruciating drag behind a car ever. Her head took severe beating too from being yanked around as she was being dragged. Her skull is cracked, face disfigured and part of her scalp detached.

I wonder if husband killed her or if the killer left the woman for the dead on the road and kidnapped her husband for further fun at a different location. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for a male Da Silva all beat up beyond reckoning:

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58 thoughts on “25 Year Old Woman Dragged for Two Miles Dies with Horrific Road Rash”

  1. Yes, Dr. , I was just gonna say: the pictures are really good.(..in a somewhat more profane manner…). I wonder what killed her first. The head banging, or the grating of some vital tissue; I hope for her she banged her head so hard she didn’t notice herself getting butchered by the road…

  2. This woman had to have suffered unbelievable pain. Her husband is nowhere to be found, probably cause he’s having a beer with his new girl friend. Think of being dragged on your knees at first and then you just end up flip floppin till your a bloody pulp of flesh an bone’s. Fucked up way to die, up there with cartel torture

    1. lol if i had a camera I would darken the diagrams I draw for torturing people to the point that you would have nothing left but a open rib cage your neck and your head intact an you would still be alive and awake for it all

  3. Today I read an article about women in Brazil being abducted and forced to prostitute themselves so why on earth did they take her husband and not her? Guess the times are changing.
    I hope she died fast but I don’t think so. Brutal! The pants stayed on, seems raping cars are restricted to Mexico.

  4. “HORRIFIC ROAD RUSH” New disease discovered by bestgore.
    CAUSES:If you are the traitor, you are a potential patient.
    SYMPTOMS:Massive brutal bruises.
    PREVENTION: Stop cheating.
    CURE:Death is the only cure as it will relief the pain off.

  5. I have been visiting this site for years. It was introduced to me by a friend and I visit it to remind myself this world is not made of rainbows and happy endings. Anyway, I finally got around to making an account because looking at this just really disgusted me. Just when I think that the world cannot get anymore fucked up, I come on here and it does. FUCK, I mean, what that poor woman had to go through just is too brutal to think about.

    On a side note, I think years of visiting this site has really desensitized me to gore (I have always been a horror/gore fan), but until making this account I did not realize how desensitized I was until looking at the corpse of this woman while eating my rice noodles and tofu without my appetite being affected in anyway.

  6. I got thrown from a car and of all my injuries, road rash was the worst. Like rug burn times A mil.Even with heavy duty iv pain meds the dressing changes were excruciating and hopefully the worse thing I will ever experience. It was even worse then childbirth.

    Poor woman.

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