34 Year Old Woman Stabbed to Death at MG Road Metro Station in Gurgoan, India

34 Year Old Woman Stabbed to Death at MG Road Metro Station in Gurgoan, India

On Monday, October 24, 2016, a 34 year old woman was stabbed to death at the MG Road Metro station in Gurgoan, India.

The authorities confirmed Pinki Devi was killed by a 25 year old man, but are investigating the motive for the killing.

The video reminded me of the other recent stabbing from India, that almost looks like the different angle camera footage of the same murder.

Props to Best Gore member @Bestgoreguest for the video:

Gallery of a few pics:

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          1. Thanks Persian so logical, I have to say people are so silly and uneducated that they don’t realise what they say thumbs up to you.

    1. A 34-year-old woman from northeast was stabbed nearly 30 times by a 26-year-old stalker in full public view at MG Road Metro station here on Monday morning.

      The victim called her husband a few moments before the incident informing him that the man was stalking her.

      Pinki Devi, the victim who hailed from Shillong in Meghalaya, was going to take the Metro train for work when the incident happened at 9.30am. Devi, who worked as an assistant at a beauty parlour in Rohini area of Delhi, was stabbed multiple times in the stomach, her throat was slit and arms slashed. She succumbed to injuries at Gurgaon civil hospital.

      Devi’s sister lives in Delhi and her 18-year-old son from her previous marriage lives in Shillong.

      Doctors who performed the autopsy on her body said, she had 30 injuries caused by a sharp-edged weapon. “Main injuries were on neck, throat, chest, upper arms, and one deep wound in the stomach. It seems the accused attacked her with full force and kept stabbing ferociously in quick succession” said a doctor.

      Devi’s husband Maan Singh said she called him to inform that the accused Jitender Kumar was harassing her again. “As I was talking to her on phone there was a loud noise and the call was disconnected. No one picked up after that. About half an hour later, someone picked up the call and informed me about the incident,” said Singh, who works as office boy in Gurgaon.

      CCTV footage at the Metro station shows the victim walking in the gallery area while talking on phone and the accused following her.

      According to the police, accused Jitender Kumar, 26, was waiting at the entry of gallery area of the metro station. He attacked Devi from behind. People present at the spot caught hold of Kumar, thrashed him, and handed him over to the Central Industrial Security Force who handed him over to the police.

      As Kumar attacked Devi, some passersby tried to intervene but the accused threatened them with the knife, said a shopkeeper. Kumar kept on stabbing the victim until a passerby hit him with a table fan.

      Devi’s husband Maan Singh, a native of Nepal, claimed Kumar has been stalking her for past some time and she told him about it. Devi used to hire Kumar’s auto to and fro the metro station after which he started stalking her.

        1. That is common in every indian man, coward and backstabbing, my indian ex colleague never throw me a single punch, in warehouse ,when I stop him molesting and raping attempt a cleaner ,myanmar girl ,only tried to hack me with machete from my back with 5 more curry muncher when I taking my supper at a chinese restaurant, a week later . Still i am lucky he missed my head and get some fractured skull, thanks to my Red Wing steel toe safety boots.

  1. I am amazed how pussies these Indian men are..a bunch of men who basically did nothing to save that woman , not until it was too late and she was stabbed at least 100 times..he was holding a fucking knife, not a gun, and they let him butcher another human being? Calling security because they were so pussies? Oh boy…Indian men are shit..

      1. I mean…come on, I know I would have jumped on him to try to save that woman..this video actually disgusted me, fucking pussies with no balls at all..no backbones either..
        Now I see why Indian women are so angry at men over there, how can you even respect them..lol…but you right, all over the world now..

          1. …and what is the big talk about? You have a guy with a knife stabbing someone , what would be the big thing to do? You don’t need to be a hero, just jump on him from behind, you couldn’t do it ? Scary? Come on girl!

      1. yeah, unless you got some sick kung fo moves, trying to be hero by stopping a killer in action with a big knife might also mean that you will get some nice stabs to the neck and chest…. i’m not fucking risking that shit. if i had a weapon like a gun or a bat i’d try to intervene but i’m not going into a fist fight with a guy with a knife.

        edit, now that i looked at the video looked like there was a good opportunity to knock the stabber out when he was bend down on the ground. could have easily knocked him out with one good kick to the skull. I would have ran up and kicked his head like a soccer ball.

      1. No wonder the British ruled India for so long. No balls, just greedy, jealous people. So many educated people in India yet the country is an over populated shit-hole. My God, the poverty, the caste system (still in existence despite being outlawed), country wide rape culture. To make it worse these people are flooding the US, Canada, UK and other good countries.

          1. Anyone who studied anything about India in school knows that India could not be occupied by the British without Indian help, especially the Sikhs. Sikhs and other ” martial races” served Britain in its occupation of the Indian subcontinent. Indians hurting other Indians.
            Anyone who lived in an Indian community overseas ( I’ve lived in West Ham(London) and Brampton(Canada) knows that Desi boys and men often fight in groups. They don’t fight opponents one-on-one. Also, caste us very much alive in India, especially Desis. Sikhs hate Muslims who hate Hindus. India had a lot of potential. Sadly there are millions, like the dallots ( lowest caste people) who are oppressed and outcast to this day.

    1. Coming upon this event is like walking into a double-dutch with razor ropes. Only more unpredictable. Think how before you try. Always have some form of protection to even the odds.
      Heroes die too. Be safe

    2. It’s just sounds easy when you actually see a guy fuckin stabbing someone to death and there’s blood everywhere your mind goes blank you dont even able to move or say something no matter how much brave you’re. Still i would say doin anything that can help other with some intelligence is preferable over just watching and doin nothin.

    3. It’s just sounds easy when you actually see a guy fuckin stabbing someone to death and there’s blood everywhere your mind goes blank you dont even able to move or say something no matter how much brave you’re. Still i would say doin anything that can help other with some intelligence is preferable over just watching and doin nothin.

      1. I am surprised you say that…come on..a mighty man like you with that ripped chest , you would have taken him out just with one of your incredible strong hand..from your avator you are as strong as the incredible hulk, or Hogan..lol… that’s all you can say superboy??

          1. Lol ok…then I will be this andrew Everett guy in your dreams for ever…didn’t even know him until now..I stopped watching that stuff on tv , John cena, Battista, the undertaker, all good fakers who make millions selling nothing, but I respect everyone opinion and taste, there is an audience so people like this stuff…

          2. @mr-no Alexander – WWE is one thing. Indy wrestlers are different. Their shows are actually better. They take huge risks because they want a WWE contract and want to be noticed. They make like no money. It’s a labor of love. And thank you, Combat Zone Wrestling CZW – they’ve contributed to this site with their deathmatches. I go there like EVERY month. I’ll try to get some BG quality stuff if they don’t see me recording. One guy got his brachial artery cut open by glass and nearly bled out right there. He was helicoptered to hospital. He’s back. Lol Call them crazy or stupid, but entertaining – yes! I think one clip on BG is CZW a guy getting nails or something hammered into his head at Tournament Of Death they hold once a year. It’s so fucked, they have to do show in next state over because the shit they do is illegal in New Jersey. Booyah! Me loves!

    4. i would have stopped (i did once), but stopped now.
      These bitches turns against you and file a police case against who saved her!
      That scares me a lot (it almost happened to me).

      Never again i am interfering in this shit. Never

    1. Lol ohh now you get it…the thing they have done at the end was too late…genius..
      ..Unity is strength Indians still need to learn…
      Nope idiot…it would have taken just one person to save the woman..unity doesn’t work well with a herd of sheeps..I think you need to learn that ..

      1. Bruh!You trying to be a hero or something? Bcuz no one would be that dumb to sucker punch or stalker psycho stalker but yeah then again i wished that atleast one guy should’ve stepped forward with a hard kick to his head and rather would’ve knock him out

        1. Ok..so I am saying now that I would have done nothing , I would have pissed and shit into my panties and stand there filming it with my cell phone..does this make you and others feel better now? I am just like you..nothing better..is it ok now?
          Just stand there and as you said hoping that someone would jump in and stop that butchering..:))))

  2. Really they were a horde of eunuchs ;full of cowardice and just the onlookers or passersby with their hearts carved out in stone . No body gave a damn except for some of them who thought it’d be best to have the footage recorded to watch later at their leisure time .
    I wish the stalker were bludgeoned to death immediately after killing her .
    There wasn’t a man amongst them ………….that’s what ya call,
    ‘ a real sorry state of affairs ‘

  3. She had big pretty eyes. Damn shame a nut job murdered her. If you cant get along leave, easy to do. Now she is being missed by family & now tax payers are gonna pay to feed that bastard now.

    1. Noooo..how could you stop that guy? He is a killing machine! Don’t you see it? He got a knife in his hands and 50 men around him can’t do nothing to stop that beast! It would have been crazy to try do something, not even if that woman was one of their sisters , too late..can’t stop
      the killing machine to do its job..and that woman that was probably screaming for help? Just tell her sorry..we are 50 men around here but we cannot stop that beast, he got a knife..so just die…
      and be quick for Christ’s sake!

  4. Did anyone else see the bystander who tries to help by throwing his shopping bag but he just misses everything and throws it off the mall and then he completely forgets whats happening and starts looking over the ledge trying to figure out how to get his shit back XD

  5. I’ll never understand how people can just stand around and watch. No one tried to help until the victim was beyond help herself.
    However I did laugh when what seemed like someone trying to throw their suitcase or whatever that was at the attacker and missing completely, throwing it right over the balcony! Ha

  6. Indian men are so fucking weak. This is the second video in which a woman is being stabbed to death and these pussies (the men) first run away and then come back and hit the guy while holding on to their precious bags; but they would never get him off of her. If this happened in my town, twenty guys would be on him, the woman would be injured but safe and we would pummel the guy senseless.

    Real pussies

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