4 Year Old Killed by Her Own Mother in Brazil

4 Year Old Killed by Her Own Mother in Brazil

A four year old girl was attacked and brutally murdered by her own mother in the city of LΓ‘brea (distant 851 km from Manaus), state of Amazonas, Brazil. The violence done was so savage and frenzied that the little girl’s head was left just barely hanging on to her body. Vanuza Nascimento da Silva, 25, then attempted to take her own life by slashing her trachea. However, she survived and was taken to the hospital. The little girl’s uncle is the one who found them. He was expecting them and when he had not heard from them, stopped by the house where they were living with Vanuza’s boyfriend (who was away at the time) and discovered the little girl dead on a bed with her throat slashed.

Apparently, Vanuza has a history of mental health issues and the most interesting part is that she had talked freely numerous times about killing her daughter, even to the point of seeing a psychologist. But nobody believed or they choose not to believe that these things could hold truth. Well, now the truth is that a little girl is dead, her mother hospitalized and awaiting murder charges.

The little ones are a precious gift. They are the future, after all. They are the closest thing to purity we as human beings will ever have and the way they are subjected to violence by those tasked with caring for them is just appalling. It is unforgivable.

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  1. Being them Da Silvas, maybe she tought she could save her offspring from the Da Silva’s flip-flop curse… The mother survived, so i suppose this is not the end of her’s. πŸ˜† Live and suffer the consequences of your actions…

    1. Completely agree @ewe. This woman clearly was not at fault. The fault lies at the door of the authorities. They were well aware of her unfortunate mental state but blatantly ignored her issues. No agencies are perfect but this boils down to gross incompetence. This poor child has paid the price.

    2. @ewe. : what about her family? They knew her best and they thought the kid would be better off staying with her. Bet they are feeling pretty shitty now.

      Horrific outcome for all involved……

        1. @dubya, I am talking about the fact that she is not responsible for this whole situation. She seeked help for her condition, she even told authorities her thoughts of harming and killing her child. THEY done nothing to intervene. To say she should have been left to bleed out says to me that @antropomorphia feels she should be punished for these actions. I however feel it is those agencies this woman seeked should be punished for not responding to the blinding obvious, an unstable person in their care who is afraid of causing harm to others.

          1. Thanks @CrowKingon. Give yourself a pat on the back. Don’t know what we would do without you. Maybe you should rename yourself Grammar Nazi 2 and we can have a party in your honour. Ill bring the nibbles…..

  2. poor child πŸ™ if the mother had gotten the professional help that she clearly needed, then this could have been prevented. i think that those who knew of her mental history and yet chose to do nothing and ignore it share some of the blame.

    1. I completely agree. There are quite a few cases of people with mental problems that their loved ones are aware of but they ignore it and when something like this happens they wanna cry about it. I think society still has a long way to go when it comes to accepting and embracing people with mental health issues.

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      1. Yes Happy Birthday Syrian_boy ! Please stay safe bro……

        Also, Happy Birthday to Mr F. Days ! You live in Florida, and although I have never been to America, I hear it can also be a bit dangerous if you go swimming with all those alligators, so please stay safe and just swim in the bath!

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          1. We need them doing their crazy dumb shit for our entertainment! Da Silva can also mean “of jungle” so George of the Jungle would’ve been a Da Silva which explains why he was always swinging into trees lmao!

  3. Sometimes suicidal parents think they are truly doing the right thing by killing their children before killing themselves. They don’t want to leave their children alone in the world that has driven them to such despair. They think they are being kind by killing them and preventing their future suffering. Can’t say for sure that is the case here but the fact that she had sought help makes me think it is. Unbelievable nothing was done to prevent it after she spoke to a psychologist about it. So, so sad. RIP little one.

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