40 Year Old Man Murdered and Stuffed Inside Potato Sack

40 Year Old Man Murdered and Stuffed Inside Potato Sack

40 Year Old Man Murdered and Stuffed Inside Potato Sack

In Chittaging district, Bangladesh, a corpse of a murdered man was found stuffed inside a potato sack. It is known that the victim was 40 year old, but no further backinfo is available at this time.

It looks like the sack was rolled down a bank off a road passing by a lake. It stopped before it could roll into the water. The kill must have been fresh, as the corpse doesn’t look putrefied at all.

Props to Best Gore member @sagar_jungrana72 for the video:

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94 thoughts on “40 Year Old Man Murdered and Stuffed Inside Potato Sack”

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          1. Thanks guy…

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            Thanks for the kind words! 🙂

  1. well.. i guess the murdering was still a bit old tho..

    the guys put a clothe around their nose and mouth, so i bet that should really smell bad.

    overwise, i dont see how the fuck theses people would know that the bag contained a body. i guess its not rare to see a potato bag near a road in india..

    1. I’m I think the answer to your question is in your comment – the ‘bag’ reeked of death to high hell and was only 1 metre from side of road so pedestrians must have smelled it………

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      1. @Dranaconda
        There must’ve been one heel-O-A Stench that came outta that bag man like Whoaaaa! 🙁
        Off topic but how are you, and Your Son Doing Brother, Enjoying the summer season so far?
        With all this Fake-A-Demic Bullshit going-on, i hope that you’s are still going to enjoy all the good things that life has to offer, especially in the Summer Months, and not let it keep you’s away from Like Fishing,, Camping, and so on. Get Out There, and Enjoy my good man 🙂

    1. @Virgin Vomit
      The dude in the tree, i’m sure also got a much better smell of that, what “must of been” this fucking dreadful,& rancid smelling fleshy-virus. Cause as we all know i’m sure that smells/odors always rises to meet the/any occasion, lol. 😉

      1. I mean, when you live in pig shit do you still smell pig shit?
        It always amazes me the mix of wealth in these parts of the world. Some pissant with a watch and iPhone will be standing next to a manbearpig in a dress with a scythe. So weird.

  2. Shut Da-Fuck-Up, and open the Bag Already. Your Bly-Bladoo, Backwhatadoo language shit, is driving me fucking Crazy-Man. Or Crazier than i already am that is.
    So Open that stinking-Bloater for fucks-sake, and do it quick so that his stomach filled with compressed gasses, and the like can explode this rancid smelling maggot-filled contents in his face, bwa, ha, ha. Now that would be a sight ta see, no?? lol. 😉

  3. There’s a legend in South America of a man that haunts the mountain regions at night and whistles when he’s close by also carrying a sack around filled with bones of people he murdered his name is EL SILBON. You can Google him. Maybe he was on vacation in India when this happened.

  4. It’s good to see them sticking to government guidelines and remembering to cover their faces, you never know whether or not he had covid 19, of course he won’t be passing it on to anybody if he did but come on why just leave him on the side of the road, you could’ve at least stacked him neatly in a corner somewhere.

      1. Just make sure you don’t fit inside the sack before you start. Maybe ask the local primary school for one of theirs!
        Actually on second thoughts best make sure it’s the length of you. Saves them having to truss you up like a turkey

  5. Ok so they can do there turbans and wrap a sarong but they struggle to tie a scarf round there faces. Also, noted was the way the guy cutting open the sack doesn’t give two shits who he flings deadman’s juice all over behind him lmfao xxx

  6. The corpse may not be so fresh. Its not bloody at all. If i was to guess it was left in a freezer and dumped months later, destroying all chances of identification. Wonder if such a thing is even necessary in bangaladesh

    1. No of course not. Everyone knows that new humans just suddenly appear already in the adult phase of life in Bangladesh and nobody is born, related, raised, befriended or educated there. Jeez, what you think this country is the same as everyone single other one on Earth?

      1. I was referring to their criminal investigators or their lack of. Some countries don’t have them. If they didnt they’d could just easily destroy anything that identifies the body, which if they’re already dismembering them it shouldnt be a ton of extra work. I see how you got confused.

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