40 Year Old Man Stabbed to Death in Badhulla, Sri Lanka

40 Year Old Man Stabbed to Death in Badhulla, Sri Lanka

A forty year old man was stabbed to death in the street in Badhulla, Sri Lanka. As of this writing, the motive for the attack is still under investigation, although two suspects are in custody. The man died at the scene.

In the video, we see the stabbing, arrest and removal of the body all in one go. At least some justice will be done. Although I wonder how man stabs that man needed to die with all those weak ass stabs from the perpetrator.

props to MrsPink.

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  1. It looked like he was using his off hand after injuring his right hand on previous stabs. Sometimes after the first 10 stabs or so the wetness of the blood will make the knife slip in your hand and you can actually cut your hand up real good on the blade. Classic rookie stabbing mistake, he better up his game in prison and tighten his grip because that’s the big leagues.

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  4. It looks like the fighting started near the cars, if that’s blood I see on the ground. Maybe the stabber was the original victim and wanted to make sure this guy was dead. Or maybe he was the one who started it, who knows.
    I couldn’t help but laugh when they were having so much trouble getting him on the slab!

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