54 Year Old American Falls to Death from 39th Floor in Bangkok, Thailand

54 Year Old American Falls to Death from 39th Floor in Bangkok, Thailand

54 year old Darel Davenport of Colorado, USA, fell to his death from 39th floor of the Sukhumvit Soi 19 condo in Bangkok, Thailand. He landed in a nearby house, where his mangled body was found.

Darel Davenport was part owner of The Dollhouse – a whore house on Soi Cowboy (Bangkok’s red light district). According to Thai police, his death was an accident, even though his room was ransacked. Apparently, the American forgot the keys to his apartment and decided to climb onto his balcony from a neighbor’s apartment when he slipped and fell. Sounds legit?

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    1. Nah… The ppl that go to Thailand for the kiddie fucking totally get away with it since they got the pedophile cartels and the catholic church to watch their backs and they mostly just pick up kids from poor communities that no one (not even the thais) even cares about anyway. It’s the clueless rich tourists that get scammed and “suicided” like that.

      1. well a lot of times malaysians dose people on the beach, that they suspect are sex tourist or maybe they just don’t like them and when you’re screaming at them to fuck you they rob you.

    2. the dollhouse is pretty famous here with go-go dancers,many people knows him there.You might even had met him if you’ve been there before,might be too stoned out to remember though.
      party drugs,booze and girls are easy to find(cheap too) there..just saying.

    1. Oh yeah right! 39th floor… I’ll buy that… and the Brooklyn Bridge for a buck… I’ll tell you one thing, no big ol fat fucker like that is going to try to climb down from the apartment above or climb up from the apartment below because they locked themselves out of their apartment , I call bullshit !!! I say somebody tossed this guy…

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    1. Had we shared a apartment, we could have watched out for each other and shared the costs of lodging and women.

      No doubt we would have handled anything Thailand sent our way. Maybe it would have been a Thai man flying to the earth.

          1. I guess you’re still on probation, but got your message anyway, I’m doing good.
            So how hot is that heatwave in Ireland? Good to see you around, so take it easy man, don’t get into too much trouble lol..

  1. “Get Thai’d”, you’re talking to a tourist
    Whose every move’s among the purest
    I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine

    One night in Bangkok and the tough guys stumble
    Can’t be too careful with devil’s company
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    One night in Bangkok makes a hard man crumble

  2. death is not a bitch you can put into an dollhouse…

    karma is here.. fucking ‘mericanos who go in thai for make money on poor girls who have no choice but prostitute themself for eat something

    a good death , hope the dollhouse close will follow

    i will say its no problem in country like ‘merica, europe or else , but everyfuckingbody know the situation in thailand , and we all know that all those whore are not there by their own decision..

    1. These girls without a Uni degree can get $200 a month or so cleaning shopping malls…. or go and work in the dolls house or other places on Soi Cowboy, Patpong and earn $800-1000 a month its a no brainer…

      Most of them will get the guy pissed – or slip them something – before leaving the bar so they dont need to do anything…. The Western and Middle Eastern sex tourist cunts fall for it every time… The Chinese and Japanese have their own run brothels where the girls have a very decent income and the girls have the added bonus of only getting fucked with tiny asian dicks.

      The ones that dont have the choice are, just like in Europe, offering massages wth adverts in the newspapers – they are royally fucked.

    1. You would have to be to own, and run a whorehouse in Da-Bang-Cock!!!
      And to think you can get away with it, for a long period of time,is truly stupid, as they despise
      all tourists there.

  3. The Police, and the Justice system over there, are crookeder than a god damn Pretzel.
    Somebody just made Big Bucks in getting rid of that unwanted parasite from their
    Shithole Country. And the remaining owner is surely Thai without a doubt. So stay
    the fuck outta there Boys & Girls, unless of course, your looking for a way out!!!

  4. The odd combination_ exploded skull/ smart arse grin, got me intrigued, so I looked him up. Most be the fattest & oldest base jumper in SE Asia, not kidding. He was famous for setting up human trafficking centers called “Dollhouse” & for parachuting from solid objects. By his death grin & his hobby, whether he fell or was thrown, it appears the fat basterd died happy.

  5. hard to say id avoid thailand ive seen to many suicides crime in thailand pays natives well, police get a cut so when foreigners who protest fall from high places no one minds

    1. Trust me you will know what a red neck is when you see one.. I live in Texas, it’s like an infestation here. With their big trucks that have caked on mud all over them, camo everything! Guns guns and more guns and alcohol as well.. and steak.. Im okay with the steak part though 🙂

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